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Luminescent Spines can be obtained by capturing Fireflies. Normal fireflies can be generated by whacking bushes at night, or can be found naturally floating in the landscape at night. Lucklight Flies can be found in The Chasm: Underground Mines.

How to Obtain

  • Normal fireflies will discombobulate if a player dashes towards them, making them difficult to catch (often with the message Entity has timed out and disappeared). However, simply walking towards them does not cause this behavior, making it easier to collect their spines.
  • Lucklight Flies can be found in The Chasm: Underground Mines. Much like Crystalflies, Lucklight Flies will start to fly away and then dissipate when the player gets too close to them.

Shop Availability

No Shops sell Luminescent Spine.

Craft Usage

There are 2 items that can be crafted using Luminescent Spine:

Item Craft Type Recipe
Floaty Splody Floaty Splody ×20 Crafting Flaming Flower Stamen Flaming Flower Stamen ×1
Luminescent Spine Luminescent Spine ×1
Portable Waypoint Portable Waypoint Crafting Dead Ley Line Leaves Dead Ley Line Leaves ×1
Luminescent Spine Luminescent Spine ×2
Crystal Chunk Crystal Chunk ×5
Mora Mora ×500

Video Guides

Farm Guide

Other Languages

Language Official Name
English Luminescent Spine
Fāguāng Suǐ
Fāguāng Suǐ
Japanese 発光髄
Korean 반딧불 정수
Banditbul Jeongsu
Spanish Coraza fluorescente
French Abdomen luminescent[• 1]
Russian Светящееся брюшко
Svetyashcheyesya bryushko
Thai Luminiscent Spine
Vietnamese Tủy Phát Sáng
German Leuchtmark
Indonesian Luminescent Spine
Portuguese Espinha Luminescente
  1. FR Literal Meaning: Luminescent Abdomen

Change History

Released in Version 1.0