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Memento Lens is a gadget obtained during the World Quest Sacrificial Offering.

The Memento Lens can be used on Earth Kitsune Statues to reveal chests or investigation points, activate mechanisms, and reveal memories of bygone days. Statues that can be targeted have glowing Electro markings, will show up white when viewed with Elemental Sight, and will cause the Memento Lens to glow when approached.

Using it on Earth Kitsune Statues will typically display the following screen prompt:

Through the Memento Lens, you see something that wasn't there...


A mysterious lens that was once part of a special Kamera.
They say that in the distant past, the legendary Kitsune Saiguu left a catalyst for the then-Hiiragi Clan head, Hiroshi, as a tool to be used in exorcisms. The Hiiragis would have a special Kamera made to order from overseas with that catalyst mounted on its lens assembly, before giving it back to the Grand Narukami Shrine as a symbol of their friendship. That Kamera was said to have been able to record thoughts and memories, and though the complicated components may have rusted away over time, the specially-made lens can still see that which does not exist in the present world.



Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishMemento Lens
"Liúniàn Jìng"
"Memento Lens"
"Liúniàn Jìng"
"Tsuioku no Renzu"
"Lens of Reminiscence"
Korean「기억의 렌즈」
"Gieok-ui Renjeu"
"Lens of Memory"
SpanishLente de los recuerdosLens of Memories
FrenchLentille de réminiscenceLens of Reminiscence
RussianЛинза воспоминаний
Linza vospominaniy
Thai"Memento Lens"
VietnameseKính Kỷ Vật
GermanSouvenirlinseSouvenir Lens
IndonesianMemento Lens
PortugueseLente das Lembranças

Change History

Released in Version 2.0