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The Mare Jivari is a domain[1] in Teyvat, located near a desert on the opposite end of the continent from Mondstadt.[2] It is described as a "sea of ashes where the wind does not blow,"[3][4] and contains a sea of scorching lava.


Within the Mare Jivari dwells a phoenix that was worshipped by humans.[5]

At an unknown point in time, a sage known as the Lavawalker traversed the Mare Jivari. He created a circlet that could withstand the sea of fire within the Mare Jivari. Envious and fearful, his teacher and peers decried this as blasphemy, and ordered him to walk into the Mare Jivari while wearing it. He did so — and survived. He continued wandering in and out of the Mare Jivari for another one hundred years, until the sea of flames finally burned him to ash during his final journey.[5]

Around a thousand years ago, the Wanderer's Troupe set foot there while "performing" for their foes.[6]

Several years before the game's start, a famous Mondstadt adventurer named Stanley traversed the Mare Jivari. However, he perished while saving a greenhorn adventurer named Hans Archibald from an evil beast; afterwards, Hans took on the name "Stanley" and recounts the real Stanley's tales as though they were his own to keep the man's memory alive.[3]


  • While the word "Mare" is Latin, meaning "sea", the etymology of "Jivari" is not clear.
    • Some speculate the word was derived from the musical term Jivari, which means the overtone-rich "buzzing" sound characteristic of classical Indian string instruments.
    • Others speculate that it was inspired by the Rio Javari, a tributary of the Amazon River that flows along the boundary of Brazil and Peru.
  • The Chinese, Japanese, and Korean names for Mare Jivari translate to "Silent Sea of Ashes." This name is kept in other localizations through the Loading Screen's description of Mare Jivari.
    • In CBT1, the English localization translated Mare Jivari as the "Ashen Sea."[7]
  • Bennett makes a reference to Mare Jivari as "the edge of the world" in his love poem.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Mare Jivari
Silent Sea of Ashes
Japanese じんじゃくかい
Silent Sea of Ashes
Korean 잿더미 바다
Jaetdeomi Bada
Sea of Ash Piles
Spanish Mare Jivari
French Mer CendréeAshen Sea
Russian Пепельное море
Pepel'noye more
Ashen Sea
Thai Mare Jivari
Vietnamese Vùng Biển Lặng
German Mare Jivari
Indonesian Mare Jivari
Portuguese Mare Jivari


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