Mondstadt (German: Mondstadt "Moon City") is one of the seven nations in Teyvat, and the first in which the Traveler starts to look for their lost sibling. It is the city-state that worships Barbatos, the Anemo Archon.

Ever since the beginning, Mondstadt has celebrated a festival called the Ludi Harpastum every year, with 15 days of games for the children to enjoy.

The Prologue takes place in this region. In Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview: Travail, Dainsleif says of Mondstadt: "The dragon who defended Mondstadt for a millennium finally faces his perturbation. What does freedom really mean, when demanded of you by a god?"


A city of freedom that lies in the northeast of Teyvat. From amongst mountains and wide-open plains, carefree breezes carry the scent of dandelions — a gift from the Anemo God, Barbatos — across Cider Lake to Mondstadt, which sits on an island in the middle of the lake.

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Two thousand and six hundred years ago, the nation of Mondstadt was divided between two warring powers: the Anemo Archon and Lord of Storms, Decarabian, and the King of the North, Andrius. Andrius was unable to lay a scratch on Decarabian's tower, which was protected by fierce gales. While Decarabian protected his people, he gave them no freedom; they would never be able to leave the storm walls that surrounded the city.

Hoping to one day see the rest of the world, a Nameless Bard led a rebellion against Decarabian with the help of an "elf" (the elemental spirit who would become Barbatos), Decarabian's former lover Amos, and an unnamed knight. Decarabian was defeated, but at a great cost — the Nameless Bard was among those who fell in battle. After Andrius chose to forego the position of Anemo Archon and instead passed on to become one with the land, Barbatos became the new Anemo Archon and reshaped Mondstadt into its current landscape. After the Archon War ended, he also become one of the founding members of The Seven. At some point, Dvalin the dragon was born, and befriended Barbatos.

After a while, the Anemo Archon departed from Mondstadt to avoid becoming a tyrant himself, and the city was eventually ruled by aristocrats. Unfortunately, over the next thousand years, they grew more and more corrupt until they became the very tyrants Barbatos wished to avoid becoming, Reawoken to the cries of a slave girl, Vennessa, Barbatos aided her rebellion and the aristocracy was overthrown. She established the Knights of Favonius to prevent any aristocrats from taking over again. In time, she became known as the Dandelion Knight, and also re-established the power of the Church. The Four Winds were established — Andrius' spirit, which had taken on the form of a wolf made of ice and wind, became the Wolf of the North; Dvalin became the Dragon of the East; Vennessa, who ascended to Celestia, became the Falcon of the West; and whoever holds the title of Dandelion Knight (for now it is Acting Grand Master: Jean) becomes the Lion of the South.

A hundred years ago, after the fall of the Kingdom of Khaenri'ah, the city was attacked by the black serpentine dragon Durin, who was created by an alchemist named Gold. Barbatos summoned Dvalin to fight Durin, and Dvalin eventually emerged victorious after an intense battle over Dragonspine. Afterwards, injured by Durin's poisonous blood, Dvalin fell into a deep slumber.

Six months ago, the current Grand Master, Varka, led the majority of Knight of Favonius on an expedition to parts unknown, leaving Jean as the Acting Grand Master. At the beginning of the story, Mondstadt was being attacked by a dragon named Stormterror.

Travel Highlights

The Teyvat Travel Highlights are a series of publications by the Adventurers' Guild, posted on the Genshin Impact official website.

First Visit to Mondstadt[2]

The City of Freedom, the Crown of the North, the Romantic City of Pastorals — these are names heralded by poets and artists alike for the renowned city of Mondstadt.
I am devoted to poetry, music, wine, and festivities as much as the next bard; they are literally and metaphorically the sustenance of my life. Therefore, just as any bard would be, I am drawn to Mondstadt like a moth to a flame.
What caught my attention recently was the sightings of a dragon near Mondstadt. This has had the city folk wrapped in rumors and speculations, myself included. Maybe my curiosity got the better of me, or perhaps I too have the blood of an adventurer inside of me, for I am determined to venture forth to the City of Freedom that I have yearned for so long.

