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Mikoshi Genichirou (Japanese: 御輿源一郎 Mikoshi Gen'ichirou) is an NPC located in Inazuma City, Inazuma. He is the owner of Netsuke no Gen Crafts (Japanese: 根付の源 Netsuke no Gen). He is the older brother of Mikoshi Genjirou.





Genichirou is a member of the Mikoshi Clan, a clan with oni heritage, and the older brother of Genjirou. Considered to be dull, simple and sluggish by those familiar with him, he chose to open up Netsuke no Gen Crafts to help his neighbors out with his handiwork. By the time the Traveler arrived, his store had just run out of stock for the time being.

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Mikoshi Genichirou: Hello, see anything you like? If you can't find the right one, I can have one custom-made for you.
Icon Dialogue Souvenir.svg I'd like to buy a few things...
Mikoshi Genichirou: Let me see what you need, dear customer...
Mikoshi Genichirou: Ah, my sincere apologies, but we are still in the midst of arranging for the goods that you require.
Mikoshi Genichirou: Our capacities are limited, and it will take some time for the goods to be restocked, so please do come again then.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Tell me about your store...
Mikoshi Genichirou: You mean where the name of this store came from?
Mikoshi Genichirou: Haha, I see you're not from Inazuma.
Mikoshi Genichirou: Netsuke is a kind of small craftwork that the Inazumans carry with them as pendants. Generally, they are carved into different shapes based on the owner's preference.
Mikoshi Genichirou: Take this one for instance. If you cross the rope from the inner side of the belt and then hang a coin pouch, seal or stamp on it, the netsuke will be stuck onto the belt. Convenient, eh?
Mikoshi Genichirou: As for the "Gen" part of the name... Well, it's my name, actually.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What can you make to order?
Mikoshi Genichirou: What would you like? Just tell me, and I will do my best to make it happen.
Mikoshi Genichirou: This store may not be as famous as those old family stores on this street, but we are still proud of our fine craftmanship.
Mikoshi Genichirou: To be honest, I'm actually the eldest son of my family, but people always say that I am simple and dull, and that I probably won't be able to carry on with the family business.
Mikoshi Genichirou: Haha, that's why I would rather start a small store here and help the neighbors out with my handiwork.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Thank you! Goodbye.
Mikoshi Genichirou: Goodbye! Come back next time if you need anything.

Change History

Released in Version 2.0