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Moonfinger is the second part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Chapter I: Act II - Farewell, Archaic Lord.


  1. Go and buy Noctilucous Jade
  2. Look for the Meaty tribe's giant cooking pot
    • This location is in Dadaupa Gorge in Mondstadt, not Liyue.
  3. Defeat the Hilichurls
  4. Approach the giant cooking pot
  5. Use Pyro to heat the pot
    • Don't worry about overheating the pot; dialogue will play once the appropriate temperature is reached.
  6. Defeat the Hilichurls
  7. Use Pyro to heat the pot again
  8. Defeat the Hilichurls
  9. Use Pyro to heat the pot again
  10. Return to Liyue Harbor and find Shitou
    • The Noctilucous Jade that was the last to glow is the shiniest.
  11. Put the Noctilucous Jade in place


(Talk to Shitou)
Shitou: Welcome to the Jade Mystery, my good friends! Would you like to try your luck betting on jade? This could be your lucky day.
Shitou: It's cheap and it's fun, and who knows, you might just strike it rich!
Paimon: Betting? No, no, we're here for... um, what was it again?
Zhongli: Noctilucous Jade, of radiant grade at the very least.
Shitou: Radiant grade Noctilucous Jade? I see, you're not a tourist. My apologies. I have some here for your perusal...
Shitou: What do you think? The Jade Mystery is an old name in the jade business. Just look at that wonderful quality! Rex Lapis doesn't often bless us with such finery. Go on, pick whichever one you like!
Paimon: These three pieces really do look pretty, not like the ones you usually dig up...
Paimon: But how do we pick? Should we just grab one and go?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png A man who makes his living off betting on stones can't be trusted so lightly.
Zhongli: Very good. It seems you have learned some tricks of the trade.
Paimon: What do you think, Mr. Zhongli? How should we pick from these pieces of Noctilucous Jade?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What do you think, Mr. Zhongli?
Zhongli: Oh? You want me to decide? That is fine as well.
Zhongli: If it were me, the answer would be simple.
Paimon: Oh? And that would be...?
Zhongli: I'll take them all, boss.
Shitou: Oh, you act with such panache, good sir! I always knew you were not a man of ordinary caliber!
Paimon: Wait! Wait! Boss, that one didn't count! We need to discuss it again!
(Talking to Zhongli in private)
Paimon: Hey! If we only need one for the ritual, aren't we wasting three times the Mora if we buy them all!?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png That's true.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Actually, it's two times more Mora.
Zhongli: Oh, Mora. Hmm...
Zhongli: It is as you say. I suppose I overlooked this particular aspect of the transaction.
Paimon: Huh? How do you not think about Mora when buying things!?
Zhongli: If one must always consider Mora before acting, then in all things one is bound by Mora.
Paimon: Ahh... What?
Zhongli: All Mora is currency, but not all currency is Mora.
Paimon: ???
Icon Dialogue Talk.png He's talking about economics.
Paimon: Is this how the rich live?
Paimon: Well, he knows a lot about big money, but not a lot about big savings.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Sounds like he's loaded.
Paimon: So loaded that he doesn't even bother hunting for a bargain.
Zhongli: No need to waver. Even when I am constrained by Mora, I have ways of working around my limitations.
Zhongli: Evaluating the quality of Noctilucous Jade is indeed very tricky. As crude ore, there is little difference in texture, lustrousness, and internal pattern between good and bad jade.
Zhongli: Only after the item made using Noctilucous Jade has taken shape, will you be able to see whether it is up to par or not.
Zhongli: If you return to those crafty merchants to quibble, they will counter by saying that your crafting bench is to blame, or that your heat control was poor.
Paimon: Whoa! To think it's that easy to get cheated...
Zhongli: But there is a way to truly evaluate this jade, and a true insider would know it.
Zhongli: "A fool sees the pointer and misses the moon."
Paimon: What does that mean?
Zhongli: If you point at the moon with your finger, a wise man knows that you are pointing at the moon, while a fool will only see the finger.
Zhongli: The patterns, the facade, these are all the "finger." Noctilucous Jade is a mystical stone used to light up the darkness, and so its brightness is the most important thing — it is the "moon."
Zhongli: Noctilucous Jade of excellent quality would have superior Pyro affinity. In other words, the bluer and brighter the luster of the ore under high temperature, the higher its quality.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I didn't realize you were such an expert...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Is this normal life for a high-class gentleman?
Zhongli: I have imparted the priceless secrets of the jade trade to you. Now all that's left is to put it into practice.
Paimon: Priceless, huh... Paimon's just sad that we might never be able to use it again...
(Talking again to Shitou)
Paimon: We're back to buy some rocks, boss. But can you let us burn them first?
Shitou: B–burn them? You can't do that, my friends! If you were to do so, what would I have to sell?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Then, can we get some small samples?
Shitou: That... Well, fine. As you wish, then.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Then I'm not buying any.
Shitou: Not buying...? Ah, come, come now, my good friends... we can still discuss this. Negotiation is key to trade, wouldn't you say?
Shitou: How about this? I can take a small sample of all three. I'll take a bit of a loss — we'll count it as a friendly gesture.
Zhongli: Don't worry, I know the rules. As long as we can prove that it is good jade, you will not take a loss.
Shitou: Alright. Take these as samples. I've carved them off with a knife and tagged them to boot.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png These samples...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So thin...
Paimon: ...Aren't these too thin?
Paimon: Even paper's thicker. No, even a bug's wings are thicker! These are almost see-through!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png How stingy...
Shitou: Stingy? I've already been very generous. Any more, and you may as well have my neck!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png This is impressive handiwork.
Shitou: Hahaha. You flatter me, but I have to be gentle with these rocks. They are my pride and joy!
Shitou: If I'd taken off even a bit more, it would have killed me.
Paimon: But wouldn't something this thin go poof if we held it to the fire?
Zhongli: It can't be helped. Trying to deprive a merchant of his profits would be like forcing a ravenous wolf to vomit up the food in its stomach. Nonetheless, under the right conditions, these thin slices will serve.
Paimon: What sort of conditions?
Zhongli: While we add the high temperatures using Pyro, we can use Hydro to reinforce it from within. This way, the samples will not disintegrate immediately.
Shitou: Oh? Oh, sir, to think you were this learned... Thank you for your understanding!
Zhongli: Strictly speaking, asking for samples when we have not yet agreed to purchase the goods is unfair. Trade in Liyue must be based upon fairness.
Paimon: Well, guess we just need to find a place to try this out...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I remember this spot in the Dadaupa Gorge...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png How about the kitchen at Xiangling's place...
Paimon: You mean at Wanmin Restaurant? As long as we do it when she's not in...
Zhongli: That would not do. It is a place where people come and go. They would be endangered if the elemental reaction were to get out of control... We cannot take such a risk.
Paimon: Ooh! Paimon remembers! We once saw this biiiiig pot down at the Dadaupa Gorge, in the camp of the hilichurls from the Meaty Tribe! It's real sturdy, and should be able to take the elemental reactions!
Paimon: (Traveler), now, let's pack those samples up and make a move!
(Obtain Noctilucous Jade Sample)
(Talk to Shitou again)
Shitou: How is it? Anywhere near reaching a decision?

