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Madame Ping, with the adeptus title Streetward Rambler,[2][3] is an NPC in Liyue Harbor. She can be found at Yujing Terrace at daytime, admiring the Glaze Lilies.

Madame Ping's introductory dialogue changes slightly after completing Archon Quest Chapter I, Act II: Farewell, Archaic Lord.

Following a certain dialogue branch for the first time gives five Glaze Lilies.




Over 3,700 years ago, Madame Ping was an adeptus who dwelt in the Guili Assembly, a civilization established by the gods Guizhong, Marchosius, and Morax. She presumably fought in the Archon War to defend the Guili Assembly; after Guili Plains was ravaged by battle and the Assembly destroyed, she followed the survivors to Liyue Harbor. She and Ganyu are among the few adepti who remained in Liyue Harbor after the end of the war, while most of the other adepti retreated to Jueyun Karst or asked Morax to transform them into stone statues.

Madame Ping describes herself in her youth as a "vain beauty" who often eyed the Cleansing Bell, then owned by Morax. He eventually gave in and gifted it to her,[4] but told her that if someone were to retrieve the bell, she shouldn't be reluctant to part with it.

Present Day

Madame Ping now dwells around Yuehai Pavilion, living inside the abode she created inside her magical teapot. When Yanfei's parents decided to embark on a journey, Madame Ping became Yanfei's caretaker. In recent years, she also became Xiangling and Yaoyao's martial arts master.[5][6]

During the Archon Quests, Zhongli tasks the Traveler to retrieve the Cleansing Bell from Madame Ping for the Rite of Parting, a traditional ceremony to bid farewell to adepti. For his own reasons, he opts not to accompany them to visit Madame Ping and refuses to divulge his reasons why. While retrieving the bell from her, she transports them into her magical teapot as a test, revealing herself as an adeptus. After they successfully retrieve the Bell, she asks them to relay a message to her "old friend" (Zhongli), inviting him over for a pot of tea, having quickly deduced the truth behind his actions.

Madame Ping later reappears with her fellow adepti in "Turning Point" to defend Liyue Harbor from Osial, the Overlord of the Vortex — an ancient god whom Morax sealed long ago in the past, as well as prevent the Fatui from destroying the Guizhong Ballistas. She grants the Traveler her adeptal energy which allows the Traveler to release intermittent shockwaves capable of bypassing Fatui Skirmishers' shields.

After the dust settles, she speaks briefly with the group. She voices her acknowledgement of Liyue and its people and Ningguang's great sacrifice, as well as the new era Liyue is approaching — where the residents of Liyue no longer need the adepti's protection for every trifling matter. She encourages her friends to do the same, and reassures them that Liyue is left in good hands of the Liyue Qixing.

Sometime after Osial's defeat, Ping learned that the Traveler and Paimon did not have proper shelter; they had usually camped out during the night. Hearing this, during their next visit, Ping told them that she was preparing a special gift for them in gratitude for their efforts in saving Liyue Harbor, having tasked a fellow adepti, Yanfei, to collect the materials. With the Traveler accompanying her, Yanfei was able to bring Smaragdus Jadeite to Ping, who then crafted a Serenitea Pot for them with the materials, explaining its purpose and telling them that it would serve them well on their travels.

During the Moonchase Festival, Xiangling brings the Traveler, Paimon, and Keqing to visit Madame Ping and find out more about the Stove God. While she knew the truth, she believed it would be more meaningful for them to find out for themselves.[5] She waits until the large stone crumbles to reveal Marchosius — or Guoba — statue before explaining the truth about Guoba and how the god Marchosius came to be in his current state.


Madame Ping spends most of her time solemnly reminiscing the past, and often admiring the flowers. She is one of the more open-minded adepti, acknowledging Liyue Harbor and its people, as well as Ningguang's great sacrifice of her life's work, the Jade Chamber.

Madame Ping hides a more aggressive side; while she appears to be tolerant of the Fatui, she states that she would take action if they went too far. When they indeed overreach themselves by trying to interfere with the adepti and Qixing's attempts to reseal Osial, Madame Ping's adeptal energy granted to the Traveler is notably the only one with an offensive effect.


In her youth, Madame Ping herself said she was a "vain beauty", to which even Rex Lapis couldn't dissuade giving the Cleansing Bell to.[4]

At present, Madame Ping is an elderly lady with her gray hair tucked in a low bun. She wears a long short-sleeved dark green dress, with brown accents and mint green patterns. Her longer sleeves that fit under her dress sleeves are white and loose, with matching green cuffs. Her collar and waistband on her dress are maroon, and she wears a wheat colored shawl.

