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  1. Go to the Adventurers' Guild
  2. Go out into the wild to investigate
  3. Rescue Ella Musk
  4. Talk to Ella Musk


(Talk to Katheryne)
Katheryne: Traveler! Please, over here.
Katheryne: Apologies, but I need a moment of your time. Would you be interested in taking on a new commission?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Can't hurt to learn more about it.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What kind of commission?
Katheryne: The situation is this. The Guild has recently received several reports that the hilichurls in the wild are once again starting to band together and disrupt the merchant route.
Katheryne: We have dispatched a significant number of adventurers to investigate...
Katheryne: All of whom have reported a strange phenomenon — that whenever they discover a group of hilichurls gathering together, there is always a certain unusual hilichurl in their midst...
Katheryne: We believe that this "Unusual Hilichurl" could be a key factor in the recent disturbances.
Katheryne: So, we require someone to capture the Unusual Hilichurl, or at the very least chase it away.
Katheryne: Traveler, are you interested in accepting this commission?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Sure.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I will keep my eyes open when I'm out and about.
Katheryne: Thank you! I have marked some locations for you on your Map.
Katheryne: Hilichurl activity has been reported in each of these areas. Please begin your investigation by visiting them.
Katheryne: Should you encounter the Unusual Hilichurl... Please exercise due caution.

(Upon arriving at the location)
Paimon: ...Look! Someone's under attack!
(After defeating the enemies)
Ella Musk: Phew... That was close. Good thing you came when you did...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'll say...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Are you alright...?
Ella Musk: *sigh*...
Ella Musk: I don't understand, everything was going so well... What was it that I said?
Ella Musk: Well, anyway... Thank you for saving me...
Paimon: She looks really upset...
Ella Musk: Well... You saw what happened.
Ella Musk: My previous strategy of attempting to interact with hilichurls on my own is manifestly too risky...
Ella Musk: But still... It's a shame for a golden opportunity to converse with a hilichurl to just go to waste...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I see...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Is there anything I can do?
Ella Musk: It looks like my vocabulary compilation work for the dictionary is going to have to be postponed once again...
Ella Musk: If only I had someone who could verify the accuracy of the book's contents on my behalf...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I can help.
Ella Musk: R—Really? That's great! ...Right then, be sure to take this book with you!
Paimon: Wow... That was a fast transition from sulking to bossing us around...
Ella Musk: If you encounter any communication difficulties, you'll be able to resolve them simply by consulting this book! ...In principle, at least.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg ...In principle?
Paimon: You mean you don't even know what you wrote in your own book!?
Ella Musk: You only find out where the problems in your research lie through real-world application! Without putting them through their paces, how am I supposed to know for sure whether my theories hold water?
Ella Musk: Hmm... Nope, never mind, you probably wouldn't understand what I was about to say anyway. But that aside... thank you, once again, for saving me.
Ella Musk: Now, if you don't mind, I will join you. Let's go find a hilichurl to interact with.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Welcome to the crew!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Since we've come this far already...
Go with Ella to look for hilichurls who are willing to talk, attempt to understand their requests, and complete their commissions.
After completing the hilichurls' commissions, they will reveal clues as to their time when the Unusual Hilichurl will appear, and they will help the Traveler mark out locations where the Unusual Hilichurl may appear.
Reach the designated locations at the correct time to find and repel the Unusual Hilichurl and claim your rewards.
(Obtain Handy Handbook of Hilichurlian)

Change History

Released in Version 1.5