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The Loading Screen comes up every time you teleport, enter or exit a domain, or when a cutscene begins or ends. Icons for the seven elements are displayed in the middle of the screen, at the bottom of the screen, or displayed one by one in the bottom right-hand corner. The screen has a white or black background depending on the in-game time. The icon in the center represents the area you will be in when loading finishes: either a region, a special area such as Dragonspine, or a domain. These loading screens also give tips for playing the game or hints about the lore. Players can click anywhere on the loading screen to view another tip.

A variation of the loading screen is used when players load into the game from the title screen. This loading screen always has a white background and only contains icons for the seven elements. If the player is on a mobile device, such as a tablet or a phone, then this screen may also have a tip that says "Wearing headphones may improve your gaming experience" and display a headphones icon.

Loading Screen Tips



  • A realm created by the adepti. Abodes have their own rules and logic, and are in some ways no different from pocket dimensions.

Abyss Order

  • An organization made out of non-human monsters. They are the enemies of surface civilization, and thrive in many corners of the world.
  • Driven on by the Abyss, they covet the lives of those who live on the surface, and dream of overturning the rule of the gods.
  • The Abyss Mages that run amok in many places are skilled in the language of the hilichurls, and are able to take control of them for their own uses. This makes them very dangerous indeed.

Adventurers' Guild

  • An exceptional adventurer will use the Guild-issued Adventurer Handbook to track the monsters and enemies they are hunting. As such, some hunters and warriors also join the Adventurers' Guild in order to obtain Adventurer Handbooks with the latest and greatest information inscribed...
  • The Adventurers' Guild exists to distribute commissions and recruit adventurers, and it has branches all over Teyvat. Their motto is "Ad astra abyssosque!"
  • The Adventurers' Guild has a public booth in every city. Becoming a legendary adventurer starts with understanding the ins and outs of the services they offer.
  • The Adventurers' Guild is active all across Teyvat, exploring new lands filled with mystery and secrets. Even when faced with climates as extreme and dangerous as that of Dragonspine, its members remain all the more steadfast.
  • Traces of the Adventurers' Guild can be found across all Teyvat, even amidst the most dangerous places...


  • A mysterious ancient craft that harnesses the physical properties and fundamental principles of matter. Odds and ends you pick up on your journey can be transformed into more precious substances.
  • As well as making Potions, you can also turn some materials into more precious ones through crafting.
  • With crafting, many materials can be used to create elemental Potions. Potions increase your elemental RES or increase Elemental DMG. A potion here and there might take the edge off when the going gets tough.


  • Organic, crystalline formations known as Amber can be found on Mt. Hulao in Jueyun Karst. Who knows what treasures may be found within them?

An Ancient Tree

  • Legend tells of an ancient tree whose roots reach every corner of the world...

Ancient Rime

  • Ice composed of unknown energy that cannot be melted by conventional means. Only the energy released from Scarlet Quartz can melt this type of ice.


  • Sometimes in the wild you may see a mysterious kind of life form called an Anemogranum. These curious beings will follow travelers around. Gather several Anemograna together to form a wind current.
  • The Anemograna normally found scattered about Mondstadt appear to have also mutated in response to Dragonspine's environment...



  • When you come across tomes worth keeping, they will automatically enter your archive. Through this archive, you can read through the collection of books you've obtained throughout your journey at your leisure - the activity of choice for literary connoisseurs.

Character Archive

  • You can use the Character Archive to view information on characters who have yet to join your team, yet are brimming with potential all the same...
  • You can view information on characters who have already joined the Traveler's party in the Character Archive.

City Reputation

  • Liyue is the beating heart of commerce and mercantile activity. If you can earn Ms. Yu's trust, perhaps she might grant you access to priceless and otherwise unobtainable recipes...
  • Once you have gained enough Reputation and won the trust of Inazumans, some merchants and restaurants may be willing to give you discounts.
  • Once you have gained enough Reputation and won the trust of Liyue's people, some merchants may be willing to give you discounts.
  • Once you have gained enough Reputation and won the trust of Mondstadt's people, some merchants may be willing to give you discounts.
  • Once you have gained enough Reputation, Hertha will be willing to share rare recipes with you that cannot be acquired anywhere else.
  • Once you have gained enough Reputation, the Yashiro Commission's Madarame Hyakubei may be willing to share rare recipes with you.