I took the route inland, for I very much prefer the company of changing terrains and mountains to the eternal blue. Traversing the treacherous Wolvendom took additional time, but I finally reached the Whispering Woods on the outskirts of Mondstadt four weeks ago. As its name would suggest, the sound of the wind caressing the leaves was like whispers in the woods. Could it be a gracious gift from the legendary bard, Barbatos the Anemo Archon, who the people of Mondstadt worship?
It is close to summer at this time of the year, and the temperate climate across the region is evident: Starfell Plains exhibits great vitality in the spring breeze. The trails and roads have sprung to life with flourishing flora, like Lamp Grass and Sweet Flowers.
Encounters with members of the Adventurers' Guild are frequent. They are likely brought here by the rumors of the dragon as well. I am much obliged to them, with them present my journey has been unperilous.

The vistas of the plains are invigorating. My first time camping out in the wilds also proved to be quite an experience, short-lived as it was, for I reached the gates of Mondstadt the following day.
The clear water from Cider Lake flows into the city through the ancient irrigation ditches, converging at the great fountain situated in the center of the plaza.

Stone steps lead up to a towering cathedral, serving as the highest landmark in the city. The cathedral's immediate surroundings feature an unworldly serenity, quite the juxtaposition with the bustling marketplace only a few blocks away.
The Mondstadt Cathedral undoubtedly puts all other cathedrals I've visited to shame in terms of grandeur and magnificence. The ever-present prayers from the devoted sisters and followers have given the cathedral the divinity it enjoys. Though perhaps not as traditional as other cathedrals, the Mondstadt Cathedral bears the spirit of its people and culture. Legend has it that the Holy Lyre der Himmel, which Barbatos used to liberate Mondstadt centuries ago, is kept right here in its halls.

I've heard the stories of the legendary Anemo Archon and his beloved lyre in many taverns across the continent, as they are a second home to bards and musicians. The story goes: Mondstadt was ruled by the Aristocrats in the distant past, who periodically sacrificed slaves to a drake as tributes for a false treaty of peace. Vennessa, one of the slaves at the time, defeated the drake with the help of the Anemo Archon themselves, who had taken on the guise of a bard. Together, they liberated and revitalized the city of Mondstadt.

I have to admit, Mondstadt indeed is a free and open city; this fact is evident in its culture and people. Earlier, I asked a lively young maiden on the street for directions. As soon as she learned that I was a bard from afar, she kindly extended an offer to show me around the marketplace.

Truth to be told — with no disrespect — this young maiden, who claimed to be a member of the Knights of Favonius, was a bit too much for a simple bard such as me; her generous tour around the city only ended at midnight. I have no time to take to my notebook to pen down how the city is at night, for the calling of the bed is beyond what even the sister's prayers could keep at bay.

Good night. May the Anemo Archon, the protector of Mondstadt, be my muse, and gift me with wondrous rhymes at dawn.

- Trekking Poles (The mountains of Mondstadt are said to be both beautiful and treacherous. In addition to providing stability on tough terrains, the trekking poles could serve as weapons if need be.)
- Compass and maps (Though we bards sing of the night skies of Mondstadt, most are not equipped with the skills nor the confidence to navigate by the stars, myself included.)
- First-Aid Kit
- The Teyvat Wilderness Survivalist's Recipes, by Lynn the Survivalist. (A bestselling cookbook owned by every traveler and adventurer.)
- Rations, water, cookware (Although ingredients are all around us in the wild, emergency rations are a must; better safe than sorry.)
- Notebooks and felt pens kept handy to answer a muse's calling. - Tent and sleeping bag for camping (Recommended by the Adventurers' Guild.)
- Flints and pocket knife (For cooking and roasting food on the road, or to protect against wild beasts.)
- Select Works of Alan the Bard
- The almighty Mora

Ludi Harpastum[3]

For us freedom-loving bards, it is our journey, and not our destination that we most enjoy. Or at least, that is what I believed for many decades before arriving in Mondstadt.
Today marks my tenth day in Mondstadt, a complete contradiction to my initial itinerary. (I was originally to leave for my next destination two days ago.)
One reason I've decided to stay is that I found Mondstadt to be perfectly faithful to its depiction by Alan the Bard, whose poetry inspires me the most. Its sweet and mysterious secrets are hidden in unknown spots, silently yearning to be discovered. However, if I'm truly honest, my stay in Mondstadt has been extended because of Ludi Harpastum, an annual festival in the city. What a delight! How could I miss out on such an occasion?

