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Momiji-Dyed Court is a Domain located in Inazuma. Clearing this domain gives Artifacts. Challenge domains with higher levels to get better rewards.

Ley Line Disorder

The following Ley Line Disorders are applied in this domain:

Level Ley Line Disorder
I - IV
  • The platforms in this challenge will intermittently switch between the Flame Boon and Frost Boon statuses. Characters will obtain different effects depending on the status of the platform they are on.
  • Flame Boon: active characters will gain a 60% Pyro DMG Bonus.
  • Frost Boon: active characters will gain a 60% Cryo DMG Bonus.


Momiji-Dyed Court offers the following Artifact Sets.

Item Tiny Miracle.png3-4★ Set Tiny Miracle

In order to enter the higher levels of the domain, you must have a certain Adventure Rank (AR).

Level AR Party
Adventure EXP Mora Companionship EXP Artifacts
3 Stars 4 Stars 5 Stars
I 30 59 100 1,850 15 6–7 0–2
II 35 69 100 2,025 20 5–6 1–2
III 40 80 100 2,200 20 4–5 1–2 0–1
IV 45 90 100 2,525 20 3–4 2–3 1–2

Artifact drop ranges are primarily sourced from the Genshin Data Gathering team


At this alter where red leaves flutter in the wind, summer, and autumn are separated into two spheres, one where Cryo is enhanced, the other where Pyro is enhanced.
Those of profound skill who can master the trial within have a chance to obtain precious artifacts and receive help in their pursuit of that which may otherwise be untraceable.
Autumn Hunt I
Autumn Hunt II
Autumn Hunt III
Autumn Hunt IV

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Momiji-Dyed Court
Huārǎn zhī Tíng
Momiji-Dyed Courtyard[• 1]
Huārǎn zhī Tíng
Japanese 紅葉ノ庭
Momiji no Niwa[!]
Garden of Momiji[• 2]
Korean 단풍의 정원
Danpung-ui Jeong'won
Garden of Maple
Spanish Jardín del otoñoAutumn Garden
French Cour MomijiMomiji Court
Russian Кленовый зал
Klenovyy zal
Maple Hall
Thai โถงใบไม้แดง
Thong Bai Mai Daeng
Red Leaf Hall
Vietnamese Sân Vườn MomijiMomiji Courtyard
German Momiji-GartenMomiji Garden
Indonesian Momiji-Dyed Court
Portuguese Jardim do OutonoAutumn Garden
  1. ZH: huā, meaning "momiji," is a kokuji, or a Han character that was invented in Japan and therefore is not commonly used in China. It is nevertheless used here perhaps to emphasize the Japanese-themed design of the domain.
  2. JA: no ("of") is written with the katakana ノ, which, as a particle, is an archaic form of its hiragana の.

Change History

Released in Version 2.0
Version 2.2
  • Fixes an issue whereby characters could climb abnormally in some parts.

Version 2.1

  • Fixes an issue whereby the barrier might not disappear after failing the challenge.

Version 2.0

  • Momiji-Dyed Court was released.