City Reputation: Bounties

  • Dangerous monsters will sometimes appear on the outskirts of Mondstadt. Despite the lack of able hands, the Knights still collect information on such creatures. Once your Reputation reaches a certain level, you can view the list of monster bounties.
  • Dangerous monsters will sometimes appear in certain places in Inazuma. The Yashiro Commission's Madarame Hyakubei will collect information on such creatures and issue bounties on them. Once your Reputation reaches a certain level, you can view the list of monster bounties.
  • Perilous creatures will sometimes emerge and menace the outskirts of Liyue. Ms. Yu from the Ministry of Civil Affairs pays attention to rumors of such monsters, recording and investigating each one with care. Once you Reputation reaches a certain level, you will be able to view these monster bounties.

City Reputation: Requests

  • Despite a manpower shortage, Hertha of the Knights of Favonius will still actively keep her ear to the ground, listening to the trouble of the people of Mondstadt and filing them away for resolution at a later date. Once your Reputation reaches a certain level, you can view Mondstadt's requests. Resolve the troubles of the people proactively, and you will surely win Hertha's respect.
  • Meeting the needs of Liyue's people is the sworn duty of the Ministry of Civil Affairs. But there is a limit to just how much people can do, and tasks have been piling up at Ms. Yu's desk. Once you [sic] Reputation reaches a certain level, you will gain access to Liyue's requests. Solving people's problems will surely raise your standing with them, right?
  • The Yashiro Commission's Madarame Hyakubei will listen to the problems of the Inazuma's locals and try to provide help. Once your Reputation reaches a certain level, you can view the requests of Inazuma's people. Resolving these problems is the best way to win his respect as well as increase your Reputation in Inazuma.



  • A skilled warrior will use the terrain and vantage points against their enemy, plummeting down from the sky to ambush their foes.
  • ATK SPD Bonuses can increase the speed of Normal Attacks. Unless these effects are also state to be able to increase the speed of Charged Attacks, they usually only affect Normal Attacks.
  • Some characters' Elemental Skills and Bursts apply the element in question to themselves. Be mindful of your surroundings when using these attacks, lest they cause an unwanted elemental reaction...
  • When an effect confers one attribute as a certain percentage of another attribute, this effect will not then factor into calculations of other similar percentage-based effects.

Combat Talent


  • Wherever you go, whatever life throws at you... In Teyvat, the stars in the sky will always have a place for you.



  • Cooking is a key survival skill. Naturally, it must be done with care to obtain the most delicious dishes. But a little dexterity and a keen eye go a long way, too.
  • Different dishes have different effects, including healing, boosting strength, and replenishing stamina. Food connoisseurs know how to exploit the properties of what they eat.
  • Each region of Teyvat has its own cuisine. All you need to sample them is the recipe, the right ingredients, and a little skill.
  • Good Hunter offers a take-away service for adventurers who often have to eat on the go. They also sell cooking ingredients.
  • Restaurants sell recipes — it's one way to keep their cuisine alive. Learn to cook new dishes by reading recipes in your inventory.
  • Wanmin Restaurant of Chihu Rock is a favorite of food lovers. They also offer food to take away and sell cooking ingredients, so travelers and adventurers love it too.
  • You may discover some rare recipes during your adventures. Learn to cook new dishes by reading recipes in your inventory.

Co-Op Mode

  • Be welcoming to Travelers from other worlds, you might make yourself some new friends.
  • When challenging a domain, try using Co-Op Mode to find Travelers to fight alongside. Perhaps strength in numbers may help you conquer even the most unconquerable domains.
  • When you get stuck on a difficult Daily Commission that you just can't handle alone, try calling in reinforcements in Co-Op Mode.


