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Meeting the needs of Liyue's people is the sworn duty of the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

The Ministry of Civil Affairs is a government organization under the Liyue Qixing and is headquartered in Liyue Harbor. It is comprised of various departments[1] and may command the Millelith to ensure public safety.

The Ministry of Civil Affairs is highly involved in all aspects of Liyue. Most notably, they have recently sealed The Chasm mines due to an accident.

Powers and Responsibilities

The Ministry of Civil Affairs has an extremely broad range of responsibilities.

  • Gathers intelligence and manages material goods, information, and human resources.[2]
    • During Involuntary Sacrifice, Ganyu mentions they receive intel from the ministry about "big-time" Treasure Hoarders in Liyue and Mondstadt planning a joint operation.
  • Public safety
    • Maintains the public safety of Liyue Harbor, roads, villages, and festivals.
    • The ministry sealed off The Chasm due to an accident.
    • Maintains multiple watch lists of potentially dangerous individuals and criminals.
      • Both Beidou and the Traveler are on a watch list.[4]
      • There are higher level watch lists that Beidou does not have access to since they are top secret, however, she knows that the list is for those that the Qixing are extremely wary of.[4]
    • Issues bounties for wanted criminals.[4]
  • Management of the Lantern Rite festival
    • Manages the festival's budget, plans firework shows,[1] and ensures the safety of the festival.[5]
    • Delivers festive supplies, such as Xiao Lanterns, to other villages around Liyue.[6]
    • The ministry must clean up Xiao Lanterns after the festival so they don't get stuck in strange places or litter the city.[7]
  • Maritime authority and port administration[8]
    • This includes managing mooring of ships and collecting rent for mooring spaces.[9]
    • The ministry handles the operations of the harbor and keeps the waters clear of debris. During Fishing for Jade, the Traveler assists the ministry in cleaning up flotsam after the battle with Osial.
  • Administration and regulation of commerce and business[10]
    • Administers proficiency tests and grants business and exit permits.[9]
      • In The Art of Hospitality, Swan asks Alois for relevant documents issued by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, which may include exit permit and permits to do business.
      • Sedan chair bearers must obtain a Sedan Chair Permit and take written and road proficiency tests before they can carry people around[11]
      • In Shadow of Yore, Kliment mentions he obtained registration from the ministry so he can conduct an archaeological survey.[12]
    • Due to the Chasm being closed off, the ministry ordered work in the Chasm be ceased and the ministry's approval is required for work to resume.[13]
    • Oversees business transactions to check for contraband items and proper tax declarations[4]
    • Handles customs procedures for import and export.[8]
  • Labor and Tax Administration
    • Issues temporary unemployment, medical, and food stipends.[14]
    • Reviews applications for tax exemptions and deductions.[14]
  • Other civil affairs



List of NPCs located near the headquarters in Liyue Harbor.

  • Big-Footed Dajiao (Daytime)
  • Clerk Zhao — Clerk, Ministry of Civil Affairs (Daytime: In front of the Ministry of Civil Affairs; Nighttime: Sitting at a table)
  • Jiayi — Millelith
  • Xu — Servant, Feiyun Commerce Guild


  • The Ministry of Civil Affairs is mentioned in the descriptions of the following Furnishing items:
  • In Ganyu's voice-over for "About Yaoyao", she says she does not know what the Ministry of Civil Affairs does.
  • In their dialogue, many NPCs and Millelith working for the ministry remark about how much work there is to do and not enough people. Nervous An and Clerk Zhao both speak very curtly and tell the Traveler to quickly say what they want or leave. Millelith sent by the ministry sometimes say they don't have enough personnel.

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishMinistry of Civil Affairs
General Affairs Bureau
General Affairs Bureau
General Affairs Ministry
SpanishMinisterio de Asuntos CivilesMinistry of Civil Affairs
FrenchBureau des affaires civilesBureau of Civil Affairs
RussianДепартамент по делам граждан
Departament po delam grazhdan
Fai kitkan thuapai
VietnameseTổng VụGeneral Affairs
GermanRat für Allgemeine AngelegenheitenCouncil for General Matters
IndonesianBagian Urusan SipilCivil Affairs Department
PortugueseMinistério dos Assuntos CivisMinistry of Civil Affairs

Change History

Released in Version 1.0


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