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Maiden Beloved is an Artifact Set available at 4-star and 5-star rarities which can be obtained from Valley of Remembrance.


  • The Adventurer Handbook gives out a full set of 4★ Maiden Beloved Artifacts:
    • Complete all Chapter 6 tasks for Maiden's Fading Beauty
    • Defeat 10 Elite Bosses and collect their Trounce Blossom rewards for Maiden's Distant Love
    • Clear Spiral Abyss 4-5 for Maiden's Fleeting Leisure
    • Enhance 8 artifacts to Lv. 12 for Maiden's Passing Youth
    • Complete all Chapter 7 tasks for Maiden's Heart-Stricken Infatuation
  • Despite the fact that the 2 piece bonus of the set says it increases Healing Effectiveness and not Healing Bonus, this modifier increases the character's Healing Bonus by 15%.


Item Maiden's Distant Love Maiden's Distant Love

A fragrant flower that will bloom for all eternity and never wither.

The maiden's flower. Fresh and elegant just like its original owner.
The books say that this species of flower has long been extinct.

Just like that passage the maiden had read countless times in books:
"The damsel in distress was saved by the white knight in shining armor."
"And they exchanged flowers as blessings to one another."

Though a maiden's heart is said to change with the seasons, just like a flower,
This flower remained constant.
For her heart had stilled in that moment long ago:
The moment that she met the knight.

Item Maiden's Heart-Stricken Infatuation Maiden's Heart-Stricken Infatuation

A feathered accessory that carries the longing for a certain someone, like a migratory bird on the wind.

An old but delicate feathered ornament.
After many years, it is now covered in layers of dust.

For the maiden, time stopped still the day she met the knight.
Nothing mattered to her anymore, not even love and youth.
She sought him constantly, wandering far like a lost bird without a nest to cling to.

"May my love reach the knight," she prayed.
Meanwhile, the knight dedicated himself to the pursuit of chivalry.
In a distant land where ancient empires crumbled
Would the knight see the scenery she dreamt of?

Item Maiden's Passing Youth Maiden's Passing Youth

The hands of time will never come to an end, but the same cannot be said for those cherished years of the young maiden's life when she was doted upon.

A delicate timepiece.
It stood as a testament to the inevitable passage of time, indifferent to its owner's feeling.

The maiden's time would one day come to an end.
But her waiting would not.
The short hand seemed to be constantly chasing after the long hand.
Much like the incessant longing that filled the maiden's heart and mind.

Years after the event, she still remembered the knight she met that day.
The white knight that came for her. The white knight she had been waiting for ever since.

Item Maiden's Fleeting Leisure Maiden's Fleeting Leisure

A vessel made with sweet black tea in mind rather than bitter liquor.

The maiden's most cherished teaware.
It was once filled with elegant black tea.

Indulging herself in pastries and tea,
She cared not one bit about the mundane world. This was her privilege as a maiden.

"This flower shall be my medal. That is all I need."
The knight said to her on the day they met.
"But my heart is already—"
Not finishing her confession was her privilege,
but also the chains of courtliness the maiden had to bear.

Item Maiden's Fading Beauty Maiden's Fading Beauty

A meticulously well-maintained woman's hat that keeps wrinkles safely out of sight.

Even when surrounded by flowers from her courters,
The maiden never removed her hat to get a better look at them.
Their names and faces were not worth remembering.

For years, at the end of every day,
the maiden would brush off the dust on her hat.
But the passage of time showed in her face, too — and unlike the dust, it could never be brushed off.

As time passed, fewer and fewer courters visited her with flowers.
What did it matter? For her, time had already stopped long ago on that fateful day.


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Other Languages[]

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishMaiden Beloved
Bèi Lián'ài de Shàonǚ
Beloved Maiden
Bèi Lián'ài de Shàonǚ
Ai Sareru Shoujo
Beloved Girl
Korean사랑받는 소녀
Sarangbatneun Sonyeo
Beloved Girl
SpanishDoncella AmadaBeloved Maiden
FrenchAmour chériCherished Love
RussianВозлюбленная юная дева
Vozlyublennaya yunaya deva
Beloved Young Maiden
ThaiMaiden Beloved
VietnameseThiếu Nữ Đáng YêuLovely Maiden
GermanIns Herz geschlossenes MädchenEmbosomed Maiden
IndonesianMaiden Beloved
PortugueseDonzela AmadaBeloved Maiden
TurkishHanımın SevdiceğiThe Lady's Favorite
ItalianAmata fanciullaBeloved Maiden

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