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Minacious Isle is a limited time subarea located in the southwest part of Golden Apple Archipelago.

According to Albedo, the main island used to be a mountain from Mondstadt, before it was ripped away and landed in the sea upside-down.[1] The island features Inverted Ruins as well as Dandelions and various Anemo enemies like Anemo slimes and an Eye of the Storm, which coincides with Mondstadt being the nation of Anemo. Moreover, there is a portal leading back to Mondstadt as part of the quest The Winding Homeward Way.

Part 1

Nearby the island with the Teleport Waypoint, there is a locked chest by a Pyro Monument and a Cryo Monument. To light, use Pyro and Cryo skills respectively. It suffices to use Amber's Baron Bunny and Kaeya's Elemental Skill to light them up to unlock the chest.

Part 2

Main Island

There are three Hymnal Rings challenges on the island. The first involves rotating two rings so that the Harpastum hits its target, located near the teleport waypoint. A second challenge is located directly south of the teleport waypoint, where a Harpastum needs to drop directly onto the target below near the base of the cliff. East of the Inverted Ruins area, the last Hymnal Rings challenge involves a reprise ring.

There is a Windmill Mechanism at the bottom of the Inverted Ruins area. Activating and riding it will bring the player to a Chest that rewards Primogems.

At the top of the southwest part of the island there will be a Seelie. Following it will start the quest The Winding Homeward Way, which involves lighting Elemental Monuments to activate a portal back to Mondstadt, where one can obtain a chest.

Next to one of the Hymnal Rings challenges, there is a time challenge on top of a fallen pillar. To the far east on top of the small isle is the second time challenge.

There will also be a mural that the player can take a photo of to obtain the Minacious Isle Mural.

After completing Dodo-King of the Sea: Lying in Wait, The Echoing Conch (An Archon's Deeds) can be collected at the northwest part of the main island. Albedo could also be found near the Teleport Waypoint at the top until the end of Midsummer Island Adventure.

Northwest Island

North West Island is wrapped in an energy shield (with the reflection of the island visible).

Most of the island will be covered by a giant energy shield. There will be 1 Teleport Waypoint and 1 Waverider Waypoint on this island.

After completing Dodo-King of the Sea: Lying in Wait, Kaeya, Jean, and Klee could be found and spoken to on this island until the end of Midsummer Island Adventure.

After completing the quest The Final Riddle: A Secret Uncovered, the energy shield is gone. A special Crafting Bench also becomes available for players to craft Harpastum Bombs.

Stray West Island

Story Echoing Tales Fog and Exit.png

Located in the far west of the map (further west of the island with the energy shield) is a small island with a cave. Use the Harpastum to break the painted wall and then break a Rock Pile to access 1 Echoing Conch (Fog and Exit).

Underwater Ruins

Directly west of the main Minacious Isle, there is a small island next to a whirlpool surrounded by small bubbles. Approaching the whirlpool will transport you into a cave.


  1. Observe the stone tablet
  2. Climb up the vines
  3. Activate the Pressure Plate
  4. Enter the room
  5. Destroy the Rock Pile
  6. Activate the pressure plate at the designated time (01:00 AM – 02:00 AM)
  7. Leave the ruins


(Enter the whirlpool nearby)
Paimon: So, that whirlpool leads here. But it was a one-way trip...
Paimon: Let's see if there's another way out.

(Observe the first stone tablet)
Eroded Stone Tablet: "...this observation point is perfect for conducting astronomical research..."
Paimon: Astronomical observation, huh? It looked like just a regular cavern...
Paimon: There's so much water around here. What is this place?

(Observe the second stone tablet)
Eroded Stone Tablet: "...the margin of error in my observations here is too large, it seems I must find another observation point..."

(Enter the gated room)
Paimon: What now...
(Break the Large Rock Pile)
Paimon: Yikes! The ground's shaking, and the water's rising!
(Observe the third stone tablet)
Eroded Stone Tablet: "...perhaps around 01:00 AM would be the optimal window of time..."
(Activate the pressure plate at the appropriate time)
Paimon: That window opened! But we still need to find a way outta here.
Paimon: ...Wait, that's it! If the water keeps rising, it'll take us up there!

(Upon leaving the gated room)
Paimon: We made it out... But the room in that cave is probably filled with water now.
Paimon: Why would there be a place like that underwater? So strange.
Paimon: Anyway, we should probably think about all this after getting back to shore...

Echoing Conches


  • The island consists of architecture that has since been turned upside down. Deep within the caverns also mentions that this spot was perfect for astronomical research. This suggests that the building was originally at a very high point. Coupled with the facts that dandelions native only to Mondstadt exist here, a Seelie returning to its spot just north of the Falcon Coast, and dialogue from earlier observations suggests that Minacious Isle was originally part of Mondstadt.


Notable Features


Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Minacious Isle
Dangerous-Dangerous Island[• 1]
Japanese ハラハラ島
Anxious Island
Korean 위태위태섬
Risky-Risky Island
Spanish Isla del PeligroIsland of Danger
French Îles funestesBaleful Islands
Russian Опасный остров
Opasnyy ostrov
Dangerous Isle
Thai Minacious Isle
Vietnamese Đảo Nguy NanDanger Island
German Insel der GefahrenIsle of Perils
Indonesian Minacious Isle
Portuguese Ilha PerigosaDangerous Island
  1. ZH: The reduplication of "dangerous" is used to make the name sound cuter.

Change History

Released in Version 1.6


  1. An Archon's Deeds, Echoing Tales