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The world of Genshin Impact contains many items to collect, if you're looking for a particular item but can't remember the name, then this is where to start!

Character Materials

Character EXP Material‎s

Materials that are used to increase the Character Experience of a particular character.

Wanderer's AdviceAdventurer's ExperienceHero's Wit

Character Ascension Materials

Materials that are used to unlock the level cap of a character once they have reached their current maximum level.

Vayuda Turquoise SliverVayuda Turquoise FragmentVayuda Turquoise ChunkVayuda Turquoise GemstoneHurricane Seed

Character Talent Materials

Materials used to level up a character's talents.

Teachings of FreedomGuide to FreedomPhilosophies of FreedomCrown of InsightSpirit Locket of Boreas

Weapon Materials

Weapon Enhancement Material‎s

Materials used to level up weapons.

Enhancement OreFine Enhancement OreMystic Enhancement Ore

Weapon Ascension Materials

Materials that can only be used to ascend a weapon once it has reached its maximum level.

Fetters of the Dandelion GladiatorChains of the Dandelion GladiatorShackles of the Dandelion GladiatorDream of the Dandelion Gladiator

Common Ascension Materials

Common Ascension Material materials are used for both Character and Weapon ascension once they reach their current maximum level.

Slime CondensateSlime SecretionsSlime Concentrate

Crafting Materials

Forging Materials

Materials used in Forging.

Iron ChunkWhite Iron ChunkCrystal ChunkMagical Crystal Chunk

Northlander Bow BilletNorthlander Catalyst BilletNorthlander Claymore BilletNorthlander Polearm BilletNorthlander Sword Billet

Local Specialty

Local Specialty materials can only be obtained in certain regions. They can be used for various things like character ascensions, weapon ascension, cooking, and alchemy. There is a category for each region's local specialties.

Small Lamp GrassValberryPhilanemo MushroomCor LapisJueyun ChiliGlaze Lily

Cooking Ingredients

Materials used in Cooking.

Sweet FlowerRaw MeatFowlSalt

Furnishing Materials

Materials that can be harvested by breaking trees around Teyvat. Used to craft Furnishings.

Fir WoodFragrant Cedar WoodBamboo SegmentSandbearer WoodPine WoodCuihua WoodBirch Wood

Uncategorized Materials

Materials that can be harvested around Teyvat that are mainly used in Alchemy.

Flaming Flower StamenLizard TailElectro CrystalMist Flower Corolla

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