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Matsutake is a mushroom and cooking ingredient.

How to Obtain

It can be acquired in multiple ways:

  1. They can be found below some trees (specific locations can be found on the Teyvat Interactive Map).
  2. You can get some by just clearing bushes with your weapons though it is one of the slowest methods (based on luck).

Shop Availability

2 Shops that sell Matsutake:

Item NPC Mora Cost Stock Notes
Matsutake Matsutake Chef Mao 300 10 Every 3 Days
Matsutake Matsutake Verr Goldet 300 10 Every 3 Days

Craft Usage

There are 9 items that can be crafted using Matsutake:

Item Craft Type Recipe
Butter Crab Butter Crab Cooking Butter Butter ×4
Crab Crab ×4
Seagrass Seagrass ×2
Matsutake Matsutake ×1
Stone Harbor Delicacies Stone Harbor Delicacies Cooking Matsutake Matsutake ×1
Potato Potato ×2
Violetgrass Violetgrass ×1
Tianshu Meat Tianshu Meat Cooking Sugar Sugar ×2
Qingxin Qingxin ×1
Matsutake Matsutake ×1
Raw Meat Raw Meat ×4
Cured Pork Dry Hotpot Cured Pork Dry Hotpot Cooking Snapdragon Snapdragon ×1
Pepper Pepper ×1
Matsutake Matsutake ×2
Ham Ham ×2
Ghostly March Ghostly March Cooking Snapdragon Snapdragon ×2
Matsutake Matsutake ×2
Matsutake Meat Rolls Matsutake Meat Rolls Cooking Matsutake Matsutake ×2
Raw Meat Raw Meat ×2
Vegetarian Abalone Vegetarian Abalone Cooking Snapdragon Snapdragon ×2
Matsutake Matsutake ×2
Adeptus' Temptation Adeptus' Temptation Cooking Ham Ham ×4
Shrimp Meat Shrimp Meat ×3
Crab Crab ×3
Matsutake Matsutake ×3
Sautéed Matsutake Sautéed Matsutake Cooking Flour Flour ×3
Butter Butter ×2
Matsutake Matsutake ×3
Pinecone Pinecone ×2


Change History

Released in Version 1.0