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Meditation Stone is a purchasable Furnishing. It can be purchased from the Realm Depot for Realm Currency Realm Currency ×40.

Furnishing Sets

There are 2 items that can be crafted using Meditation Stone:

Item Craft Type Recipe
Gift Set Hot Spring Whitestone: Secret Fire Hot Spring Whitestone: Secret Fire ×1
Hot Spring Folding Screen: Moderation Hot Spring Folding Screen: Moderation ×2
Hot Spring Wall: Well-Grounded Hot Spring Wall: Well-Grounded ×1
Wading Stones Wading Stones ×1
The Precious Pink of Spring The Precious Pink of Spring ×1
Hot Spring Outer Wall: No Vaulting Hot Spring Outer Wall: No Vaulting ×6
Flower's First Blushing Bloom Flower's First Blushing Bloom ×1
A Thousand Petals of Red Glaze A Thousand Petals of Red Glaze ×2
Meditation Stone Meditation Stone ×1
Whitestone Hot Spring: Diffusing Warmth Whitestone Hot Spring: Diffusing Warmth ×1
Hot Spring Foyer: Shelter from the Cold Hot Spring Foyer: Shelter from the Cold ×1
Furnishing Set Of Promises Unkept the Night Flowers Speak Of Promises Unkept the Night Flowers Speak ×2
"Seal of the Provisional Head Priestess" "Seal of the Provisional Head Priestess" ×1
The Red Kite's Waking and Sleeping The Red Kite's Waking and Sleeping ×1
Sappan and Vermilion Enjoined Sappan and Vermilion Enjoined ×1
Ritual Shrine Ritual Shrine ×1
White Fish Tallow Candle: Evenlight White Fish Tallow Candle: Evenlight ×2
Otogi Countryside Street Lamp Otogi Countryside Street Lamp ×2
Melancholy, the Dewgrass Shadowing Melancholy, the Dewgrass Shadowing ×7
Wading Stones Wading Stones ×1
Meditation Stone Meditation Stone ×2

Change History

Released in Version 2.2