I once heard a drunk Mondstadt merchant say that when Mondstadt was still but a small village, it was graced by the feather of a free bird, dropped by Barbatos. It was that feather that allowed Mondstadt to become the city it is today. Ever since, a commemoration has taken place every year to thank the Anemo Archon for his blessing. Over time, this commemoration grew to be the huge festival that we all know as Ludi Harpastum. Nowadays, it is fifteen days full of exquisite wine, poetry, music, flowers, and rituals. At this time of the year, the whole city bursts with joy and freedom.
The citizens of Mondstadt were already busy preparing for the festival on the day I arrived.

Taverns and restaurants display their finest dishes at their doorstep, while Dawn Winery delivers plenty of barrels filled with craft beer and cider. (Believe me, Mondstadt has all the best brews in Teyvat.) Barbatos' guidance will lead you through the happy streets of Mondstadt, where all kinds of cheese, grilled meat, and fresh fruit release delicious fragrances. Each family hangs a handmade Harpastum on their doors, made by the lady of their household. Inspired bards from all over the continent stop in their tracks to sing their wonderful poems.
I'm sure that folks nowadays have forgotten about the original sacred aspect of Ludi Harpastum and might see it as a mere succession of lively events, no different from any ordinary festival. However, to us bards with a keen eye for detail, Ludi Harpastum is definitely the best festival in the mystical land of Teyvat. Even an outsider to Mondstadt like me can enjoy the feelings of freedom and independence that are unique to this city in just a short amount of time.
In my opinion, the people and customs of Mondstadt are freer than in any other place in Teyvat, and it shows during the exciting festivities of Ludi Harpastum which last all night long.
I attended the gliding championship during the last days of the festival, standing among the cheerful crowd on the plaza next to the cathedral. There, I immediately recognized the girl who showed me around Mondstadt on my first day. I remembered her proudly telling me about being a gliding champion, though I had doubted her at the time. Now that I've seen her glide with my own eyes, like a red flash tearing through the sky, I have no choice but to admit that Barbatos blessed his people with freedom, courage, vitality and fierce willpower. All of these things run deep in their veins.
Of course, I needed to find a way to apologize to the great Anemo Archon for being skeptical of his disciple. After the championship, I quietly hung a poem that I wrote for the young girl in fiery red on the most obvious wind chime in the plaza, in the hope that she would find my apologies and best wishes — things I was too ashamed to tell her myself.

Even in the middle of the night, it's not unusual to hear noise and to see the market being illuminated by glowing lights when I gaze outside my window. When I one day become too old to travel, I wish to settle in a small house I'd build in a sunny place on the outskirts of Mondstadt. If people were to knock on my door to bring me craft beer from Angel's Share, I'd welcome them with my most passionate verses.



Name Description Picture
Mondstadt The namesake of the nation.
It features cobblestone streets and has several windmills both large and small dotting the city. The lower area houses the market district, while the upper area is for the Cathedral and the Library.
Cider Lake A natural freshwater lake.

The lake's wide, crystalline appearance has remained unchanged for eons — so clear you can see the bottom, and cool and refreshing to drink. It is none other than these headwaters that brought Mondstadt's ciders and wines to fame and made the lake the symbol of Mondstadt that it is today.

Cider Lake.jpg
Falcon Coast Stretching eastward from Windrise to the sea, Falcon Coast — together with Cape Oath — shelters the sea from three sides, creating a bay that sits east of Mondstadt.

Given the long coastline and shallow waters, citizens of Mondstadt often come here to enjoy a nice stroll. On occasion, you can see falcons soaring high above the blue waves that brush upon the white sand.

Falcon Coast.jpg
Cape Oath In the southeast corner of Mondstadt's surrounds lies a cape that borders with Galesong Hill.

Legend has it two lovers made an oath to each other here, and left behind a deeply touching story. To this day the area is still known to be popular amongst young lovebirds.
Other than being a great vantage point for watching sunrises and sunsets, the drop in terrain makes it easy to see Windrise, which sits facing the sea.

