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Luke is a member of the Fatui. He can be found standing guard outside the door of the Goth Grand Hotel in Mondstadt.

He is fully dedicated to keeping unauthorized people from getting inside the hotel. He occasionally lets some secrets about the Fatui slip out, after which he quickly backpedals and tells the Traveler he won't say any more.



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"Hunt a Cocogoat. Please and thank you."
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Quests and Events

Archon Quests


Idle Quotes

(During Invitation of Windblume event)


(During Dragon Storm)
Luke: Just like his excellency said...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Aren't you going to find shelter?
Luke: Hmph, I'm enjoying the view! This is a golden opportunity for the Fatui to...
Luke: ...To ask you to mind your own business!
Luke: This wind is nothing compared to back home in Snezhnaya, so stop making a mountain out of a molehill. Go away!
(Normal dialogue)
Luke: Ahem! The Goth Hotel has been reserved for the Fatui delegation alone.
Luke: No access for unauthorized persons!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg About Stormterror...
(After completing The Outlander Who Caught the Wind)
Luke: Oh, well to be perfectly honest with you, this is my first trip on business here. The Stormterror issue is much more serious than I had imagined.
Luke: But I remain fully confident that once Signora arrives in Mondstadt, even ten such dragons would prove to be no challenge for her. With just the flick of her finger she could...
Luke: Ah, uh, never mind... You didn't hear anything from me!
Luke: ...In any case, I'm sure it won't be too long before these Mondstadters come crying to the Fatui, begging for us to step in.
Luke: Even if they keep talking tough, it'll be their own people who suffer.
(After completing Song of the Dragon and Freedom)
Luke: Hmph. It seems that these Knights of Favonius aren't all talk after all. To think that they were able to solve the dragon crisis without the help of the Fatui.
Luke: But I suppose fortune was also on their side. I've heard that it was only by the intervention of a mysterious traveler that the crisis was finally resolved.
Luke: I've never seen that traveler before. I wonder what that fellow looks like.
Luke: But it matters not. Our diplomats have already reported this to the higher-ups. A single traveler couldn't...
Luke: ...Hah! If you thought I'd say more than that, you're sorely mistaken!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg How long have you been standing there...
Luke: You trying to get me to abandon my post? Surely you don't think I'm falling for that!
Luke: Loyal Luke never abandons his post! I must keep watch over the— Ahem! Diplomatic mission!
Luke: Ahem... Almost let it slip there... Anyway, no loitering for unauthorized persons, so get outta here!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Why are the Fatui in Mondstadt?
Luke: *tut* The Fatui do not simply show up in a place for no reason!
Luke: It's because those Knights of Favonius can't handle the Stormterror issue properly.
Luke: When Mondstadt is on the back foot, we Fatui will make our move... Then, whether it's pretext for stationing troops or gaining diplomatic sway...
Luke: ...Bah, I've said too much! You did this on purpose...
Luke: You heard nothing, and if you did it wasn't from me, you understand?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Can the Fatui solve the problem with Stormterror?
Luke: Hah! You dare question the abilities of the Fatui!?
Luke: I've had the honor of seeing the youngest among the Harbingers, Childe, in action once. It was quite a scene, even I...
Luke: Well now look what you've made me say! Ahem, anyway...
Luke: If the Fatui's Harbingers were to get involved, Stormterror wouldn't even stand a chance.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Goodbye.
Luke: *grunting*
Luke: Scram! Stop pestering me!

Event Dialogue

Invitation of Windblume

Luke: Mondstadt only really gets interesting during festivals, anyway...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg About the Windblume Festival...
Luke: That Viktor keeps saying that this place is as boring as ever, but I can certainly feel the festive atmosphere.
Luke: I'll have you know that I take the greatest pleasure from watching the dejection of those imbeciles who confess their feelings come the festival, only to be rejected. Hah...
Luke: *cough* But back on topic, there's one thing that I don't get...
Luke: ...How did this commemorative festival become a day for lovers, anyway?
Luke: Is this what the people of Mondstadt call "freedom"?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Not going to see the sights?
Luke: W—What? I couldn't possibly do that. I've been tasked by a diplomat to guard the embassy. How could I just desert my post?
Luke: *cough* And even if I did want to go for a stroll, I'd have to wait for there to be no one about...
Luke: ...Hey. Don't you even think of getting me to talk. I won't shirk my duties!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg See you.
Luke: *cough* Just go...

Change History

Released in Version 1.0