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Maid-in-Training is a quest in Noelle's Hangout Event Act I: Chivalric Training.


  1. Head to near Mondstadt
  2. Talk to Noelle
  • All of Life Is Training
    1. Follow Noelle
    2. Look for the source of the cry for help
    3. Talk to Noelle
    4. Go to the crossing and appraise the situation
    5. Defeat all opponents
    6. Report back to Noelle and Alois


  • While following Noelle, you are unable sprint. She will stop and wait for you if you leave her immediate vicinity. When out of her vicinity, you will be able to sprint, but she does not catch up.


"Honorary Knight!"

(Approach Noelle)
???: Is that... the Honorary Knight? Hello!
Paimon: Huh? Seems like someone's calling out to you, (Traveler)! Let's go check it out!
(Walk up to Noelle)
???: I finally get to meet you, Honorary Knight.
Noelle: I'm Noelle, a maid of the Knights of Favonius.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg The Knights of Favonius have... maids?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Is this... "maid-knight" attire?
Noelle: Ah — apologies... I've yet to officially join the Knights.
Noelle: As a maid, and in order to be worthy of this armor, I'm currently undergoing the Knights of Favonius Chivalric Training.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg "Chivalric Training"?
Noelle: Yes... I haven't passed the selection trials yet, but I've been asking senior knights for advice on how to become a true knight of Favonius.
Noelle: ...I asked Amber how to make a Baron Bunny, and Kaeya's been keeping me busy with various small tasks...
Noelle: I even asked the Spark Knight to pass on her experiences, although... Master Jean grounded us shortly after...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You seem to be... working hard...
Noelle: Actually... I have always wanted to receive guidance from the Honorary Knight.
Noelle: I—I was worried that it might be too... presumptuous to ask...
Noelle: I've seen you on the streets of Mondstadt occasionally, but I've always been too busy to disturb you...
Noelle: I just finished today's cleaning for the Knights and was about to start my training when I saw you!
Noelle: I... If it's not too much trouble... could I ask you for some guidance on my Chivalric Training?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You know... it's okay not to be a knight.
(Go to Branch 1)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Of course, where do you want to start?
(Go to Branch 2)

Branch 1

Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You know... it's okay not to be a knight.
Noelle: So as a senior knight... this is your suggestion?
Noelle: But... as a maid, I'm only authorized to deal with smaller tasks.
Noelle: The Knights of Favonius is the strongest shield that Mondstadt has. How can I defend the people if I'm only ever dealing with minor matters!
Noelle: That's why I've always wanted to become a real knight of Favonius, to have the power to help more people!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg A maid is a respectable position too, I'd like to become one.
Noelle: Huh? Y—You're joking hehehe... right?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg No matter how small the tasks, they still need someone to take care of them. I do small tasks all the time.
Noelle: Really? Even the Honorary Knight?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'm constantly running errands.
Noelle: ...I thought the Honorary Knight would only ever be busy with powerful enemies like Stormterror...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg The strength to fight powerful enemies only comes with the experience gained during the completion of smaller tasks.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Besides, you don't exactly mind such tasks, right?
Noelle: Well... that is true...
Noelle: Come to think of it, whenever I see you in Mondstadt, you do always seem to be in a hurry...
Noelle: And the fact is... you're hurrying to help others...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Go back to Mondstadt and see if there are people who need help.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Think of every small task as a kind of training.
Noelle: Oh... Okay, back to Mondstadt it is! Time for today's training to officially begin!

