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Lucky Dog is an Artifact Set available at 1-star, 2-star, and 3-star rarities which can be obtained from Domain of Guyun, Zhang Shun, Chests, Investigation, and Normal Bosses.

Dropped By

6 Normal Bosses drop Lucky Dog:

Enemy Maguu Kenki Icon.png Lv. 1+ Maguu Kenki


Item Lucky Dog's Clover.png Lucky Dog's Clover

A four-leaf clover that grows in the wild. It was picked because it is said to bring good luck.

One who is favored by fortune tends to experience at least their fair share of miracles.
The legendary four-leaf clover, for instance, is a precious find that brings luck to its bearer.
Once, while playing in the field, the carefree young boy known as Lucky Dog happened across just such a clover.
Delighted, he plucked it from the ground and put it in his pocket.
No one knows whether it was the clover which brought him his good fortune, or the other way around.

Item Lucky Dog's Eagle Feather.png Lucky Dog's Eagle Feather

A monster once cornered an adventurer, but was then picked off by a hunting eagle... That eagle dropped this feather, which now carries some of the adventurer's good luck.

When fortune has your back, even the most ferocious monster has to yield.
Strolling in the forest, the boy known as Lucky Dog had no idea that a monster was lurking nearby, having singled him out as its prey.
The boy became distracted by some colorful mushrooms, and the monster pounced. He leaped out and landed on the poisonous mushrooms, stomping them flat.
This was going to be an easy hunt, the monster thought — until a feather from the eagle circling above fell quietly onto its back.

Item Lucky Dog's Hourglass.png Lucky Dog's Hourglass

A broken hourglass from which all the sand has escaped. But it's fine, because the passage of time means nothing to someone without a single worry in the whole world.

Even time itself could not leave a wrinkle on the face of the happy-go-lucky boy known as Lucky Dog.
Lucky Dog had no family, let alone children of his own.
But in the course of his life of good fortune, he considered all he met as his friends and family.
As his life was nearing its end, he saw an hourglass with sand flowing down, as if counting down his remaining time.
He simply chuckled, took a slingshot, and shattered the hourglass.

Item Lucky Dog's Goblet.png Lucky Dog's Goblet

An exquisite metallic vessel that was once used to knock out a thief.

Once there was a child favored by fortune from the day he was born.
Try as they might, even the most vicious bandits could not lay a finger on him. He became known as Lucky Dog.
The child grew up, and one day in the throes of adulthood he found himself stumbling drunk along the back alley behind the tavern.
Under the starless sky, a vicious bandit prepared to rob Lucky Dog, taking advantage of his compromised state.
But just as the bandit was about to strike, a flying goblet hit him square on the forehead, knocking him out cold.
Naturally, this makes Lucky Dog one of very few people known to have benefited, rather than suffered, from being in the vicinity of a tavern brawl.

Item Lucky Dog's Silver Circlet.png Lucky Dog's Silver Circlet

Its former owner once fell into a cave and found the treasure trove of an exiled royal. This is a souvenir from that incident.

One who is favored by fortune can find priceless treasures in the most deadly of traps.
While wandering around some ruins, the boy known as Lucky Dog accidentally fell into a deep pit.
He landed safely on a pile of dust. It turned out to be a mattress that over the years had gradually broken down, eventually turning to dust.
Just like that, Lucky Dog discovered a treasure trove left by the old aristocrats. This circlet came to epitomize his luck.

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Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishLucky Dog
The Lucky One
Good Luck
Lucky Person
FrenchChanceuxThe Lucky One
The Lucky One
ThaiLucky Dog
VietnameseVật May MắnLucky Object
GermanGlückspilzLucky Mushroom[• 1]
IndonesianLucky Dog
PortugueseO SortudoThe Lucky One
  1. German: Colloquial description of a lucky person, since mushrooms are associated with good luck in Germany.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0