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Measurement refers to the quantification of physical features such as length, time, and mass within Genshin Impact.

The unit of measurement for distances is meters, abbreviated as m in-game. The world of Teyvat appears to take place in 3-dimensional Euclidean space (flat space).


All playable characters so far have a mass of 10 (units unspecified).[Note 1]

In real life, mass can be used to compute the weight of objects under the influence of gravity. However, within the game, it appears that for various entities (such as enemies), the mass and weight are considered as separate, independent quantities. Moreover, within the game, even the acceleration due to gravity can vary for different entities.[Note 1][Note 2]

Character Heights

The values are taken from in-game measurements based on in game scale, rounded to the nearest 0.1 centimeter.[Note 1]

Note that all characters use one of a limited number of character models in-game (tall, medium, and short for male and female, though no short male characters exist yet). These measurements are for their in-game models.

Character Height (cm) Model
Aether Aether 167.3 Medium male
Albedo Albedo 165.8 Medium male
Aloy Aloy 162.7 Medium female
Amber Amber 159.9 Medium female
Arataki Itto Arataki Itto 193.4 Tall male
Barbara Barbara 161.7 Medium female
Beidou Beidou 172.5 Tall female
Bennett Bennett 168.5 Medium male
Chongyun Chongyun 166.7 Medium male
Diluc Diluc 186.8 Tall male
Diona Diona 130.5 Short female
Eula Eula 173.6 Tall female
Fischl Fischl 161.8 Medium female
Ganyu Ganyu 162.9 Medium female
Gorou Gorou 166.4 Medium male
Hu Tao Hu Tao 159.6 Medium female
Jean Jean 173.9 Tall female
Kaedehara Kazuha Kaedehara Kazuha 167.5 Medium male
Kaeya Kaeya 187.3 Tall male
Kamisato Ayaka Kamisato Ayaka 162.0 Medium female
Kamisato Ayato Kamisato Ayato 188.4 Tall male
Keqing Keqing 162.4 Medium female
Klee Klee 130.6 Short female
Kujou Sara Kujou Sara 178.1 Tall female
Kuki Shinobu Kuki Shinobu 162.8 Medium female
Lisa Lisa 174.6 Tall female
Lumine Lumine 161.5 Medium female
Mona Mona 161.9 Medium female
Ningguang Ningguang 172.7 Tall female
Noelle Noelle 162.6 Medium female
Qiqi Qiqi 132.2 Short female
Raiden Shogun Raiden Shogun 174.7 Tall female
Razor Razor 166.2 Medium male
Rosaria Rosaria 175.5 Tall female
Sangonomiya Kokomi Sangonomiya Kokomi 163.1 Medium female
Sayu Sayu 133.8 Short female
Shenhe Shenhe 175.3 Tall female
Sucrose Sucrose 159.4 Medium female
Tartaglia Tartaglia 188.8 Tall male
Thoma Thoma 187.5 Tall male
Venti Venti 167.7 Medium male
Xiangling Xiangling 161.9 Medium female
Xiao Xiao 165.5 Medium male
Xingqiu Xingqiu 167.8 Medium male
Xinyan Xinyan 161.3 Medium female
Yae Miko Yae Miko 172.7 Tall female
Yanfei Yanfei 159.2 Medium female
Yelan Yelan 174.2 Tall female
Yoimiya Yoimiya 164.8 Medium female
Yun Jin Yun Jin 160.0 Medium female
Zhongli Zhongli 188.9 Tall male

Area of Effect

Numerous Area of Effect skills have a measurable radius. These data are detailed in the above articles.


Time is measured in seconds. Time passes faster in Teyvat than in the real world.


The tallest playable characters in the game are:

  1. Arataki Itto (193.4 cm)
  2. Zhongli (188.9 cm)
  3. Tartaglia (188.8 cm)
  4. Ayato (188.4 cm)
  5. Thoma (187.5 cm)

The first and second place have a fairly large margin of 4.5 cm, but the second to fifth place only have a margin of 1.4 cm.

According to a tweet from the developers of Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy is canonically 168 cm tall, but (unless the in game scale is inaccurate to the intended heights) was shrunken down due to using the medium model. It is unknown whether the rest of the characters' canon heights can be determined from this measurement, but if so, characters will likely have a 6–10 cm increase.

These heights are based off the character's default skins and may vary between skins.

Beidou has been described as 6 ft tall in Tea Master Liu Su's story, but this (unless Aloy's height intended to be accurate) is likely an exaggeration.

Heights listed from models include shoes and hair due to their being no reliable way of getting all characters heights without them. Another thing to note is that most female characters and some male characters wear height extending shoes (Yoimiya, Xingqiu, Itto, all tall female characters, etc.). This could lead up to a 5–12 cm decrease in height for the characters with high shoes. However, it does appear that accessories such as hats are omitted.


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