All of Life Is Training

(Follow Noelle and approach the bridge)
Noelle: Your point of view on these matters has truly been eye-opening for me, I have a lot to learn!
Noelle: Just like you said, from now on, I'm going to treat helping people with smaller tasks as a part of my training!
Noelle: ...Just thinking about it makes me feel more motivated than ever!
Paimon: Wow... Noelle's motivated alright!
Paimon: She's got that "gimme a commission before I take 'em all" vibe!
???: Someone—! Anyone—!
Noelle: Who's that? I—I need to help!
Paimon: Noelle! Whoa... she's fast... Let's catch up with her!
(Approach Noelle)
Noelle: ...There-there, take your time, try and take a deep breath first...
???: *catches breath* ...And finally... I was saved...
Noelle: Well my name's Noelle. Don't worry sir, everything's all right. I'll be protecting you from now on.
Noelle: So... where are you from? I don't think we've met in Mondstadt before.
???: Thanks... I... I'm not from Mondstadt.
Alois: My name is Alois. I'm a traveling merchant.
Alois: I was on my way to Mondstadt to acquire some of the reputed local wines... so I could take them back to Liyue... Little did I know...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg ...Mm-hmm...?
Alois: Uh... Little did I know I'd run into savage monsters on the way! I mean... savage! They were twice my height!
Alois: I was so scared I ran all the way here, until I just couldn't run anymore... Thank goodness I found you and this... uh... maid.
Noelle: It's okay, Mr. Alois. We're not far from Mondstadt.
Noelle: Although I'm just an ordinary maid, the small task of escorting a visitor to the city is certainly within my power.
Alois: Uh, escort me to Mondstadt? Perfect! Let's go...
Noelle: But, wait a moment... as a traveling merchant, you must have some luggage and some goods?
Noelle: Don't worry. No matter the quantity, I'll carry them for you!
Alois: Luggage? Goods? Uhh...
Alois: Yes! I remember now. The savage monsters I encountered? That's when I lost them!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I can get them back for you.
Alois: No, no... no need! These monsters are ferocious! Three times my height!
Noelle: Oh, rest easy — (Traveler) is Mondstadt's Honorary Knight. No monster is too ferocious for (him/her).
Alois: H—Honorary Knight? Then you're a member of the Knights of Favonius?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Where did you see those monsters?
Alois: I, uhh... I—I can't remember exactly. I was too busy running.
Alois: P—Probably near that crossing in front of us... b—but I can't be sure... *sigh* Nevermind...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Back soon.
Alois: Wait... w—wait a minute! My chest! Argh! A sudden pain in my chest! It must be all that running. Let's look for those things a little bit later...
(He lowers himself to the ground)
Noelle: Oh! Chest pain? ...Here, I've got you. Hold my arms and lie down slowly.
Noelle: Now do your best to relax. I will examine you.
Alois: Uhh... p—perhaps I... maybe you...
Noelle: I'm sorry, I must stay here to watch over our visitor, (Traveler). It looks like you'll need to handle the monsters. Oh — and please be careful!
(Talk to Alois and Noelle)
Alois: No, no, it's okay... I'll be fine with a bit of rest, don't worry about me...
Noelle: Sorry! If you really don't want to be examined, I still need to take care of you!

(Approach the crossing)
Paimon: Strange... No trace of any large monsters here...
(Approach the fallen carriage)
Paimon: Woah, here they come!
(Defeat the slimes)
Paimon: Eh? It's just a few ordinary slimes!
Paimon: Paimon didn't see any goods on the road. Is this the right place?
Paimon: Let's head back to Noelle.