  • A mysterious ancient craft that harnesses the physical properties and fundamental principles of matter. Odds and ends you pick up on journey can be transformed into more precious substances.
  • As well as making Potions, you can also turn some materials into more precious ones through crafting.
  • With crafting, many materials can be used to create elemental Potions. Potions increase your elemental RES or increase Elemental DMG. A potion here and there might take the edge off when the going gets tough.

Daily Commissions

  • After you complete the 4 Daily Commissions of the day, don't forget to go to the Adventurers' Guild to claim an extra reward.


  • Dandelions are native to Mondstadt, the land blessed by the winds. Dandelions were brought here on the wind, and their seeds can be gathered using the power of Anemo.

Dangerous Flora

  • There are mutated plants in this world that have intelligence and can manipulate the elements. A Cryo Regisvine has been known to keep meat fresh for several centuries, so its strength should not be underestimated...
  • There are mutated plants in this world that have intelligence and can manipulate the elements. Whopperflowers are able to use their mimetic flowers to trick their prey...

Destroying Items

  • A traveler's bag can only fit so much. If you have too many of any item, you can destroy items to make room. But once something is destroyed, you can't get it back...


  • A mysterious figure who has sent Klee a letter. It claims to be the overlord of the Golden Apple Archipelago, and seems to have wild and marvelous modes of mechanism manipulation...


  • It is said that glorious civilizations once covered every corner of the land, above and below ground, in days of yore. Those once-glorious civilizations have long perished, and all that remains of them today is the cities and altars they built deep underground.

Domains and Elements

  • Sometimes, Domains fill with harmful elemental energy that can only be dispelled with elemental reactions. For example, characters afflicted with Condensed Ice deplete stamina more quickly.
  • Sometimes, Domains fill with harmful elemental energy that can only be dispelled with elemental reactions. For example, characters assailed by Engulfing Storm continuously lose elemental energy.
  • Sometimes, Domains fill with harmful elemental energy that can only be dispelled with elemental reactions. For example, Smoldering Flames deals continuous DMG through Burning.
  • Sometimes, Domains fill with harmful elemental energy that can only be dispelled with elemental reactions. For example, the Hydro effect Slowing Water increases the CD of characters' skills.

Doors of Resurrection

  • Gateways to life found in Domains. Said to be formed from the root tips of a tree that permeates the entire world. By touching them, those blessed by the world will receive the gift of life anew should they stumble and fall.


  • A bright blue grass known as Starglow can be found growing from some special power in certain areas. Correspondingly, dark red growths can also be found in other areas...
  • A civilization once flourished in the lands of Dragonspine, only to be destroyed by a turbulent change in climate.
  • Frescoes were by no means a common method of recording events in ancient times. These portraits of an ancient civilization left behind in the snow and ice may be an invaluable legacy for scholars.
  • It seems that Mondstadt aristocrats had once dispatched an investigation team to Dragonspine long ago. However, the story and discoveries of the team were never documented in any historical records.
  • Skyfrost Nail refers to the mysterious structure suspended above Dragonspine with its energy now restored.
  • The black dragon fell upon Dragonspine long ago. Its blood seems to have seeped into the ground...
  • The ecological environment here had been devastated by drastic climate changes in the past. For this very reason, some things that are all but extinct in other regions still thrive in Dragonspine to this day...


  • The true name of the noble being known as Stormterror. It is the "Dragon of the East" of the Four Winds. Once defended Mondstadt from a great catastrophe.


  • By taking good care of the Electrograna, a bond could be formed with the Adventurer, allowing them to attack enemies together...
  • Fantastic creatures that spring out of the Thunder Sakura Bough that possess wonderful powers, which may come in handy for travelers or adventurers favored by Inazuma.
  • Offer Electro Sigils collected in your journey to the Sacred Sakura tree at the Grand Narukami Shrine to receive its blessing. The Electrograna, connected to it in a mysterious way, will also unleash an even greater power.

