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"Wind... hear me!"
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Dialogue for feeding the foxes.


Talk to Joel at the Dragonspine Adventurer Camp to start the quest.

  1. Follow the Snow-Covered Path to search for Joel's father
    • Read the "Neatly-Written Note" on the ground
  2. Go to the western slope of the mountain to search for Joel's father
    • Use Pyro to melt the snow covering the "Neatly-Written Note" on the ground and then read it
  3. Head for the summit to search for Joel's father
    • Break the rock wall to access the cave. Read the "Scribbled Note" is next to the pot
  4. Report back to Joel


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"Wind... hear me!"
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Dialogue when feeding the foxes
(Talk to Joel in the adventurer camp to start the quest)
Joel: Where has Daddy gone...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What's the matter?
Joel: Ah, I... Hello... I—I can't find my daddy...
Joel: He said that he would come pick me up and that we'd go watch the snow together. But the time we arranged has come and gone, and he isn't here yet...
Joel: I thought that he must have found some rare and precious treasure map or something, which is why he hasn't come to find me yet. That has to be it, right?
Joel: So I came to Dragonspine by myself. If he's not going to come find me, then I'll go looking for him... Or so I thought...
Joel: But I didn't find Daddy here, either. That Knight of Favonius over there said that he'd headed off for the mountain's summit...
Joel: I wanted to go search for him, but the Knight wouldn't let me. So I'm stuck here waiting for Daddy to come back.
Joel: But... but he hasn't come back at all, and I'm worried.
Joel: If you're going up Dragonspine, could you help me look for Daddy?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Leave it to me, kiddo
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Where should I look?
Joel: You'll do it? Great!
Joel: Let me think... That Knight said that Daddy did mention going to follow the Snow-Covered Path upwards first...
Joel: He then said that he'd head over to the Outskirts of the Entombed City to have a look, before trying for the mountain's summit...
Joel: Please help me to search these areas. Daddy might still be near one of them.
Joel: I mean, he promised that we'd go see the snow together. There's no way that he'd break his promise...

(Read the Neatly-Written Note in the Snow-Covered Path campsite)
Neatly-Written Note: So far, so smooth. The weather is fine, supplies are plentiful, and the monsters have been on their best behavior...
Neatly-Written Note: I also discovered a Volume 6 of "The Boar Princess" in my backpack. Joel must've sneaked it in there. That cheeky kid...
Neatly-Written Note: Still, this book is above a brave Boar Princess and her journey up a snowy mountain with her companions... Well, I'm heading up a snowy mountain myself, and considering how well everything's gone so far... Who knows? Maybe this book is bringing me good luck. Thank you, Joel.
Neatly-Written Note: Anyway, I shall be heading off to the next campsite to resupply and record my progress, and then I'll head down the mountain. Joel is waiting for me, after all.
(After reading the note)
Paimon: This note... Do you think it might belong to Joel's father?
Paimon: Looks like he did set up camp over here. Then, he must've made his way inside.
Paimon: Let's look for him there.

(Read the Neatly-Written Note in the western slope campsite)
Neatly-Written Note: Nothing untoward happened on the way here. The weather remains fine indeed. It seems that my luck has turned at last.
Neatly-Written Note: Perhaps I can make a run for the summit after all...
Neatly-Written Note: I'll just give it a little go. If anything happens, I'll turn back right away.
(After reading the note)
Paimon: This is the second camp. Looks like the adventurer was in a rush to reach the peak.
Paimon: Let's go ahead. Maybe we'll discover some clues.

(Read the Scribbled Note at the campsite near the summit)
Scribbled Note: The snowstorm from the summit came too quickly. I barely had enough time to duck into this cave. I lost half my supplies in the chaos, too...
Scribbled Note: I don't know why, either, but the rocks above the cave collapsed suddenly, sealing the entrance with the falling gravel. This is very bad...
Scribbled Note: But... I believe that there's another way out for me. The other end of this cave is a cliff, yes, but there's nothing below but thick snow. If I try climbing a certain distance down and then jumping the rest of the way...
Scribbled Note: My supplies won't last more than a few more days. I have to act soon...
Scribbled Note: I promised Joel that I'd take him to see the snow. I won't break that promise.
Scribbled Note: Oh, yes. If anyone sees these notes, please put some food into that feeding bowl for those foxes.
Scribbled Note: They kept me company the entire time I was trapped in here. If I get the chance, I'd love to bring Joel back here to see them...
(After reading the note)
Paimon: There's nothing else around here other than this note and that bowl.
Paimon: That adventurer is also nowhere to be found. Paimon sure hopes he made it safely down the mountain...

(Report back to Joel)
Joel: How did it go? Any news from Daddy?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Here's what we discovered in the cavern at the summit...
Joel: Daddy... No, that can't be. Daddy's a great adventurer! He'd get out of a small rough patch like this for sure.
Joel: He said that he'd found a way down the mountain in his notes, didn't he? He must've made it down safely. That's gotta be it.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I suppose he made it down safely...
Joel: Exactly. He must've! He might even be resting right now.
Joel: Or... he might have set up a new campsite at the summit, and is taking a break there right now...
Joel: Whatever the case, I'm sure that once he's all rested up, Daddy will come here and look for me...
Joel: I'll keep waiting for him here. Thanks for helping me out, by the way. Here, these are for you.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I didn't find anything.
Joel: R—Really? But that Knight of Favonius said that Daddy did go up the mountain.
Joel: Maybe he was mistaken... Or maybe Daddy set up a new campsite elsewhere...
Joel: Well, guess I'll just wait here for him... I bet Daddy would be worried sick if he came home and couldn't find me.
Joel: Thanks for helping me out. Here, take these.
Joel: Where are you, Daddy...



Change History

Released in Version 1.2
Version 1.2
  • Lost in the Snow was released.