(Talk to Noelle)
Noelle: Back so soon... A true senior knight!
Noelle: Did you see Mr. Alois's luggage on the way?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Not a trace.
Alois: Uh, perhaps the monsters ate it?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Only saw a few monsters...
Alois: So there were monsters...
Alois: Didn't I tell you! It's dangerous!
Noelle: Oh, you're not hurt, are you, (Traveler)?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg They were only a few slimes.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg They weren't exactly twice your height.
Alois: Uh... um... w—what I meant was...
Alois: When they jumped, they were thrice — ahem — twice as tall as me!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Twice or thrice...?
Alois: ...W—Why are you looking at me like that? Even if they were just slimes, I couldn't have fought them off!
Noelle: *sigh* What can we do? If even the Honorary Knight can't find them...
Alois: Heh... I'm just a traveling merchant, you never know what's gonna happen out here...
Alois: Oh well, looks like Mondstadt was never meant to be, perhaps next time...
Noelle: I'm very sorry... In these circumstances, I must ask you to register the quantity and nature of your lost property with the Knights of Favonius.
Noelle: I know that the Knights will do their best to help you recover your goods!
Alois: Ah!?
Alois: No, no, no! I—I couldn't possibly trouble the Knights of Favonius. This matter... it really is beneath them.
Noelle: On the contrary, it's the duty of the Knights to look after any visitors traveling to and from Mondstadt.
Noelle: As a maid, I must do my best in receiving and escorting such visitors.
Noelle: But then... perhaps there's something keeping you from going to the Knights?
Alois: Heh... No! Absolutely nothing!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Noelle, can we talk for a moment?
Noelle: Mm? Everything okay?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg This fellow seems suspicious to me.
Noelle: Well... actually, I noticed that too.
Noelle: But since we don't have any evidence of wrongdoing, he deserves the benefit of the doubt.
Noelle: This gentleman was seeking help at the gates of Mondstadt, which makes him a guest of the city.
Noelle: Therefore, I must carry out my maidly duties.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You have a point...
Noelle: Mm-hmm, thank you for understanding!
Alois: Hey... what are you discussing? So what's next?
Noelle: Oh... Sorry to keep you waiting!
Noelle: We've talked it over, and we've decided to escort you back to Mondstadt!
(Proceed to The Art of Hospitality)

Branch 2

Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Of course, where do you want to start?
Noelle: I—I'd like to get your opinion on something, as a senior knight!
Noelle: I've been keeping up with my maidly duties and knightly exercises.
Noelle: But training progress has been a little slow...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Maidly duties?
Noelle: Uh... it's really all just cleaning and tidying...
Noelle: Roughly every other day, I do a major clean-up for the Knights of Favonius.
Noelle: Under the beds, the windowsills... nothing can be left out. The smallest corners are the most likely to gather dust.
Noelle: There are also all kinds of smaller domestic tasks, like preparing Captain Kaeya's eye patch, and helping Ms. Lisa keep her bookshelves in order.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Knightly exercises?
Noelle: Y'know, just basic strength and endurance training...
Noelle: 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats...
Noelle: And running two laps around Mondstadt as a morning routine.
Noelle: I'm actually incredibly busy every day. It's just that... I always feel like something's missing.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What you lack is strength!
(Go to Branch 3)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What you lack is rest.
(Go to Branch 4)

Branch 3

Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What you lack is strength!
Noelle: S—Strength...?
Noelle: But, I think I'm pretty strong...
Noelle: After he got drunk, I carried Mr. Bruce back to the Knights of Favonius Headquarters myself...
Noelle: I also carried the library's new bookshelves over from Springvale...
Noelle: Even Mr. Huffman said I'm strong.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Can you show me?
Noelle: Ah! Of course!
Noelle: However, even though it's only training... I can't raise my sword against the Honorary Knight.
Noelle: I've got it! Let's go to the training ground at the Knights of Favonius Headquarters. There should be some training dummies there.
(Proceed to Noelle's Strength)

Branch 4

Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What you lack is rest.
Noelle: Rest? But... *sigh* ...I've still got so much work to do.
Noelle: Besides... I'm still not skilled enough. Any free time that I get should be spent training.
Noelle: If I want to become a real knight soon, I have to continue to put in more effort than the others.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg A true knight also needs sufficient rest.
Noelle: But... time is precious... if I rest...
Noelle: I'll feel guilty...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Stopping for occasional rest is all part of ensuring that you can train to your maximum ability.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg If you're too busy, you won't have time to reflect on your progress and goals.
Noelle: Ohh... I really hadn't thought about that...
Noelle: Resting... for the sake of training...
Noelle: Ohhhh... so that's why Ms. Lisa always has afternoon tea in the library... I get it now!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg In Lisa's case, I'm afraid it's probably just resting for the sake of resting...
Noelle: Huh... Now that you... mention it...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Nevermind. Speaking of tea, let's have some!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg And speaking of tea, let's have some!
Noelle: Oh! O—Okay!
(Proceed to Fleeting Leisure)


  • Noelle's "knightly exercises" are a reference to One-Punch Man's workout routine.

Change History

Released in Version 1.4