Cape Oath.jpg
Dawn Winery Nestled in the land southwest of Mondstadt sits the winery that has passed down the legacy of Mondstadt's traditional wines and ciders for generations.

The grapes grown here are used to produce a range of wines that are popular right across Teyvat.
Every year's products are split, with a portion being sold locally within Mondstadt, the rest is sold off via the trade route that sits south of the city.

Dawn Winery.png
Springvale A sleepy little village to the south of Mondstadt, that sits facing the lake that surrounds the city.

Most of the village's residents are hunters that provide fresh meat for all the big restaurants of Mondstadt.
Springvale's rustic appeal attracts many tourists. If you are lucky in your travels, you may come across a restaurant that truly knows how to bring out the best qualities of Springvale's meat.

Thousand Winds Temple A collection of temple ruins that sits northeast of Mondstadt.

According to local legend, millennia ago this area was a temple for worshipping the Anemo God. Though it has been left to waste for centuries, leaving the ruins you see today. If you look closely at some of the stone pillars, you can still faintly make out some elegant carvings.
This long-forgotten symbol of commemoration is engraved with the maxim: "Wind brings the seeds of tales, time allows them to take root."

Thousand Winds Temple.jpg
Musk Reef It's a small island to the east of Cape Oath, only accessible by solving a puzzle there (found in the video). At Musk Reef, you will find the Spiral Abyss that requires Adventure Rank 20 to enter.

Genshin Impact Musk Reef Guide

Dragonspine A tall snow-covered mountain to the south of Mondstadt. Dragonspine.png


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Character Kaeya Thumb.png Kaeya

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Element Cryo.png Cryo Weapon-class-sword-icon.png Sword Male Mondstadt
Character Klee Thumb.png Klee

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Element Pyro.png Pyro Weapon-class-catalyst-icon.png Catalyst Female Mondstadt
Character Lisa Thumb.png Lisa

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Character Mona Thumb.png Mona

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Element Geo.png Geo Weapon-class-claymore-icon.png Claymore Female Mondstadt
Character Razor Thumb.png Razor

4 Stars

Element Electro.png Electro Weapon-class-claymore-icon.png Claymore Male Mondstadt
Character Sucrose Thumb.png Sucrose

4 Stars

Element Anemo.png Anemo Weapon-class-catalyst-icon.png Catalyst Female Mondstadt
Character Traveler Thumb.png Traveler

5 Stars

Adaptive Weapon-class-sword-icon.png Sword Player's Choice Mondstadt
Character Venti Thumb.png Venti

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Element Anemo.png Anemo Weapon-class-bow-icon.png Bow Male Mondstadt

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  • Mondstadt is inspired by Germany.
    • Mondstadt is German for "Moon City", and the architecture of Mondstadt is inspired by half-timbered houses, medieval buildings that are typical for Germany.
    • Many of Mondstadt's characters have German names or titles: Klee means "clover" in German. Fischl, the Prinzessin der Verurteilung means "Princess of Condemnation". Albedo, the Kreideprinz means "Prince of Chalk". Diona of Kätzlein bloodline means "Kitten" bloodline...
    • The most important statue of Barbatos stands at Windrise under a massive oak tree. The oak is the national tree of Germany, thus oak leaves are a prominent symbol on most German military orders and currency.
    • The de-facto ruling body of Mondstadt are the Knights of Favonius which mirrors the State of the Teutonic Order, in which the Grand Master of the Order is the head of state.
  • Mondstadt considers its trademarks the Dandelion, Flight and Wine, being the very few things that Mondstadt learned from the Wind Archon to build Mondstadt.
  • Roses in Mondstadt, instead of love, represent the saying "As wine bottles are corked, so too are my lips sealed." It encourages people to keep one another's secrets.
  • Citizens and people in Liyue often mock Mondstadt for being a city without rule with their god abandoned, showcasing the contrast between how others view freedom vs constitution. They are also unaware of the reasons as to why the Anemo Archon decided not to rule over Mondstadt, which may hint that every other nation shares the same outlook.



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