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Mondstadt's aristocracy was the ruling class of Mondstadt after the fall of Decarabian's Mondstadt. Over the course of their 1,600-year reign, however, they went from being the noble protectors of the people to their tyrannical and oppressive overlords.

Their oppression of both citizens and foreigners alike eventually roused the Anemo Archon Barbatos from his slumber, and he assisted the foreign-born gladiator Vennessa in her rebellion against the aristocracy. The resistance emerged victorious and most of the aristocracy was exiled from Mondstadt.

Known Aristocrats

Aristocratic Families

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Other Aristocrats

The following aristocrats do not belong to any named clan or family.


  1. While the Ragnvindr Family was not explicitly named as an aristocratic family, Ragnvindr was a squire before Vennessa's rebellion, which suggests that his social standing was at least lower nobility.