(After entering Dadaupa Gorge region)
Zhongli: It has been a long time since I last set foot in the nation of wind.
Zhongli: A friend of mine from Mondstadt would always bring a few bottles of locally brewed dandelion wine whenever he came to visit me in Liyue.
Zhongli: It must be said that the famed liquor of the Land of Pastorals is far better than Sumeru's frigid snake wine.
(Upon reaching the pot in Dadaupa Gorge)
Paimon: That's the pot! It looks like the hilichurls are still using it.
Paimon: It's a bit impolite, but we gotta cut the line.
(After defeating the hilichurls and approaching the pot)
Paimon: There's still soup in here. These hilichurls sure have big appetites!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Well, it's our lab now.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Shame to let it go to waste...
Paimon: This soup looks like it could be used as our Hydro elemental protection. Let's fire it up and begin our experiment!
(You place the samples into the pot)
Paimon: We're ready to go! Paimon will help remember which one of the three is which!
Paimon: Use Pyro to keep making the pot hotter, until we get the results we need.
Paimon: Mr. Zhongli said that the shinier and bluer the ore gets, the better it is, so pay close attention!
(After heating up the first sample, more hilichurls spawn)
Paimon: Whoa! That light came from the first Noctilucous Jade!
Paimon: Hilichurls are surrounding us again! Were they attracted by the light?
Paimon: Such nosy neighbors! Let's take care of them and continue again after!
(After heating up the second sample, more hilichurls spawn)
Paimon: That light came from the second Noctilucous Jade, didn't it?
Paimon: More hilichurls! They don't give up, do they?
Paimon: Looks like they're mad that we ruined their food.
(After heating up the third sample)
Paimon: Ow! That's bright! Too bright! That was the third Noctilucous Jade, wasn't it?
Paimon: It was so much shinier than the rest. Let's go with that one!
Paimon: (Traveler), let's head back to The Jade Mystery to buy some jade, shall we?

