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The largest smelting facility in all the islands of Inazuma, surrounded by jagged, rocky terrain. War has brought production to a halt.

Version 1.5 Special Program

Mikage Furnace (Japanese: 御影炉心 Mikage Roshin) is a location in Tatarasuna, Kannazuka, Inazuma. This plant is where Inazuma's famed Jade Steel was produced en masse until production was halted due to the war. By the time the Traveler reaches Inazuma, the area around the Furnace is blocked by a blue dome barrier until reaching a certain point in the Tatara Tales quest chain. Additionally, the area inflicts Balethunder until completion of the World Quest Tatara Tales: The Last Act.


Rather Aged Notes


Records can be found in the lowest house on the floating rock formation around the Mikage Furnace, right in front of the bridge east of the formation, that make reference to needing 3 pieces of a key to open The Arsenal.

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Records: (These notes seem to have been plundered during a recent raid on the Fatui. The search might have been too rough — the page is torn in several places, making it hard to read.)
Records: "Before we withdrew, we should have divided the Arsenal Key into three parts: one for the Inspector, one for the Armory Officer, and one to be left in Tatarasuna itself to prevent theft."
Records: "But we were in too much of a hurry, and neither the Inspector nor the Armory Officer could be found, so I was so bold as to hide the three pieces within treasure chests in Tatarasuna..."

Containment Dome

The perimeter of the barrier containing the Mikage Furnace.

Initially, the furnace is surrounded by a large containment dome, preventing the player from entering. The barrier extends far upward, preventing the player from even stepping on the cliffs above the furnace.

Breaking the barrier involves completing the first stage of the Tatara Tales quest chain and using three Kamuijima Cannons to break the tears in the dome. After this, the player will be able to enter the area.


The Mikage Furnace was initially established as a smelting plant for Jade Steel, a material unique to Inazuma-made swords. It used the power of Tatarigami energy sourced from Yashiori Island and was built with the help of some experts from Fontaine. One of these was an engineer named Xavier, who was the only one who stayed behind for equipment maintenance, while Sir Hanbei oversaw such maintenance.[1] However, during the war between the Shogunate and the Watatsumi Army, high saturation of Tatarigami energy "caused deactivation of the Mikage Furnace and the failure of even its auto-restart program."[2] and production came to a halt. Xavier then set up the containment dome to surround the plant and contain the Balethunder.[3]

The instability of the plant caused a conflict of interest between Shogunate officials and Shrine maidens; Shogunate lackeys were more concerned of the effect of halted Jade Steel production in the war effort, while the maidens were worried of the Tatarigami's effects emanating from the damaged Furnace, being felt as far as the Sacred Sakura all the way in Grand Narukami Shrine.[1]

When the Traveler talks to Xavier and undergoes the Tatara Tales quest chain, parts of the containment dome had been breached by the Fatui, who had started to take an interest in the power of the Tatarigami. In an effort to drive the Fatui away as well as break down the dome for both Xavier and the Traveler to better monitor the Furnace, three unused Kamuijima Cannons found along the eastern side of Tatarasuna are fired at the dome.[3] Over the course of the quest chain, the Traveler helps Xavier monitor and eventually repair the Furnace while dealing with the Fatui, removing Balethunder from the area.


  • Mikage derives from Japanese mikage (Japanese: かげ) which means "the soul of a god or a noble."
    • It may also be short for mikage-ishi (Japanese: 御影石 "granite"), implying that granite is used in the furnace.
  • Some players believe that the Mikage Furnace is based on the Fukushima nuclear plant, a nuclear station in Japan that suffered nuclear meltdown following the infamous magnitude-9.1 earthquake on March 11, 2011, and caused radiation to spread in nearby communities. This is partially due to the Japanese name containing 炉心 roshin, which typically refers to a nuclear reactor core.


Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishMikage Furnace
Yùyǐng Lúxīn
Chinese reading of Japanese name
Yùyǐng Lúxīn
Mikage Roshin[!]
Divine Soul Furnace Core
Korean미카게 용광로
Mikage Yonggwang'ro
Mikage Blast Furnace
SpanishFragua MikageMikage Forge
FrenchFourneau MikageMikage Furnace
RussianГорн Микагэ
Gorn Mikage
Mikage Furnace
ThaiMikage Furnace
Vietnamese Luyện Mikage
GermanMikage-HochofenMikage Furnace
IndonesianMikage Furnace
PortugueseFornalha MikageMikage Furnace

Change History

Released in Version 2.0


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