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Lore is the catch-all term for story, world-building, and anything in the game that is not related to Game Systems. Various aspects of lore are usually analyzed to expand upon the knowledge of the in-game universe.

World History[]

The above article is a compilation of all known events in the world of Teyvat's history, spanning thousands of years. Important events include:


The cultures of Teyvat's nations are as diverse as the real life regions from which they draw inspiration. Teyvat's nations are also influenced by the ideals that their Archons embody.


There are many languages across Teyvat. Some major ones are the common tongue, which the game uses as its medium, and Hilichurlian, the language spoken by the most numerous enemy in the game's world.


  • Archon War: A period of time in which gods fought. The start date is unknown, but the end date was 2000 years ago. The outcome was the crowning of the original seven Archons.
  • Cataclysm: An event that occurred 500 years ago that spanned all of Teyvat and involved the destruction of the godless nation of Khaenri'ah.
  • Celestia: A mysterious place that floats in the sky, said to be where the gods reside and where humans may ascend if they obtain godhood.
  • Delusion: An object bestowed upon someone by the Tsaritsa that allows someone to use elemental powers without or in addition to a Vision.
  • Descender: Powerful entities who come from outside this world and have the power to change the "rules." The Heavenly Principles who wrested control of the world from the Seven Sovereigns is the First Descender, while the Traveler is the Fourth Descender.
  • Dragon: A powerful elemental being. The strongest of them, the Seven Sovereigns, once ruled the world.
  • God: A mighty being. Most of them were slain, or otherwise lost their powers, over the course of the Archon War.
  • The Seven: Short for the Seven Archons. Refers to the seven gods of Teyvat, who each rules over one of the seven nations.
  • Vision: An object bestowed upon someone that allows them to use elemental powers. They are granted by The Seven at Celestia's discretion. Vision wielders are known as "allogenes."

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