(Return to Liyue Harbor and talk to Shitou)
Shitou: You're back, my friends! I've kept the goods for you. Which of them would you like?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I would like the first Noctilucous Jade.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I would like the second Noctilucous Jade.
(Dialogue for picking either one)
Paimon: Huh? No, it wasn't that one, Paimon remembers that it wasn't very bright.
Paimon: Think a bit harder...
(If you pick the other wrong option, Paimon repeats this dialogue)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I would like the third Noctilucous Jade.
Paimon: Exactly, that's the one Paimon remembers too!
Shitou: No problem. If you have your eye on this one, you can have it.
Zhongli: Then we'll take a box of the third type of jade.
Shitou: Done!
Shitou: All the same... Pardon me for asking, but I'm curious. Whatever do you need this much top-quality Noctilucous Jade for?
Zhongli: Hmm. I suppose it would not hurt to tell you. We need them to make implements for the Rite of Parting.
Shitou: Parting...!? Oh dear... I'd heard the rumors but hadn't given much thought to them. This... this means that Rex Lapis really is...
Shitou: ...It's hard to believe. Even though the Jade Mystery has been in decline, we have always been under his protection.
Shitou: It is said that when our Lord lost his way while going incognito in the city two hundred years ago, it was a spoon from The Jade Mystery that he had used to sample the local delights.
Shitou: Alas, alas, all things must pass... Well, if this is to be used to say farewell to Rex Lapis, then I shall sell this to you at half the price.
Paimon: Are you sure? You didn't wanna even give us an inch before...
Shitou: If not for our Lord's protection, this city wouldn't exist as it does now. No proprietor could earn money off such a thing.
Paimon: Aww... I'm sure Rex Lapis will feel your sentiment, boss.
Zhongli: In the safe hands of the Liyue Qixing and good, honest merchants such as yourself, I, for one, believe that Liyue will continue to prosper as it always has done.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So let's not get ourselves down just yet.
Shitou: Alright... thank you, my friends. Hah, what's with me, getting all sentimental like this? I'll practically be giving away all my fortune at this rate.
Zhongli: Now that we've made our choice, let's take this Noctilucous Jade back.
Paimon: Hey, wait a minute! He said it was half price, not that we could leave without paying!
Zhongli: Oh, right, I'm sorry. I must have forgotten to do that too. Let me see...
Zhongli: ...As I thought, I didn't bring any.
Paimon: Any what?
Zhongli: Mora. My apologies, another oversight on my part.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What a strange take on the value of money...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png A local of Liyue who doesn't have money on their mind...
Paimon: That won't do, this isn't some small sum... Oh wait, didn't Childe give us some advance funds earlier?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I have them on me.
Paimon: Phew! Have a look, boss, is it enough?
Shitou: It's fine, just enough for half price... though to be honest, it'd be alright even if the sum wasn't quite enough.
Zhongli: Well, it's settled, then. Let's take this jade to Yujing Terrace. That's where we plan to hold the Rite...
Paimon: Look at you, bossing everyone around! You didn't cough up a single Mora!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Please remember to bring money next time.
Zhongli: I will do my best. You have my thanks.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Guess we need to find Childe for more funding.
Zhongli: Mm, it seems that we must. I will keep that in mind. Thanks, both of you.
(Talk to Shitou again)
Shitou: Ah... Rex Lapis... Rex Lapis...