Elemental Mastery

  • Once you can harness the power of the elements, you may find yourself looking to increase the effectiveness of Elemental Reactions. Elemental Mastery increases the effects of Elemental Reactions triggered by your characters.

Elemental Monuments

  • Devices that respond to elemental energy. Some must be activated in a specific order, some may reset after a given time. If you can solve the puzzle, perhaps you will be rewarded...
  • Strange devices left by a lost civilization. Anything could happen when you activate them with the right elemental energy.

Elemental Nodes

  • A trial item that can be found in domains. It provides nearby monsters with Elemental affixes. If you do not adeptly counter these Elemental affixes with Elemental attacks of your own, it can turn a once-easy battle quite a thorny challenge.

Elemental Reaction

  • Considering how Electro-Charged works, it's important to be careful when using Electro attacks near bodies of water. That said, this same scenario offers great potential for defeating enemies with ease...
  • Considering how Frozen works, it's important to be aware when you get Wet while adventuring or during combat. Getting Frozen is the last thing you want!
  • Even the seemingly inert Geo has its elemental reaction. When it comes into contact with Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, or Electro, Crystallize occurs, producing DMG-absorbing elemental shards.
  • Heavy attacks can break the Frozen effect and unfreeze the affected being. The shattering ice deals DMG in the process, however.
  • Melt amplifies the DMG of the attack that produces it. Pyro attacks receive a greater DMG boost than Cryo attacks.
  • When Electro meets Hydro, the elemental reaction is Electro-Charged. This somewhat stupefying state deals continuous Electro DMG.
  • Using Swirl increases the range of other elements' effects, maximizing the effectiveness of adventurers' and warriors' attacks.
  • Vaporize amplifies the DMG of the attack that produces it. Hydro attacks receive a greater DMG boost than Pyro attacks.
  • When Anemo meets Hydro, Pyro, Electro, or Cryo, it causes Swirl and spreads its effects over an increased area.
  • When Cryo meets Hydro, the elemental reaction is Frozen. Frozen beings cannot move. Make effective use of this fact to conquer the most formidable of opponents with ease.
  • When Electro meets Cold, Superconduct occurs. This elemental reaction deals AoE Cryo DMG and decreases Physical RES.
  • When Electro meets Pyro, Overloaded occurs. The result is a powerful explosion.
  • When Hydro meets Pyro, Vaporize occurs. When a Pyro or Hydro attack causes this reaction, it deals increased DMG.
  • When Pyro meets Cryo, Melt occurs. When a Pyro or Cryo attack causes this reaction, it deals increased DMG.
  • When Pyro meets Dendro, Burning occurs. Burning deals continuous Pyro DMG.

Elemental Sigils

  • Anemo Sigils are found throughout Mondstadt. They are often obtained by completing challenges and discovering treasure. You might find someone in the city who offers rare treasures in return for them.
  • Elemental Sigils of every kind can be found all over Teyvat, where the seven elements flow and converge. They are said to be a sign of the gods' favor.
  • Geo Sigils are found throughout the vast land of Liyue as a reward for finding treasure and completing challenges. You might find someone in Liyue Harbor who offers rare treasures in return for them.
  • Hidden all over the islands in Inazuma are a large amount of Electro Sigils, meant to reward those who have completed challenges and discovered treasures. When an Electro Sigil is offered to the Sacred Sakura at the Grand Narukami Shrine, you may receive his blessing...


  • Certain Talents and Constellations can give some characters' weapons elemental infusions. Such infusions can cause the elemental attributes of attacks to be changed for a period of time...
  • Dealing elemental DMG generates energy-rich Elemental Particles and Orbs. Collect them to restore energy for characters in your Party.
  • Seven elements are found in Teyvat: Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, Geo, Anemo, Electro, and Dendro. The interaction between elements produces some weird and wonderful results.
  • The building blocks of this world ans the source of many miraculous things. All sort of things happen when elements interact. Adventurers, travelers, and warriors all use elemental reactions to get things done at a fraction of the effort it might otherwise take.

