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Mask of the Kijin is a Weapon Ascension Material obtained from Court of Flowing Sand on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.


  • Item Mask of the One-Horned.png 3 Mask of the One-Horned
  • Item Mora.png 1,075 Mora
  • Creates Mask of the Kijin Mask of the Kijin ×1

    Craft Usage

    No recipes use this item.

    Ascension Usage

    No Characters use Mask of the Kijin for ascension.

    4 Weapons use Mask of the Kijin for ascension:

    Weapon The Catch.png4★ — "The Catch"
    Weapon Polar Star.png5★ — Polar Star


    • The creature described as having a tiger's body and a snake's tail may be a Nue, a monstrous creature that appears in both Chinese and Japanese folklore. In Japan, it is considered a yōkai or mononoke.

    Change History

    Released in Version 2.0