Master's Day Off is the third and final part of the Leo Minor Chapter: Act I, Jean's Story Quest: Master's Day Off.


  1. Ask Barbara about Jean's condition.
  2. Go to the big "Symbol of Vennessa" tree.
  3. Hunt down the Abyss Order enemies.
  4. Return to Mondstadt and talk to Jean.
  5. Enter the Tavern.
  6. Go to the second-floor terrace and look for Jean.


(After completing all three commissions)
Paimon: Whew, think we're finally finished with the commissions we were doing for Jean. A day in the life of Jean really is hard work...
Paimon: Wonder how she's feeling now? Let's head to the Cathedral and pay her a visit.

At The Cathedral

(Talk to Barbara)
Paimon: Hi Barbara, we're back.
Barbara: Welcome back. You must be exhausted.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg How is Jean doing?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'm sure you must be exhausted, too.
Barbara: Oh it's nothing, looking after patients is all in a day's work for me.
Barbara: Jean has regained consciousness and should be back to her normal self soon enough.
Paimon: That's great news! Let's go and see her.
Barbara: But she just left the Cathedral. I tried to tell her she needs more rest, but she wouldn't listen.
Barbara: She tried to act like she was fine and kept saying she wanted to get some fresh air. I bet you she's gone to Lady Vennessa's place again.
Paimon: Where?
Barbara: Oh, that huge tree at Windrise. That place is dedicated to Mondstadt's hero, Vennessa.
Barbara: Jean goes there whenever she feels lost and confused, deep down inside.
Paimon: Barbara, that's some pretty personal stuff... How do you know so much about Jean's innermost thoughts?
Barbara ...Jean uh, mentioned it to me, y'know, before she left.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Jean is still recovering, right?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Will she be okay out there on her own, in her condition?
Barbara: That's what I'm worried about, too. But I still have work to do here...
Paimon: Don't worry, we'll take over nursing duty for now.
Barbara: Great! That puts my mind at rest. May the Anemo Archon protect you... and Jean.
(Talk to Barbara again)
Barbara: Jean is not as strong as she comes off. It's so good that you're here for her.

A talk with Jean

(Approach Jean at Windrise)
Jean: Lady Vennessa, I hope your watch over Mondstadt remains unclouded.
Jean: I do not know if I, or the rest of the world, as you had hoped for have become stronger... Huh?
(Traveler and Paimon talk to Jean)
Paimon: Hi Jean, are you feeling better now?
Jean: Much better. I was not expecting you to come here. Thank you for your concern.
Paimon: Are you sure? We saw you beneath the tree just now, leaning on your sword — it looked like you were struggling.
Paimon: Are you sure you aren't pushing yourself too hard?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You can always rely on other knights.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You can always rely on us.
Jean: Oh... Thank you, that means a lot to me. Hearing that boosts my spirits.
Jean: But I must find a way to cope with minor setbacks like this on my own. Otherwise, how can I be the protector that Mondstadt needs me to be? The protector that Vennessa was...
Paimon: You truly revere Vennessa, huh?
Jean: I do. Vennessa was the first Grand Master, a kind yet formidable woman. I have always hoped to follow in her footsteps.
Jean: As the Lionfang Knight, she courageously overthrew the oppressive ruling aristocracy of her time. Then, she founded the Knights of Favonius and became known as the Dandelion Knight, spreading grace and compassion throughout the land.
Paimon: Dandelion Knight — isn't that your title?
Jean: Hmm... Actually, all of the Knights of Favonius' Masters throughout the ages have inherited the title of "Dandelion Knight" or "Lionfang Knight."
Paimon: Oooh, that makes sense now.
Paimon: You too want to be as gentle as the Dandelion Knight and yet as fierce as the Lionfang Knight?
Jean: Yes. I know it sounds like a huge honor, inheriting both these titles from Vennessa...
Jean: But I see it more as a huge responsibility.
Jean: After all, it is a lot to live up to.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I could get used to Jean the Lionfang Knight...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Actually, Dandelion Knight suits you better.
Paimon: Paimon thinks so too!
Jean: ...
Paimon: Jean?
Jean: Who's there?
(An Abyss Mage shows itself)
Abyss Mage: Hmph... Caught red-handed.
Abyss Mage: Finally, an opportunity comes to get rid of the Master in her moment of weakness... and then you two show up and ruin everything.
Paimon: How did they know about Jean's condition?
Paimon: Choosing this moment to strike is a low blow, even for this lot.
Jean: As long as my name is the Dandelion Knight, I swear I shall not be defeated by such despicable means!
Abyss Mage: Hmm, since this opportunity has slipped away, I shall now be slipping away in a similar fashion...
Jean: Stop! *cough*
Jean: After him... *cough*
Paimon: Jean, you're still recovering...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You should go back and rest.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg He could be luring Jean into a trap...
Jean: No. I must got after him...
Paimon: *sigh* Jean, you can't keep doing this to yourself. Why can't you trust us to handle it?
Jean: I do trust you... But to let an enemy get away like this would be a major dereliction of duty.
Paimon: Fine, but at least let us go with you.
Jean: Thank you for understanding. I will graciously accept your help.

