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Moon Pie is a food that the player can cook. The recipe for Moon Pie is obtainable from Hertha for reaching Reputation Level 7 in Mondstadt.

Depending on the quality, Moon Pie increases all party members' Shield Strength by 25/30/35% and defense by 165/200/235 for 300 seconds. Like most foods, this has no effect for other players in Co-Op Mode.

When Eula cooks Moon Pie, there is a chance Stormcrest Pie will be created instead.


  • Item Raw Meat.png 4 Raw Meat
  • Item Bird Egg.png 4 Bird Egg
  • Item Butter.png 3 Butter
  • Item Flour.png 2 Flour
  • Creates Moon Pie Moon Pie ×1


    • The name of the dish is fitting for a traditional dish of Mondstadt, which is German for "Moon City."
    • This dish is probably based on Beef Wellington, an English steak dish that appeared around 1900.
    • There is also a speculation that it is based on Pithivier, a pie from the French cuisine whose filling is typically a sweet ingredient such as frangipane but can be meat as well.[1]

    Other Languages

    Language Official Name Literal Meaning
    English Moon Pie
    Yuèliang Pài
    Moon Pie
    Yuèliang Pài
    Japanese ムーンパイ
    Muun Pai
    Moon Pie
    Korean 달빛 파이
    Dalbit Pa'i
    Moonlight Pie
    Spanish Pastelillo de lunaSmall Moon Cake
    French Tourte de luneMoon Meat Pie
    Russian Лунный пирог
    Lunnyy pirog
    Moon Cake
    Thai Moon Pie
    Vietnamese Bánh Trung ThuMoon Cake
    German MondkuchenMoon Pie
    Indonesian Moon Pie
    Portuguese Torta da LuaMoon Pie

    Change History

    Released in Version 1.1