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Model types are types of character models that determine how characters move in the world of Genshin Impact. Characters who share the same model are mechanically identical or nearly identical. Affected actions include but are not limited to posing, jumping, walking, running, sprinting, climbing, and swimming.

Playable Characters

All playable characters use one of five model types: tall male, tall female, medium male, medium female, and short female. (There are no short male playable characters.)

Character height ranges for each model type (heights may include shoes but do not seem to include head accessories; unknown how much hair is uncluded):

  • Tall male: 186.8 to 193.4 cm
  • Tall female: 172.5 to 178.1 cm
  • Medium male: 165.5 to 168.5 cm
  • Medium female: 159.2 to 164.8 cm
  • Short female: 130.5 to 133.8 cm

Tall males cover the most distance in a sprint and are the fastest continuous sprinters, while medium males cover the most distance in a jump.[citation needed]

Short females have a cannonball "diving" animation instead of the usual diving animation when jumping into deep enough water.


All human and humanoid NPCs use one of five model types: elder, muscleman, tall male, tall female, and child.