Elite Enemies


Equipment Enhancement

  • Higher level weapons and artifacts can provide a lot of experience when used to enhance weapons.


  • At the Adventurers' Guild, you can dispatch characters on expeditions to earn extra materials while you're off on adventures.

Exploration and Adventure

  • Adventurers are explorers at heart. If you spot a fragile-looking rock pile on your adventure, try breaking it open to see what treasure it might contain.
  • Butterflies are drawn to flowers, and fireflies are more easily visible at night. To catch insects, learn their habits. It is said there are even crystalflies attracted to elemental energy.
  • Countless treasures are scattered across the land, just waiting to see the light of day once more...
  • Elemental Sight reveals the elemental composition of the things around you. Sometimes, it can even help you solve puzzles.
  • Experienced adventurers plan their route before scaling a mountain or cliff face. Stopping at suitable points along the way lets you gather your wits and recover stamina.
  • Exploration is the bread and butter of an adventurer. Solving unknown mysteries, discovering hidden treasures and collecting lost divine Oculi can increase a region's Exploration Progress.
  • Occasionally, you might find shrubs contain items dropped by a monster or traveler.
  • Some caves may freeze over in the extreme conditions of Dragonspine, resulting in hanging icicles. Be sure to keep an eye on the cavern ceilings when exploring caves...
  • The heavy snow banks sometimes conceal unexpected treasure...
  • The mini-map shows your current position and things in the surrounding area. Anemoculi and other elemental oculi will show up here.
  • The whole world brims with elemental energy, including many plants and ore deposits. Perhaps you can gather them by using the right element.


  • A Snezhnayan organization. They seem to possess an incredible level of technology, and are even able to take apart and analyze Ruin Guards.
  • A Snezhnayan organization. Though they often prefer using forceful diplomacy to get their way, they will not hesitate to use force itself either...
  • A Snezhnayan organization that has spread out all over the continent. They seem to be actively plotting something...
  • An organization from Snezhnaya. It seems to be planning something against Tatarasuna...
  • An organization from Snezhnaya that is loyal to the Tsaritsa. Its Harbingers are on the hunt for Gnoses.
  • The Northland Bank hails from Snezhnaya, and has branches in many places. When the Fatui operate outside Snezhnaya, they will use funds provided by the Bank, and even use it as their base of operations...
  • They use Delusions that granted them power similar to that of Visions in combat. But as they say, everything has its price.


  • Grasping the living habits of different species of fish is a necessary skill for an angler.
    There may even be some fish in Teyvat that do not show up until night time...
  • Jiawei of Liyue Harbor knows quite a lot about fishing and is happy to share some of his fishing supplies with people who share his interests.
  • Kujirai Momiji claims to be a successor to the Kujirai Fishing Method, and is more taken than most with matters of fishing.
    If you, too, share her passion, you might obtain some precious items from her.
  • Many members of the Fishing Association consider fish more attractive than Mora.
    You can trade Fish with them for valuable rewards.
  • Nantuck can often be found fishing by Cider Lake. Although his thoughts are current [sic] fixated on spinning a tale about a giant whale, he will be happy to serve those who share his passion for fishing.



  • Liyue is home to a time-honored smithy called Hanfeng's Ironmongers. The craft has been passed down for generations and quality is guaranteed. Your ore and prototypes will be safe in the hands of Master Zhang.
  • Look after your weapon, and it will look after you. Blacksmiths can make new weapons, turn prototype weapons into battle-ready ones, and make refinement materials from raw ore.
  • Wagner might have a bad temper, but he's a master of his craft. Any prototypes or ore you find on your travels will be safe in his hands.