Exploring the Domain

(After an explosion inside the domain)
Paimon: Are you hurt!?
Paimon: Ugh, darn him and his traps!
Jean: How badly are you hurt? One of my own being injured because of me is the last thing I would wish for.
Jean: ...Let me handle this alone.
Paimon: No! You're in no state to handle this alone. We're coming too!
Jean: ...Okay. But before we move out, at least let me heal everyone with my Dandelion Breeze.
Paimon: Thanks, you're amazing!
(As you explore the domain)
Abyss Mage: Looks like our fates are intertwined. To think you chased me this far!
Abyss Mage: Hehe, come on! Face my brave subordinates. I put a spell on them to calm their fear of water.
Abyss Mage: Hehehe, face the fury of my flames! Just one is enough to reignite the fiery fury of the rest!
(The Abyss Mage reveals himself)
Abyss Mage: Looks like our fates are intertwined. To think you pushed me this far! Fine — let me deal with you myself!
(After defeating the Abyss Mage)
Jean: Phew... Thanks to Barbara's help, my condition is better than I thought.
Paimon: The main thing is that you're safe. Now, isn't it time to get back to Mondstadt and rest, Acting Grand Master?
Jean: Yes. I should at least go and thank Barbara again. I hope she is not upset with me.

Back at Mondstadt

(At the entrance of Mondstadt)
Swan: Master, you've finally returned! The Anemo Archon protects you.
Jean: Swan? Were you waiting for me? Has something happened?
Swan: Yes... At the Angel's Share. Don't worry, it's nothing big, but...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Has there been a bar fight!?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg We'll go. Jean needs to rest.
Swan: Ah... I know I said it's nothing big, but... Alright, how can I put this... They just really need the Acting Grand Master.
Paimon: Huh?
Jean: Well, if you say so Swan, I will go. I should not let the other knights down.
Jean: It's fine. Now that I have had the chance to stretch my legs, I feel much better.
Swan: Great! Thank you so much, you really saved me this one.
Paimon: For goodness sake... What is happening to the world!? Swan used to be the most honest fellow, now he's dumping things onto Jean...
Jean: Well... Swan was clearly agitated. Maybe it is an emergency after all. Let's go and see what this is all about, shall we?

