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The Genshin Impact manga can be read on the official website or on Webtoon in 13 different languages. There is no regular schedule for manga updates, and only the Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean versions are up-to-date at 16 chapters. It is produced by HoYoverse and illustrated by multiple artists, with each chapter having different teams of varying artists.

The manga is set before the events of the game's main story. Notably, it elaborates on Vennessa, Fatui involvement in Mondstadt, and Diluc and Kaeya's background as mentioned in their character stories.


Teyvat is a world blessed by the 7 Elemental Archons.

Though the calamity the world suffered has ceased, and the lands have slowly healed, peace has yet to be restored to Mondstadt, the city of wind.

The domineering Fatui have been oppressing the surrounding city-states, under the guise of protection, while an ancient darkness is seeking a chance for revenge...

Official Website Description
Aeons ago, the elder elemental gods granted civilization to the human race, but the world soon splintered as corruption and greed grew without check. Can the forces holding this world together be balanced against human desires, or is everything ultimately doomed to end in destruction?

Webtoon Description

Chapter List

There are 17 manga chapters:

Chapter Title Description
Prologue Songs of the Wind After Barbatos founded his beloved city of Mondstadt, he left it to the care of its first residents and went on his way. Human greed, however, knew no bounds. The rich seized control over the city and ruled it the way they see fit. On the eve of the city's celebrated Ludi Harpastum, a mysterious bard came to the city...
1 Bad Wine Many years have passed since Vennessa took the keys of Mondstadt and founded the Ordo Favonius to watch over her beloved city. But a new power appeared, spreading its dark influence across the lands and imposing a "blood tax" upon its subjects. New heroes must step forward to protect all that is dear.
2 Flame Born Il Dottore left Mondstadt and withdrew his envoys, but a freak accident threatened to break the peace. Sir Kaeya of the Knights of Favonius suspected an old friend to be behind this while his young aide Amber the Outrider made a chance discovery.
3 Lost and Found Amber found a mysterious young girl "touched by the deev" looking for something in Mond. What would the flying champ of the city discover?
4 Surprise Finding Surprisingly, Jean and Lisa were searching for the truth about the Serpent of Black Fire as well. Amber decided to contribute whatever she had in this investigation.
5 Dangerous Grounds Amber stumbled upon a camp of hilichurls. The camp hides an interesting gadget and a most dangerous opponent. Can she survive this encounter?
6 Wind and Fyre Although Jean came to rescue Amber, the crisis hasn't been solved. A dark conspiracy seems to be in the works.
7 Dusty Chest The Knights are making progress in their investigation. They learn about a tragic event that happened 3 years ago, but will this clue help them figure out who's behind the Black Fire Incident?
8 Final Clue Secrets from Diluc's past continue to be unveiled while the knights of Ordo Favonius have an ultimatum to catch the culprit behind the Black Fire Incident before they strike again. Will they manage to do it on time?
9 Ludi Harpastum Amber and Collei are carrying out Jean's orders. They're doing great in their search, but it doesn't hurt to have a little fun in the middle... does it?
10 Fools Trick A circus performance evokes nightmarish memories for Collei. What kind of grim past does she have for such a thing to push her to the brink of a breakdown?
11 Serpent's Dance Ludi Harpastum has gotten better for Collei, but where will fate lead her next?
12 Unshrouded Resolution Collei reveals a dark truth, and Amber makes the decision to save her. Will the knights be able to help Collei rewrite her destiny?
13 Dual Recurrence The path of redemption is set for Collei. As she is about to start a new life, a mysterious foe from her past appears before her.
14 Malignant Illness "The true path should be something that you choose yourself!" What will Amber decide to do against the arrogant and aggressive Fatui...?
15 Conclusion Even in the face of such a powerful foe, neither Amber nor Collei give up. Meanwhile, Diluc — posing as the culprit behind the Black Fire incident — is captured by the Fatui.
16 Talks Over a Drink Collei heads to Sumeru with Cyno, leaving behind a letter for Amber. Diluc escapes from the Fatui's clutches, and Kaeya pays him a visit at Angel's Share to give a replacement vase... and return the Vision he left behind with the Ordo Favonius.

Character Appearances


Knights of Favonius

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  • The artists are only credited on the cover pages of the Simplified and Traditional Chinese versions.
  • The clothes Amber wears in Chapter 8's flashback are the ones she gives Collei to wear in Chapters 9–12.
  • The vase given by Kaeya to Diluc in Chapter 16 can be found in-game, inside the Dawn Winery.


  • The manga goes by different titles in different languages: in Japanese, it is called Genshin Selevents (原神セレベンツ), in Traditional Chinese it is Yuanshen Project (原神PROJECT; its official Chinese name), and the English name goes with Genshin Impact.
  • Each language goes at its own pace of translating and splitting into parts; Simplified Chinese and Japanese are the only languages that do not split its chapters into parts.
  • In the English version, some terms are translated differently than the game; for example, the Knights of Favonius are called Ordo Favonius.
  • Il Dottore's name was misspelled as Il Dotorre in the original Chinese version, which carried over into the English translation. However, the English translation corrected this error in later chapters.