Frostbearing Tree

  • An ancient tree that seems to possess a will of its own. Its power is continually replenished by Crimson Agates. Once it has replenished a set amount of power, it will reveal Crimson Wish to anyone who chooses to listen...
  • Fragmented debris of the Skyfrost Nail, which fell from the sky and caused drastic climatic changes. Scarlet sprouts can be seen growing from it now.
  • It desires reddish crystals known as Crimson Agates. Collecting and offering Crimson Agates to the Frostbearing Tree may result in rich rewards...


  • Placing furnishings within the Serenitea Pot will affect the adeptal energy of the realm. Abundant adeptal energy may also lead to an increase in the various products within the realm.


  • In the wild, you may come across oddly-shaped crystals in which live Geograna. These curious Geo beings will follow you around. Take one near a certain lamp-shaped object and see what happens...


  • A vishap that dwells amidst the mountain and that has a rock-hard carapace. After many years have passed, Geovishap Hatchlings will shed the armor that originally protected them and become mature Geovishaps.
  • Geovishaps that have survived for many years and have accumulated vast amounts of power will become Primo Geovishaps.

Gliding License

  • One actually has to go through a strict examination and obtain the relevant license before they can use a wind glider.

Golden Apple Archipelago

  • Dangerous whirlpools can appear near monster encampments. Waveriders that are sucked into these whirlpools will take continuous damage...
  • The Dodo-King has left puzzles composed of various Rings and Elemental Targets behind. Use Wind-Blessed Harpasta to crack them one by one...
  • The Dodo-King's Painted Walls depict the artworks of the Dodo-King and have the power to reflect Wind-Blessed Harpasta. Use Wind-Blessed Harpasta to destroy the walls and obtain the corresponding rewards...
  • The Echoing Conches scattered throughout the Golden Apple Archipelago seal voices of the past within them. Collect these Echoing Conches to listen to all manner of unknown tales...
  • The Golden Apple Archipelago is home to an upside-down mountain. The ruins there are incredibly similar to those that may be found in Mondstadt. One wonders what the connection between the two might be...
  • The Golden Apple Archipelago is situated within an unknown, fog-shrouded region of the ocean that cannot be accessed under normal circumstances...

Grand Narukami Shrine

If at First You Don't Succeed...

  • If you fall in battle, get up and keep fighting. If you run out of energy, find ways to strengthen yourself. And when you fail, learn from the experience. Onwards and upwards — never give up.
  • No matter what happens: never give up hope, and never lose courage.


  • A long, long time ago, there was once a Kitsune Saiguu who guarded the Narukami Island...
  • A long time ago, a king of bake-danuki known as Ioroi once existed in Inazuma. Time passed and he was supposedly sealed up for wreaking havoc.
  • A ritual known as the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual has been passed down to cleanse the miasma.
  • An island nation in the ocean.
    Formed by a group of islands including Narukami, Ritou, Kannazuka, Yashiori and Watatsumi. Each of them has unique landscapes as well as marks left behind by either the gods or mankind.
  • Dangerous regions with high concentrations of Electro are known as Balethunder zones. Use the special traits of Electrograna to resist its damage.
  • In Hanamizaka, there is a shop called Naganohara Fireworks that specializes in making fireworks.
  • In Inazuma, there is a phenomenon called "Tatarigami," which is capable of wreaking all kinds of havoc.
  • Inazuma is presently closed to the outside world and cannot be accessed by normal methods. However, the Crux Fleet seems to have a unique way to get in and out...
  • Naganohara Fireworks supposedly has an interesting tradition. It will provide a special piece of paper to customers who order fireworks to commemorate certain events.
  • The Nation of Eternity, ruled over by the Raiden Shogun.
  • The Raiden Shogun is the deity who rules over Inazuma. She possesses power sufficient to call down the thunderstorm that has sealed Inazuma off...
  • There is a publishing house and bookstore known as the Yae Publishing House in Inazuma City.
    Its primary wares are known as "light novels."
  • Those who opposed the Vision Hunt Decree that is currently in effect have formed the resistance.

Inazuma City

  • A city ruled over by the Raiden Shogun. Vitality is always unwaveringly emanating from it.