The surprise party

(After seeing the party set up in the tavern)
Jean: Oh? What's all this?
Amber: It's a thank-you party for you!
Jean: A thank-you party?
Barbara: Jean, when we heard the news about your illness, we were all so worried about you.
Amber: We can only imagine how much pressure you must be under as Acting Grand Master, and you do so much work all over Mondstadt...
Kaeya: We thought that since you so rarely take any time off, we'd take this chance to throw you a party. Enjoy yourself, Jean.
Kaeya: After all, you'll never let us do this once you're back at work, haha.
Jean: Ahh...
Amber: Jean?
Jean: I... Uh...
Amber: Huh? Is this Jean when she's... shy? I've never seen her like this!
Lisa: It's easy to forget that outside of work, Jean is just a normal person, like anyone else.
Jean: I... This is just all such a surprise!
Jean: Thank you, everyone. This really means so much to me.
Amber: Hehehe. Well, it's nothing compared to the amount of work you do for all of us, day-in and day-out.
Jean: But... there are so many things I still need to do...
Crowd: *sigh*
Kaeya: Fear not. We wanted to make sure you could relax and enjoy yourself...
Kaeya: So while you were away, we all pitched in and finished off your work for you. Every last task.
Jean: Did you really? ...Even the issue with the food deliveries?
Amber: It was no different from what we see on patrol. A couple of hilichurls. Didn't take much to get rid of them.
Jean: And the tax returns?
Lisa: I spend so much time doing library admin. A few more pieces of paper to deal with was really nothing to worry about.
Jean: Well... What about Margaret's missing cat?
Paimon: ...Are you kidding me?
Venti: That rascally Prince was apprehended by the brilliant (Mr./Ms.) (Traveler)! And (he/she) also reclaimed my precious astral iron strings while (he/she) was at it.
Lisa: Enough already! No more thinking about work today! Enjoy yourself while you've got the chance.
Jean: It is my honor to work alongside you all. Praise be for the Anemo Archon's guidance...
Jean: Speaking of work... It must have been hard work to put all this together, where did you find the time?
Kaeya: Haha... Actually, (Traveler) was the key organizer behind all of this.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Me?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg The organizer?
Kaeya: See all this food and drink? (Traveler) made sure it all arrived on time.
Kaeya: Not only that but (he/she) cooked each one of these beautiful dishes (himself/herself).
Kaeya: So relax already. There's no need to be so modest!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Uh... This explains a lot!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg All those last-minute urgent orders... It was you all along!
Kaeya: Of course, we also have Master Diluc to thank for the venue. Otherwise, we would be looking at quite an alarming bill right about now.
Diluc: ...Despite my initial reluctance to sponsor a Knights of Favonius event in any way...
Diluc: I, like any other citizen of Mondstadt, owe Jean my gratitude for her hard work.
Jean: Oh Master Diluc, I—
Barbara: Alright, alright! Jean's supposed to be taking it easy, stop crowding her!
Amber: Agreed! Now — let the party begin!
(The party starts)
You enjoy a spirited and cheerful party–
Paimon: It looks like everyone seems to be partying hard...
Paimon: Paimon thinks we should join in the fun. Let's go and mingle!
Paimon: Oh, and Paimon thinks she saw Jean go upstairs by herself... Let's make sure the woman of the hour doesn't get left out.
(Talk to Amber)
Amber: (Traveler)...
Paimon: Amber! You look like you're about to burst into tears, whatever is the matter?
Amber: Two things! One, this Sweet Madame! Two, this Sticky Honey Roast!
Amber: Did you make them?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You'd better believe it!
Amber: Mmm... I refuse to believe it! Where did you suddenly learn to cook so well?
Amber: I'm going to finish eating this, and then you're going to teach me everything you know! Don't you dare try and run off!
Amber: *om nom nom*
Paimon: Has... Amber been drinking?
(Talk to Barbara)
Barbara: Whew... This is quite a lot of excitement, considering that the idea was to relax and take it easy.
Paimon: Would a drink help you relax?
Barbara: Ahh... Is there anything without alcohol?
Paimon: What do you normally drink?
Barbara: Oh, y'know, I normally mix a few things together but I always add some bright red—
Paimon: Red? Let me guess... tomatoes? No, watermelon?
Barbara: ...Hehe, chilies! I add chili peppers.
Paimon: Chili peppers!? In a drink?
(Talk to Diluc)
Diluc: That's glass number thirty-seven.
Paimon: What's Diluc doing?
Diluc: I am keeping count of this bard's alarming pace of progress through my wine.
Diluc: Only the Knights drink for free tonight. It seems he didn't get the message.
Diluc: When he sobers up, I will present him with the bill.
Paimon: Diluc... You're a meanie!
Diluc: ...I'm joking, of course. I highly doubt he could afford it anyway, so I shall spare him the bill.
Diluc: But I must say, the sheer volume of alcohol this fellow can put back is just not normal.
(Talk to Kaeya)
Kaeya: Hey! Having a good time?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Why did you say I was the organizer?
Kaeya: The thing is, Jean knows all of us so well now...
Kaeya: When someone organizes a surprise party for you, the closer you are to them, the more bashful you tend to feel about the whole thing.
Kaeya: So instead, we just gave you all the credit. After all, you did do more than your fair share of work anyway.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg So... You gave me the credit to hide your own shyness?
Paimon: Of course! This party was clearly Kaeya's idea! Shy Kaeya? This is gold!
Kaeya: Haha... You think so?
Paimon: So you admit it!
Kaeya: Hehe... I'm only indulging you since it's such a special day today.
(Talk to Lisa)
Lisa: "Leaving the hustle and bustle of the banquet behind them, the two of them stood there, together in the quiet of the night, while the rest of the world melted away around them..."
Lisa: Sounds like the sort of thing you'd find in a romantic novel, no?
Lisa: I'm not trying to get you to recite poetry to me or anything...
Lisa: I'm just saying, Jean went upstairs to the balcony. Alone. Now's your chance... Hehe.
(Talk to Venti)
Venti: My word, the Dawn Winery's wine is every bit as delectable as they say!
Venti: I would never be able to afford this normally, so in the spirit of enjoying the moment while it lasts... Another glass for the bard, please!
Paimon: Venti can drink a frightening amount...
Venti: Ah, hello! I didn't see you there.
Venti: I blame the wine for monopolizing my attention! Much like my ballads, it deserves to be enjoyed for generations to come.
Venti: What is this floating sensation I feel? Have I discovered the true meaning of Anemo power?
Paimon: That would be the drink talking...
Venti: I hereby declare that every son and daughter of the City of the Wind must be compelled to taste this finest of wines... Here's to good wine!

(Talk to Jean upstairs)
Jean: Oh, it is you.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg There you are.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Are you having a good time?
Jean: Yes, I am just... getting some air.
Paimon: Uh-oh, it seems like something's bothering Jean.
Jean: (Traveler), I want to thank you again—
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Actually, I knew nothing about this whole thing either.
Jean: Either way, it is good to be here together with everyone. It has lifted my spirits.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You're looking more upbeat now.
Jean: It is good to be here together with everyone. It has lifted my spirits.
Jean: And it has taught me something.
Paimon: What's that?
Jean: I am definitely more of a Dandelion Knight than a Lionfang Knight.
Jean: The Lionfang Knight represents Vennessa's past — a past in which she fought hard for Mondstadt.
Jean: But it was the Dandelion Knight that represented her hopes for the future – a future belonging to the newly formed Knights of Favonius...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Jean, Vennessa would be so proud of who you are right now.
Jean: I do believe that Vennessa watches over us, whether from high up above, or from the wind all around us.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Let the Wind lead.
Jean: Let the Wind lead. The winds of freedom will guide us along the path that lies ahead. I hope you will continue to join us on that path, (Traveler).



  • "Lionfang" and "Dandelion" both translate to "Löwenzahn" making both title virtually identical in German underlining the dual nature of these titles.

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