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Moment of Bloom is a Character Event Wish with the 5 Star Character "Fragrance in Thaw" Hu Tao (Pyro) as the promoted character with an increased chance to be obtained.


Moment of Bloom has 2 occurrences:

Image Name Start End
Wish Moment of Bloom 2021-03-02.jpg Moment of Bloom 2021-03-02 March 2, 2021 March 16, 2021
Wish Moment of Bloom 2021-11-02.png Moment of Bloom 2021-11-02 November 2, 2021 November 23, 2021

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Moment of Bloom
Chìtuán Kāi Shí
When the Red Ball Blooms[• 1]
Chìtuán Kāi Shí
Japanese 彼岸満開
Higan Mankai[!]
Red Spider Lily Full Bloom[• 2]
Korean 매화만개할 때
Maehwaga Man'gaehal Ttae
When the Plum Flowers are in Full Bloom
Spanish Florecimiento fugazFleeting Bloom
French Floraison écarlateScarlet Bloom
Russian Момент цветения
Moment tsveteniya
Blooming Moment
Thai ช่วงเวลาแห่งการผลิบาน
Chuang wela haeng kan phli ban
Moment of Bloom
Vietnamese Xích Đoàn Khai MởBlooming of the Spider Lily
German Augenblick des ErblühensMoment of Bloom
Indonesian Bunga BersemiBlooming Flower
Portuguese Momento de FlorescerMoment of Bloom
  1. ZH: "Red Ball" alludes to the red spider lily.
  2. JA: The red spider lily is heavily associated with death in Japanese Buddhism. Its name in Japanese is 彼岸花 higan-bana, literally meaning "the flower of the other shore," referring to the Sanzu River which separates life from afterlife.