Infusion Stones

  • There's legend of a strange stone in Liyue infused with incredible elemental energy that even affects nearby monsters with elemental affixes. If you wait too long to destroy these Infusion Stones, the monsters will become more and more dangerous...

Kamuijima Cannon

  • An extraordinary cannon that requires special ammunition for firing. You may be able to get around this restriction by using Electro.

Kanjou Commission

  • The Hiiragi Clan oversees one branch of the Inazuma Tri-Commission. Responsible for managing the wealth of Inazuma and controlling the flow of money between the islands.

Leveling Up

Ley Line Blossom

  • Blossoms formed from ley line deposits generated from the impeded flow of elemental energy. They appear when adventurers complete certain arduous challenges to rid the area of the source of the elemental malady. Use Original Resin to claim their hidden treasures.
  • Flowers that bloom at Ley Line openings. Defeat all opponents in the Ley Line opening challenge and consume Original Resin to obtain a rich bounty.

Ley Line Disorder

  • All Domains are said to be constructed on ley lines. The energy surging through them can affect the Domains in unpredictable ways. These effects are known as ley line disorders.
  • Assembling your Party strategically based on the effects of the ley line disorder makes tackling Domains much quicker and easier.

Ley Lines

  • A mysterious network that links the whole world together, within which flow the elements. It's said the Ley Lines remember all things that happen in this world, from the surface down to the deepest depths...


  • A bountiful harbor that lies in the East. Mountains stand tall and proud alongside the stone forest, that together with the open plains and flowing rivers make up Liyue's breathtaking landscape.
  • Liyue is dotted with ancient ruins. One of these is the monumental Guizhong Ballista, which was constructed using highly advanced engineering skills.

Liyue Harbor

  • A harbor city built from the ground up by Rex Lapis, known all over as a wealthy trading hub. "Where merchants flock and all ships dock, and over the oceans flows its stock."


  • In some special circles, this word means "a fated family."

Map Tabs

  • This world contains mysterious areas like adeptal abodes and the Golden Apple Archipelago, whose location relative to known regions is unclear. Use the Map Tabs to switch between these regions and known ones quickly.

Mare Jivari

  • An endless plain of ash where the wind does not blow. The dreams of many an experienced adventurer has ended there, and many a traveler has ceased their sojourn on its account.

Memento Lens

  • A mysterious device that can bring back scenes from the past. Legend has it that it came from Kitsune Saiguu. As such, you can use it as a medium to observe small Earth Kitsune Statues to make things reappear...


  • While the Millelith stands guard, evil shall never prevail! Their main duty is to keep the peace in Liyue.


  • A city of freedom that lies in the northest. From the mountains to the wide-open plains, the carefree breeze carries the scent of dandelions — a gift from the Anemo God — to an island in the middle of Cider Lake, on which sits the city of Mondstadt.
  • A free and joyous city under the jurisdiction of the Knights of Favonius. The city is famed for its wine and songs, which here go hand in hand.
  • This land was once home to a god named Decarabian.


  • It is a catalyst of sorts, in that it is a medium for physical transformation. That is why so many things can only be accomplished through the use of Mora.
  • The currency accepted worldwide in Teyvat. None dispute its value and status.

Original Resin

  • Original Resin gradually replenishes by absorbing elemental energy from the natural environment. Alternatively, you can replenish it more quickly using a certain variety of highly precious gem.
  • Revitalizes Petrified Trees (Domains) and Ley Line Blossoms (open world).


  • The best travel companion ever!

Petrified Trees

  • It is said that the roots of all the Petrified Trees in the world are intertwined at the deepest, most hidden place in the earth, and that the pattern the root system makes defines the ley lines of the world.

Plane of Euthymia

  • This is the Raiden Shogun's personal realm conjured up from her own will.


  • The elite few who govern the land of Liyue.


