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The Missing Person Bulletin Board are road signs present around Konda Village, on Narukami Island. Upon completion of The Farmer's Treasure world quest, the bulletin boards can no longer be interacted with.


  • Near Konda Village's south bridge.
  • Along the path going through Byakko Plain, near a Thunder Barrier.
  • At the crossroads north of the Teleport Waypoint of Byakko Plain.
    • If you haven't completed The Farmer's Treasure, Saimon Katsumi will be near the sign and automatically introduce himself when approaching it for the first time.
  • Along the shoreline path from Byakko Plain to Chinju Forest, on the beach north of the shallow waters.
  • At the crossroads southwest of Mt. Yougou's abandoned temple, near Shinozuka.


It has been over a year since my son, Saimon Jirou, joined the army. He would write letters to us from time to time, and though he has not accomplished much of great note, he would relate everything that happened to him in the army, which comforted this old man's heart greatly.

The war has continued apace, and my son, who has accomplished little, has stopped sending any letters. This lack of contact has greatly disturbed and wounded this old man's spirit.

I beseech any who see the notice to help me search for my son. If you know of his whereabouts, whether he ekes out some existence somewhere or has had the fortune of dying for his nation, please let me know, that I may have peace in my heart.

If you have anything to discuss, I, Saimon Katsumi give you my sincere thanks.

Other Languages

Language Official Name
English Missing Person Bulletin Board
Xún Rén Gàoshi Bǎn
Xún Rén Gàoshi Bǎn
Japanese 尋ね人の掲示板
Tazunebito no Keijiban
Korean 사람 찾기 게시판
Spanish Tablón de personas desaparecidas
French Tableau de personnes disparues
Russian Доска объявлений
Doska ob"yavleniy
Thai ป้ายประกาศตามหาคนหาย
Vietnamese Bảng Cáo Thị Tìm Người
German Anschlagtafel für vermisste Personen
Indonesian Papan Pengumuman Orang Hilang
Portuguese Quadro de Pessoas Desaparecidas

Change History

Released in Version 2.0