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Lotus Eater is a world quest in Enkanomiya.


To unlock the quest:

  1. First complete the world quest The Subterranean Trials of Drake and Serpent and change to Evernight
  2. Glide down north from The Serpent's Heart northwest-most waypoint
  3. Along the cliff of the northside of the island, there is a cave.
  4. Enter the cave, turn left and go through a crack in a wall past a Ruin Sentinel
  5. Kill the Ruin Sentinel that is by a Time Trial Challenge
  6. Activate the Altar Pattern that was behind the Ruin Sentinel
  7. Return to The Altar at The Serpent's Heart and enter in the Altar Pattern


  1. Talk to the afterimage at the altar
  2. Help the afterimage find out their identity
    • Read the Ancient Stone Tablet, which is located northeast of the afterimage and before Day-Night Mechanism.
  3. Report back to the afterimage
  4. Find where the "children are hidden"
    • Switch to Whitenight in order to solve the puzzle for this step
    • Hit the Triangular Mechanisms to solve the puzzle. Each hit will move a lantern behind that mechanism. Each lantern has three positions: top, middle, and bottom.
    • When a lantern is moved to its correct position, a clicking sound will be heard, and the message "This seems to be the right position..." will appear on the screen. Do this for all three lanterns.
      • The correct positions for the lanterns are, from left to right: top, bottom, middle
    • Once the lanterns are in the correct positions, the door will open
    • Go into the room through the door that just opened. Inside the room, there is a mechanism to switch back to Evernight. Switch to Evernight in order to proceed to the next step.
  5. Talk to the afterimage in the hiding place
  6. Go to Tokoyo Reisen
  7. Obtain the Waters of Lethe
  8. Go to the top of the Dragonbone Flower
  9. Wait for the Dragonbone Flower to condense
  10. Obtain the Dragonbone Orb



(Talk to the afterimage at the altar)
???: Never give up, children. Hope is amongst you...
???: Is that you? Children? Have you succeeded, my children?
???: No... I can feel it. You are not...
Paimon: (Traveler), this person seems to have gone blind before becoming an afterimage...
???: Whoever you are, please, could you help me? Help me find my children! I must tell them something.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Uhh, first off, who are you?
???: My... my name is...
???: I've... forgotten my name...
???: I only remember... I once stood forward for Byakuyakoku, and I fought for hope.
???: To this day, I remain a member of the resistance.
Paimon: But what would you be resisting down here in Byakuyakoku?
???: Those filthy, holier-than-thou nobles, of course!
???: They claim to have received some divine decree and fly the flag of the gods, but they only seek to satiate their base desires!
???: Ostensibly, they guard the Sunchild. But in truth, they are the real rulers of the nation — parasitic worms who suck the flesh and blood of the people!
???: They must. Be. Destroyed.
Paimon: You remember all this so well, but you don't even remember your name...
???: This only goes to show how cruel their methods are!
???: I was captured after our previous failure, imprisoned here in this altar, and tortured.
???: This prison is a malignant thing. Even now, I can feel my soul being ground down, precious things stripped away from me...
???: Please, kind soul, I beg you! While I still yet remember, help me find my children!
???: Tell them to never give up, for hope lives amongst them...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Your children?
???: There is a group of bright young minds who follow me willingly. They are my students, and our reserve force. I see them as my own children.
???: Those wicked people at the top used all manner of ways to pry my mouth open and force me to give those children up, but I did not.
???: After all, I know that hope lives amongst them...
Paimon: They're probably all gone by this point...
???: No, never! They are good children. They will surely hold on to our ideals.
???: I haven't given up... nor do I believe that they have, either.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg How will we find them?
???: I remember that. Surely, I do...
???: Let me tell you where they are hiding.
Paimon: But if we do find them, how will we explain ourselves to them?
Paimon: "We came here because a resistance member who has forgotten his name told us to?"
???: No, that will not do. I have taught them well. Unless you prove yourselves, they will not trust you.
???: But I cannot even recall my own name... Curses!
Paimon: This guy seems like he was once a wanted criminal in Byakuyakoku, (Traveler) — the kind you'd write into the history books.
Paimon: Paimon bets that it shouldn't be hard for us to find some record of him. We might even find some nearby!
???: If history should recall my name, I pray that that history may be written by those who inherit our will.
(Talk to the afterimage again)
???: Have you found anything concerning my identity?

