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Maguu Kenki: Lone Gale is a boss that appears in Events and Spiral Abyss.

Abilities and Attacks

  • Slashes: Slashes at the player twice, dealing Anemo DMG, and sending out a wind blade with each slash that deals Anemo DMG on hit.
  • Flowing Water: Slashes twice, sending wind blades towards the player's current location, dealing Anemo DMG.


Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Maguu Kenki: Lone Gale
Mó ǒu Jiàn Guǐ - Gū Fēng
Maguu Kenki - Lone Wind
Mó ǒu Jiàn Guǐ - Gū Fēng
Japanese 魔偶剣鬼・孤風
Korean 꼭두각시 검귀・고독한 바람
Kkokdugaksi Geomgwi: Godokhan Baram
Puppet Sword Oni: Lone Wind
Spanish Oni Espadachín - Viento solitario
French Lame oni : BriseOni Blade: Breeze
Russian Магу кэнки: Одинокий ветер
Thai Maguu Kenki: Lone Gale
Vietnamese Maguu Kenki: Gió Độc
German Maguu Kenki – Einsamer Sturm
Indonesian Maguu Kenki: Lone Gale
Portuguese Maguu Kenki: Vendaval Solitário

Change History

Released in Version 1.6