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While the Millelith stands guard, evil shall never prevail!

Motto of the Millelith

The Millelith are a military force stationed around Liyue to serve as guards. They report to the Liyue Qixing. They are the Liyue equivalent of the Knights of Favonius. Unlike the Knights of Favonius, there are no playable Millelith, and they serve as antagonists for much of Liyue's Archon Quests.

Key Personnel

Other Personnel


Some Milleliths can be encountered in Archon Quests as enemies. All of them attack the Traveler with their trademark spear. Despite appearing as enemies, Millelith cannot be found in the "Living Beings / Enemies and Monsters" section of the Archive, likely due to the fact that there is no way to fight them outside of specific Archon Quests.


Millelith Sergeant
Spotting the Traveler Who goes there!?
To arms!
Rally Take the target alive!
Attacking Take this!
Defeated Bested....
I'm beaten...


  • The name Millelith derives from Latin mille "thousand" and Greek lithos "stone."
  • Millelith soldiers are usually seen wielding polearms, using either the White Tassel or the Halberd, though a few Millelith soldiers can be seen using swords in the Archon Quest Rite of Descension. The sword being used in the cutscene is the Dark Iron Sword (pre-ascension design).
  • As seen below, they have an unused icon.
    • The Millelith Sergeants resemble Fengyan, but with black hair and a lack of goatee.