Quests and Events

Archon Quests

World Quests


Idle Quotes

During Lantern Rite:

During Moonlight Merriment


(Before completing The Realm Within)
Madame Ping: ...The younger generation doesn't appreciate flowers anymore.
(After completing The Realm Within)
Madame Ping: Oh? Why, hello child.
Madame Ping: Though flowers bloom yet always fade, but people people go yet return another day. I just knew that you'd be back to see me before long, hehe.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Admiring the flowers?
Madame Ping: That I am. One season after the next, this flower blooms, then falls, only to bloom again. And on it goes — just like Liyue.
Madame Ping: Look over here, and over here. So many flowers are blooming! It looks like this will be a blessed year.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What type of flowers are these?
Madame Ping: These are Glaze Lilies. Probably the last surviving ones in all of Liyue Harbor.
Madame Ping: People say that the sound of singing nourishes them, and helps them grow...
Madame Ping: But the sound of fighting, of cursing... it is poison to them, and eats away at their roots.
Madame Ping: That is why, over centuries of strife, they have disappeared from Liyue's landscape.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Tell me about the past.
Madame Ping: Just because my complexion screams "ancient history" doesn't mean I love discussing the past, you know.
Madame Ping: ...Relax, I'm only kidding.
Madame Ping: Truth be told, the older you get, the more time you have on your hands, and the more you start contemplating the past... I do wonder how my old friends back in the mountains are getting on...
Madame Ping: Liyue Harbor is really a wonderful place now. I wonder if they would ever want to step down into the mortal realm and get a taste of the lifestyle here...
Madame Ping: Look at me rambling on again, I must sound like a lunatic! Maybe one day I can discuss my past with you... if it is meant to be.
Icon Dialogue Reward.svg This is a beautiful flower.
Madame Ping: Hehe, all thanks to the beautiful weather we're having today.
Madame Ping: I'd always hoped that one day this flower would bloom all over Liyue once more...
Madame Ping: But in the meantime, would you take a few of these flowers from Yujing Terrace with you on your journey, so that they might see the world?
(Obtain Glaze Lily × 5)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Goodbye.
Madame Ping: Goodbye, young one. If you are ever passing by Jueyun Karst, please pass on my regards to my old friends.
Madame Ping: If it is meant to be that you see them... then you will see them.

Event Dialogue

Lantern Rite

Madame Ping: This year's Mingxiao Lantern is dedicated to Skybracer... He always was a show off — I'm sure he will be very pleased!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Who's Skybracer?
Madame Ping: Well, that's the plan. I do hope they make the antlers big enough, they were his pride and joy after all.
Madame Ping: The story goes that the antlers were made from the very essence of Rex Lapis' divine power, which made it the hardest material in all of Liyue.
Madame Ping: But then, that fateful battle happened... The gods exchanged powerful blows, and the mountains started collapsing. To avoid impacting the villagers at the foot of the mountain, the adeptus got his friend to chop his antlers off...
Madame Ping: He used those blood-drenched antlers as a wedge to prop up the mountain. And if that wasn't enough of a sacrifice, he then kept on fighting until his blood was drained and his life ran out...
Madame Ping: Thanks to him, Mt. Tianheng still stands tall and proud to this day. And the blood that he lost in the battle turned into the Bishui River.
Madame Ping: Hehehe... Whether you believe the story or not, I'm just happy you're willing to listen to me tell it.
Madame Ping: Surely, the reason the Lantern Rite exists is because people throughout the ages have chosen to come together as friends rather than stay in isolation.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Goodbye.
Madame Ping: Goodbye. May the flames of wisdom spread to all, and never be extinguished.

Moonlight Merriment

Madame Ping: Oh, child, it's you! The Moonchase Festival is a most lively time here in Liyue, so feel free to walk around and see the sights.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg About the Stove God... (Only available after completing Three to Get Ready, and Here We Go)
Madame Ping: Well, now you know that the Moonchase Festival was instituted by Rex Lapis as a way of remember that friend of ours.
Madame Ping: You call him Guoba nowadays, do you not? Hehe, I suppose it was destiny that led Xiangling to rename the God of the Stove for a dish they both enjoyed.
Madame Ping: Take him around Liyue Harbor — you and Xiangling both — a little more, would you?
Madame Ping: I'm sure he would be gladdened to see Liyue Harbor as populous as it presently is.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg About the Moonchase Festival...
Madame Ping: The meaning of the Festival in ages past was quite different. It was about the ancients of Liyue seeking the adeptal path.
Madame Ping: Nowadays, it's more about admiring the moon, eating, and enjoying our time together with one another.
Madame Ping: The meaning of festivals will shift with time, and some traditions will be forgotten. However, everyone's hopes for the future will remain the same, no matter what the day or age.


  • The Chinese character for Ping is , which primarily refers to the duckweed plant. Because duckweeds have no roots and float along the water, it is used as a metaphor for a person who wanders around without a fixed location.[7]
  • During the second Closed Beta Test, Madame Ping had black hair and did not wear glasses.



The following soundtrack is played in Madame Ping's teapot.

Soundtrack No. Soundtrack Name Player Played in
66 The Realm Within
Madame Ping's Teapot

Change History

Released in Version 1.0


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