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The Map is an interactive representation of the world. It can be accessed by pressing the Minimap in the top left of the screen, opening from Paimon Menu > Map, or pressing the "M" key on PC. Teleport Waypoints, Statues of the Seven, and Domains can be teleported to by selecting them on the Map and pressing "Teleport".

Pressing the "Domains only" toggle at the bottom left of the screen shows the Domain names and their category. Story Domains do not show up on the Map. Instances do not show up on the Map unless they have a special marker.

Subareas are labeled on the Map. The current area and its Exploration Progress is labeled at the bottom right of the Map. When fully zoomed out, Domains and areas (with their Exploration Progress percentage) are labeled on the Map. The Exploration Progress percentage is only visible after the map is revealed (i.e. the Statue of the Seven or Inscribed Map have been touched).

Other information available on the Map Menu include Notifications, Tabs, Spiral Abyss progress, and Original Resin count.

Map Area

Available map area before completion of The Outlander Who Caught the Wind

While the player can move the Map around and view inaccessible areas, the player cannot venture into Out of Bounds areas.

Upon beginning the game, the Map is initially limited to about half of Starfell Valley plus, roughly, Windrise, Falcon Coast, and Springvale. The Statue of The Seven in Windwail Highland cannot be accessed.

Upon completion of Prologue: Act I - The Outlander Who Caught the Wind, the rest of the map becomes available.

Unlocking a Statue of The Seven lights up that Statue's area on the Map. Touching the Inscribed Map unlocks Enkanomiya's Map, and progressing through The Chasm Delvers quest series unlocks the Map for The Chasm/Underground Mines. After fully lighting up a region's map, players will earn an achievement.


Tabs can be access by clicking on the icon at the bottom right of the map screen. Tabs can be used to switch between different Maps and also to quickly switch between different regions of the Teyvat Map. Each tab can optionally have an icon on it if there are any Map Notifications or Quest Objectives in that Map or Region.

List of Tabs


Fishing pin

Pins are custom map markers that players can add to the Map. A maximum of 150 Pins can be placed on the Map. A custom name and icon can be set for each Pin.

Map Markers

The following are a list of markers that appear on the Map:


When fully zoomed out, only Statues of the Seven, Domains, and the Spiral Abyss are shown.

When ~30% zoomed in, the following markers are shown:

The following markers only appear on the Map when ~70% zoomed in. Some of these markers will allow you to teleport to the nearest Teleport Waypoint,

Serenitea Pot

When fully zoomed out, only Sub-Space Waypoints and Companions are shown.

When ~20% zoomed in, the following markers are shown:

The following markers only appear on the Map when ~50% zoomed in:

Minimap Markers

The following markers only appear on the Minimap once close to them:


The following Notifications can appear in the top left of the screen:

Serenitea Pot

List of Maps



The Chasm: Underground Mines

Serenitea Pot

Golden Apple Archipelago

Three Realms Gateway Offering


  • When in Domains, opening the Teyvat map shows the "Teyvat" at the bottom right.
  • The Golden Apple Archipelago does not have exploration progress, so the map name "Golden Apple Archipelago" is at the bottom right.

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Version 2.3

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Version 2.0

Version 1.6

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Version 1.4

  • Fixed bridge in Bishui Plain which previously appeared in the wrong place.

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