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Materials are items in Genshin Impact that can be collected and used. It is the fifth tab in the Inventory.

Local Specialties

Local Specialty materials can only be obtained in certain regions. They can be used for various things like character ascensions, weapon ascension, cooking, and alchemy. There is a category for each region's local specialties.

Fishing Materials

Materials used or acquired through Fishing.



Crafting Materials

Cooking Ingredients

Materials used in Cooking.

Forging Materials

Materials used in Forging.

Uncategorized Materials

Materials that can be harvested around Teyvat that are mainly used in Alchemy.

Serenitea Pot Materials

Furnishing Materials

Materials used to create Furnishings. Wood can be harvested by hitting trees around Teyvat, while Fabric and Dye can be crafted in Tubby's Creation menu.

Gardening Materials

Materials that can be harvested with a Seed Dispensary or purchased from the Realm Depot.

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Released in Version 1.0