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Memory of Immovable Crystals is a Constellation Activation Material item. It is used to unlock Constellations for the Traveler when aligned with the Geo element. This is different than other characters, who all use their respective Stella Fortuna to upgrade Constellations.

How To Obtain[]

Players can obtain up to 6 copies of this item, through various means.

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Other Languages[]

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishMemory of Immovable Crystals
Bùdòng Jīngshí de Jìyì
Memories of Unmoving Crystal Rock
Bùdòng Jīngshí de Jìyì
Fudou Shouseki no Kioku
Memories of Unmoving Crystal Rock
Korean부동 수정석의 기억
Budong Sujeongseok-ui Gieok
Memories of Unmoving Crystal Stone
SpanishRecuerdo de cristales inamoviblesMemory of Immovable Crystals
FrenchSouvenir de cristal immobileMemory of Immovable Crystal
RussianПамять о неподвижных скалах
Pamyat' o nepodvizhnykh skalakh
Memory of Immovable Rocks
ThaiMemory of Immovable Crystals
VietnameseKý ỨcKý Ức Kết TinhKết Tinh Bất ĐộngBất ĐộngMemories of Unmoving Crystal
GermanErinnerung der unbeweglichen KristalleMemory of Immovable Crystals
IndonesianMemory of Immovable Crystals
PortugueseLembrança dos Cristais Imóveis
TurkishKristal Hazinelerin HatırasıMemory of Crystal Treasures
ItalianMemoria dei cristalli immobiliMemory of Immovable Crystal

Change History[]

Version 3.5
  • Updated first source from "Main Quest Reward" to "Liyue Archon Quest Reward".

Version 1.0

  • Memory of Immovable Crystals was released.