(Help the afterimage find out their identity)
Paimon: There's a small stone tablet over there. Let's go see what it says.
(Read the Ancient Stone Tablet)
An Ancient Stone Tablet: (There are two rows of text on this headstone. The first row is in the script of Byakuyakoku and is unintelligible.)
An Ancient Stone Tablet: The second row is in the common script, and it reads as follows:
An Ancient Stone Tablet: "Here lies Spartacus the Righteous, known now as Supada no Hiko. Beneath lies the litany of his crimes. Read them and remember our history."
An Ancient Stone Tablet: "Supada no Hiko, the notorious outlaw, mastermind of great crimes, and the root of unrest. Now in the name of Tokoyo Ookami, may his sight be cut off, and may his soul be crushed. May he be thrown into a deep prison, now and forever."
(After reading the tablet)
Paimon: Uhh, this reads... "The Bandit, Supada no Hiko?"
Paimon: Uh, no, it should just be "Supada no Hiko." That's that man's name! Let's go tell him, quick!

(Report back to the afterimage)
???: You... Who are you? You sound quite familiar...
Paimon: Eh? You've forgotten us already? Oh no, you're in worse shape than Paimon thought...
???: Thank you. Are we truly acquainted?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg We just met, actually.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg We were just looking for your identity.
???: Ah, yes, I remember. In this place, your very soul shall be eroded. My memories must have been ground away too severely.
???: I'm sorry, I... *sigh*
???: Did you manage to find anything useful, then?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Is your name Supada no Hiko?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Is your name Supada the Bandit?
Paimon: Oh, come on! It's Supada no Hiko!
???: Supada no Hiko... Right... Yes, that's correct! I'm the leader of the resistance, Spartacus!
Paimon: Ooh, so they're both your name, then? As expected of an awesome leader, you've even got two names!
Supada no Hiko: Thank you so much for returning my name to me. I seem to have remembered some other things as well.
Supada no Hiko: ...
Supada no Hiko: "After the sun, the darkness starts, but true light hides within our hearts."
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What's that?
Supada no Hiko: This is our secret pass-code.
Supada no Hiko: Now that I have my name back, my memories are returning as well. This should be our pass-code.
Supada no Hiko: Now let me tell you where my children are hidden.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Do you have any message you'd like me to pass along?
Supada no Hiko: Let me think...
Supada no Hiko: Tell them this for me: never give up, for the hope of Byakuyakoku lives amongst them.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Would you like me to bring them here to see you?
Supada no Hiko: No. Never.
Supada no Hiko: Our only advantage is that the enemy is in the open, while we are in the shadows. The hearts of Byakuyakoku's people are all with us, and we must not reveal ourselves so cheaply.
Supada no Hiko: Moreover, I cannot remember every single one of their names. I mean, I even forgot my own...
Supada no Hiko: So yes, tell them to never give up, for the hope of Byakuyakoku lives amongst them.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg If they are no longer there...
Supada no Hiko: No. That will not happen. As long as the corrupt leaders who control the Sunchild are still in place, they will always be there. The resistance will continue to endure.
Supada no Hiko: Bring my admonishment to them: to never give up, for the hope of Byakuyakoku lives amongst them.
Supada no Hiko: That will be enough.

(Find where the "children are hidden")

