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This page contains information about a past event that may or may not return in a future version.
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Duration: September 27, 2021 10:00:00 AM – October 11, 2021 03:59:59 AM

The autumn moon shines bright, and Liyue Harbor is hard at work preparing for the traditional Moonchase Festival. The preparations for various activities based on the festival's theme are well underway.

Moonlight Merriment is a Flagship Event in Version 2.1.

Event Details


2021/09/27 10:00:00 – 2021/10/10 03:59:59

Moonlight Merriment: Part I
One for the Foodies, Two for the Show
2021/09/27 10:00:00
Moonlight Merriment: Part II
Three to Get Ready, and Here We Go
2021/10/01 04:00:00
Path of Stalwart Stone Stages
Moonlight Seeker - Trail of Delicacies
2021/09/27 10:00:00
Path of Gentle Breezes Stages
Moonlight Seeker - Trail of Delicacies
2021/10/01 04:00:00
Path of Austere Frost Stages
Moonlight Seeker - Trail of Delicacies
2021/10/05 04:00:00




Moonchase Tales

Moonlight Seeker

Trail of Delicacies

Battle Pass Missions

This event added additional "This BP Period" Battle Pass missions to the Moonchaser Battle Pass. The Battle Pass EXP (BP EXP) obtained from these missions do not count towards the weekly experience limit of 10,000 BP EXP.

MissionsBattle Pass EXP BP EXP
[Event] Reach 100% Collection Progress in Liyue during Moonlight Seeker event1,500
[Event] Reach 100% Collection Progress in Mondstadt during Moonlight Seeker event1,500
[Event] Reach 100% Collection Progress in Dragonspine during Moonlight Seeker event1,500

Total Rewards

Item Mora.png 700,000 Mora
Event Items that expire at the end of the Event:

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Moonlight Merriment
Sháoguāng Fǔ Yuè
Sháoguāng Fǔ Yuè
Japanese 韶光撫月
Korean 달빛 속 광경
Dalbit Sok Gwanggyeong
View in the Moonlight
Spanish Festival de la Luna
French Liesse au clair de luneJubilation in the Moonlight
Russian Лунное утешение
Lunnoye utesheniye
Thai แสงนวลเคล้าจันทร์
Saeng Nuan Khlao Chantha
Vietnamese Trăng Thu Soi Sáng
German MondlichtfreudeMoonlight Joy
Indonesian Sentuhan Cahaya RembulanTouch of Moonlight
Portuguese Acariciar Gentilmente a Lua

Change History

Released in Version 2.1