(After putting the Noctilucous Jade in place)
Zhongli: We can leave the jade here. I have already called for a jewelsmith to shape them into the implements that we will need.
Zhongli: Ah, yes. I have yet to go and see Childe. So as for the jewelsmith's remuneration...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We'll pay the jewelsmith when he arrives.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Fingers crossed Childe will reimburse us...
Paimon: Guess we can't do anything else. Also, is this where we're doing the Rite of Parting?
Zhongli: Yes. I have already rented this location, and have begun making preparations for the rite.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The Rite of Descension took place here, too.
Zhongli: That's right. The Liyue Qixing have acquiesced to using the same location.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So we're just using the scene of the crime to...
Zhongli: The Liyue Qixing have agreed to this arrangement.
Paimon: But when something this big happened here... should suspects like us really be at the crime scene? We might get caught by the Millelith.
Paimon: Although with that said, since we got back from Jueyun Karst, none of those pesky Millelith soldiers have come chasing after us. Wonder what that's about...
Paimon: Also, the, uh, Rex Lapis' vessel...
Zhongli: Traditionally, we call it the Exuvia.
Paimon: Ah, right. That's what it was called! You seem to know everything, Mr. Zhongli. Um, so, was this Exuvia hidden away by the Qixing? I mean, we haven't even figured out who the murderer is...
Zhongli: One must think that they already have someone in mind. Or perhaps they already know. Surely they must have found all the evidence that there is to find here.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It still feels very odd.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Seems a bit too easy-going...
Zhongli: These things are for the authorities in Yujing Terrace to consider. Trying to help would probably only add to their troubles.
Zhongli: Before the Rite is conducted, the Exuvia will be kept temporarily in the Golden House.
Paimon: Golden House?
Zhongli: The only mint in Liyue... which is to say the only mint in Teyvat. All the Mora that flows throughout the world is minted there.
Paimon: Wow—
Paimon: No, Paimon wasn't thinking about anything bad. Paimon thinks it suits Morax.
Paimon: But why do you know this, Mr. Zhongli?
Zhongli: Since the Rite of Parting has the approval of the Qixing, it is a semi-official event. As such, there is already some limited information available.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The Qixing provide the location, and Childe the funds...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png They must have some ulterior motive...
Zhongli: Perhaps each has their motives... but this is the capital of commerce. A little exploitation once in a while is not unacceptable.
Zhongli: In Liyue, where the God of Contracts reigns, only contracts may not be betrayed. I for one have no issue with little maneuvers outside their remit.
Zhongli: Well then, we should go and prepare the perfumes used in the Rite.
Paimon: Perfumes? Where'll we get those? Do we buy them?
Zhongli: No, perfumes used to honor the gods must be freshly decocted. The quality of the Silk Flowers we require is also special.
Zhongli: Silk Flower petals contain a fibrous material of good quality, often used in brocade-making. Its scent, however, is most elegant, and is especially suited for solemn events like giving offerings to gods and adepti.
Paimon: It's time for Zhongli's lectures on high society again...
Zhongli: We shall not speak of the details right now. Follow me, we shall go to the merchants to purchase our ingredients.
(Observe the Noctilucous Jade)
Observe the Noctilucous Jade: (Only Noctilucous Jade of radiant grade at the very least is acceptable for use in the Rite of Parting.)
Observe the Noctilucous Jade: (Who'd have thought the hilichurls' cooking pot in Dadaupa Gorge would be a reliable means of assessing the quality...)


  • Differences between voice lines and their official transcription:
    • When Paimon says "Phew!", her voice line says "Phew, that's a relief!"

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Moonfinger
Zhǐ Yuè
Pointing at the Moon
Zhǐ Yuè
Japanese 月を指す
Tsuki wo Sasu
Pointing at the Moon
Korean 달 가리키기
Dal Garikigi
Pointing at the Moon
Spanish El dedo y la LunaThe Finger and the Moon
French Quand on montre la lune...When One Points at the Moon...
Russian Только дурак смотрит на палец
Tol'ko durak smotrit na palets
Thai Moonfinger
Vietnamese Chỉ Trăng
German Bei MondenscheinIn the Moonlight
Indonesian Moonfinger
Portuguese Apontando para LuaPointing to the Moon

Change History

Released in Version 1.0