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Martial Artist is an Artifact Set available at 3-star and 4-star rarities.

How to Obtain[]


Item Martial Artist's Red Flower Martial Artist's Red Flower

This particular kind of red flower was the only thing that could alleviate the Martial Artist's pain.

Ever since being recognized by the master, the martial artist had been practicing every day for years.
The path of pursuing martial arts is long and harsh, and injuries are inevitable.
As instructed, he plucked a small crimson flower in the forest.
Although his proud battle scars will never fully heal, at least the pain can be alleviated.

Item Martial Artist's Feather Accessory Martial Artist's Feather Accessory

A common bird feather. Experts use it to practice strength control, while rookies use it to make fans.

A feather plucked from a bird soaring in the sky by a skillful martial artist.
The essence of martial arts is not necessarily about the power of attacks.
The condescending evil stole his love's joy,
Agility and nimbleness honed over years of training are just as prideworthy for a martial artist.
The martial artist will wear the feather on his chest as proof of his unparalleled skills.

Item Martial Artist's Water Hourglass Martial Artist's Water Hourglass

A tool to keep track of time in endurance training. It is more accurate and reliable than a regular hourglass.

An hourglass that uses the flow of water to measure the passage of time. The martial artist would have it with him at all times.
When he was training under the waterfall or practicing a single leg stance on the stake,
he endured all the pain and suffering alone.
This time piece recorded every second of it in silence.

Item Martial Artist's Wine Cup Martial Artist's Wine Cup

A rather exquisite wine cup used in pre-combat rituals.

Before proudly stepping into the arena, a parting ritual with a glass of fine wine is essential for martial artists.
Each of them faced with a worthy opponent, two martial artists will raise their glasses to one another.
They then step into the arena with a calm and collected composure to face their opponent with the utmost respect.
This is the true meaning of the toast, which comes before the fight takes place. It does not serve to glorify victory or cast shame on defeat.

Item Martial Artist's Bandana Martial Artist's Bandana

The first lesson as an apprentice: Vigor, Strength, Will. These words are written on the bandana so you'll never forget them.

A bright-red bandana that belonged to a martial artist. The color has now faded.
It serves as proof that the bearer practiced martial arts at a young age. It also represents the high ambition the young martial artist once had.
Before the first crack of dawn, the young martial artist was already training in the forest.
Many years later, the martial artist is now an instructor. Though youth may be a thing of his past, he remains just as alert and diligent as when he was young.

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Other Languages[]

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishMartial Artist
SpanishArtista MarcialMartial Artist
FrenchArtiste martialMartial Artist
ThaiMartial Artist
VietnameseVõ NhânMartial Artist
GermanKampfkünstlerMartial Artist
IndonesianMartial Artist
PortugueseArtista MarcialMartial Artist
TurkishDövüş UstasıMartial Artist
ItalianMarzialistaMartial Artist

Change History[]

Version 3.6
  • Updated description of 2-pc effect:
    • Old: Increases Normal Attack and Charged Attack DMG by 15%.
    • New: Normal and Charged Attack DMG +15%

Version 1.0

  • Martial Artist was released.