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Materials are items in Genshin Impact that can be collected and used. It is the fifth tab in the Inventory.

Local Specialties[]

Local Specialty materials can only be obtained in certain regions. They can be used for various things like character ascensions, weapon ascension, cooking, and alchemy. There is a category for each region's local specialties.

Fishing Materials[]

Materials used or acquired through Fishing.



Crafting Materials[]

Cooking Ingredients[]

Materials used in Cooking.

Forging Materials[]

Materials used in Forging.

Uncategorized Materials[]

Materials that can be harvested around Teyvat that are mainly used in Alchemy.

Serenitea Pot Materials[]

Furnishing Materials[]

Materials used to create Furnishings. Wood can be harvested by hitting trees around Teyvat, while Fabric and Dye can be crafted in Tubby's Creation menu.

Gardening Materials[]

Materials that can be harvested with a Seed Dispensary or purchased from the Realm Depot.

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