(Talk to the afterimage in the hiding place)
Adonis: Who are you?
Adonis: Leave. You shouldn't be here.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg After the sun, the true light starts...
Adonis: The what with the what now? Get out of here!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg After the sun, the darkness starts...
Adonis: ...But true light hides... within our hearts.
Adonis: ...I'd almost forgotten. It's been so long since I've heard this phrase.
Adonis: Tell me, my good comrade, who sent you?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Supada no Hiko.
Adonis: Master Spartacus!? Master sent you!?
Adonis: Where is he? I only know that he was captured during the uprising by the henchmen of the Sunchild. We lost all contact with him after that.
Paimon: He's been locked in the altar at the Serpent's Heart, and judging by how things look, he can't get out. That's why he sent us to look for you.
Adonis: That accursed Sunchild...
Adonis: What instructions did Master entrust you with?
Paimon: He just asked us to carry a message.
Paimon: "Never give up, children. The hope of Byakuyakoku lives amongst you."
Adonis: ...
Adonis: ...
Adonis: I'm... I'm sorry! We have failed you, Master!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What's the matter?
Adonis: The resistance is no more.
Paimon: Ehh!?
Adonis: After Master was captured, the backbone of the resistance collapsed utterly.
Adonis: Only those of us students who followed him ordinarily escaped thanks to being far from the center of events.
Adonis: Afterward, those of us who were lucky enough to get away fled to our pre-prepared hiding places, hoping to muster our strength once more.
Adonis: We have excellent strategists, professional scholars, skilled mystics, and reliable doctors amongst us...
Paimon: Well, that sounds promising!
Adonis: That's what we thought too. Given time, we believed that we could revitalize the movement.
Adonis: But all these things needed funds... which we didn't have any of.
Adonis: Finally, someone suggested we sell Dragonbone Orbs.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What's a Dragonbone Orb?
Adonis: It is a rare fruit that Dragonbone Flowers will bear under special circumstances.
Adonis: Its fragrance can relax the mind and calm anxious thoughts, sweeping all of one's worries away. As such, it can fetch a very high price on the market.
Paimon: Is it really that mystical? You sure this isn't a scam?
Adonis: I only wish it were all a lie... Naive as I was, I did not perceive the perils that lay down that path.
Adonis: I do not know where the formula came from, but I do know that it did earn us a lot of capital.
Adonis: Everything was going so well... But soon, we discovered that some of our comrades suddenly began to avoid conflict and reject the idea of going into battle...
Adonis: The number of such people increased by the day, to the point where they requested to leave our ranks. I was unable to stop them...
Paimon: How did this happen? Is this because the orbs earned you and your comrades so much money that most people lost the will to fight on?
Adonis: Do you mean the corrupting allure of money? No... I... I don't know.
Adonis: I only know that when oppressed peoples grow satisified with their lives, they cease to resist.
Adonis: That was where the collapse started, and once it began, there was no stopping it.
Adonis: Sometimes, I actually wonder if the formula for making these things wasn't leaked to us by those despicable rulers...
Adonis: Sometimes I wonder if the best-selling nature of these orbs wasn't all a false pretense created by those despicable rulers...?
Adonis: *sigh* If Master had been there, I'm sure that he would have been able to control the situation. He might even have nipped it in the bud right from the start.
Adonis: I'm sorry, Master. We could not become hope...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'm very sorry to hear that.
Adonis: I cannot face him like this...
Adonis: But still, you have my thanks for bringing news of him.
Adonis: I do not have anything with which I can thank you. But if you do not mind, allow me to tell you the secret of the Dragonbone Orbs.
Adonis: They can only be created through the use of the waters of Tokoyo Reisen, that is to say, the waters of Lethe.
Adonis: Perhaps you might be able to exchange it for some money, or keep it for yourself.
Adonis: Still, be wary. Keep your desire to press onward about you.
(Adonis leaves)
Paimon: If we've got the time, whhy don't we try making some Dragonbone Orbs?
Paimon: Paimon's never heard of such a thing.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Would you like to see your Master?
Adonis: Sometimes I wonder if the best-selling nature of these orbs wasn't all a false pretense created by those despicable rulers...?
Adonis: *sigh* If Master had been there, I'm sure that he would have been able to control the situation. He might even have nipped it in the bud right from the start.
Adonis: I'm sorry, Master. We could not become hope...
(Dialogue returns to the option selection)

(Go to Tokoyo Reisen)
(Obtain the Waters of Lethe)
Paimon: Are these the waters of Lethe?
Paimon: They don't look like anything special, nevermind like something magical...
Paimon: Well, here goes nothing. Let's just grab some.
(Go to the top of the Dragonbone Flower)
(Water the Dragonbone Flower using the Waters of Lethe)
Paimon: It feels like there's been some change. All we can do now is wait.
Paimon: Let's come back later and have a look.
(Wait for the Dragonbone Flower to condense)
(Obtain the Dragonbone Orb)
Paimon: So this is a Dragonbone Orb? Looks pretty ordinary.
Paimon: It doesn't look very mysterious or useful. Will it really sell for a lot?
Paimon: Maybe we could try taking this to the vavrious shops we've been to — you know, like With Wind Comes Glory in Mondstadt, Xigu Antiques in Liyue, and Netsuke no Gen Crafts in Inazuma. They'll know more about this stuff.
Paimon: Paimon sure hopes it'll at least be worth a meal or two...

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Lotus Eater
Japanese ロートパゴス族
Lotus Eater
Korean 연꽃을 먹는 자
Spanish Los lotófagosThe Lotophages
French Mangeur de lotusLotus Eater
Russian Поедатель лотоса
Thai นักกินดอกบัว
Vietnamese Thực Liên Giả
German Lotosblumenfresser
Indonesian Pemakan LotusEater of Lotus
Portuguese Comedor de LótusLotus Eater

Change History

Released in Version 2.4