  • In the Quest Menu, press the small button on the right side of a quest entry to toggle its pin on the map.
  • Sometimes in quests, characters will be busy with other matters. In the Quest Menu, you can view which characters are occupied during each quest.
  • Use Navigate in the Quest Menu to help get your bearings and find your way to objectives.
  • When you are navigating to a quest objective, you can press the indicator below the mini-map to show a path that guides the way.

Realm Layout

  • The realms within a Serenitea Pot can come in all shapes and forms. But no matter how they change, they can never exceed the size of this teapot.

Riding the Wind

Ruins Torches

  • They say the insignia on the platform sealing the chest hints at the direction of the ruins torch. Some adventurers utilize this clue when hunting for treasure.

Scarlet Quartz

  • A type of crystal that feels like blood to the touch, almost as if it would attach to a certain person's body... Performing an attack with Scarlet Quartz releases its energy, destroying enemies in its path...
  • A type of crystal that feels like blood to the touch, almost as if it would attach to a certain person's body... The effects of being imbued with Scarlet Quartz can help one completely withstand the icy clenches of the bitter cold.
  • Peculiar to the touch, this type of crystal seems as if it has a will of its own... Performing an attack with Scarlet Quartz releases its energy, which is capable of even melting Ancient Rime formed by unknown energy.


  • Now you see them, now you don't. Once a mighty race that lived to guide mankind, now the most Seelie offer is a little treasure to willing followers.
  • Seelie all want to return to their Seelie Courts. If you see the remains of a small statue like this, you can use Elemental Sight to find traces of the Seelie...
  • Dragonspine's unique climate has caused even the Seelie to mutate. The gentle warmth of a Warming Seelie can help alleviate effects of the bitter cold. Perhaps its warmth can also be used to trigger mechanisms...

Seirai Island

  • Neko of the Asase Shrine will name kittens based off "things" that she believes are good.
  • There lives to be a cat named Neko at the Asase Shrine. She claims to be the "Provisional Head Priestess."
  • This island is perennially shrouded in storms, with Amakumo Peak at its heart. Only the Asase Shrine is not at the mercy of the thundering clouds.

Serenitea Pot

  • Adepti use Serenitea Pots as media through which they can channel their adeptal power and create realms and abodes.
  • Companions invited to the Serenitea Pot will deepen their bonds with the Traveler. They will continuously gain Companionship EXP.
  • Companions who remain in the Serenitea Pot for a long time may take a liking to certain furnishings and prepare gifts for the Traveler in return...


  • You can adjust the camera sensitivity in Settings.


  • Shield Strength is required to make your shields more durable. Depending on characters' Shield Strength, the same shield may have different levels of durability when protecting different characters.
  • Some shields have an Elemental Type. Most Elemental Shields can absorb more DMG from attacks of the same elemental type. However, Geo Shields are unique in that they have increased absorption against all Elemental and Physical DMG.

Shrines of Depths

  • Precious offerings are sealed within these ancient shrines erected on Teyvat's surface. Keys to the Shrines of Depths can be found in some Domains.



  • Lowly life forms of minimal intelligence, made from condensed elemental energy. But ignore them for too long, and they just might become a bigger problem.

Sourcing Items

  • You can read up on an item's source so you know how to find more of it in the future. Knowledge is power!

Special Temari

  • While taking on adventures in Inazuma, you may run into the children of the Kujirai family. Their Temari Game has very special rules, and they are willing to lend the Temari to adults with a playful heart.

Spiral Abyss

  • Benediction of the Abyss is a wise choice. The Spiral Abyss contains two kinds of blessings, this one belonging to the ancient will carried within it.
  • Blessing of the Abyssal Moon changes with the phases of the moon. The Spiral Abyss contains two kinds of blessings, one of which belongs to the night sky of an unknown land.
  • Elemental Nodes may appear during challenges and make monsters stronger. If you really want to conquer this dark inverted tower, you must be able to conquer the elements.
  • Food and potions cannot be consumed within the Spiral Abyss. Those seeking to conquer the immense Abyssal Moon Spire and Abyss Corridor must rely on their strength and courage alone.
  • It's divided into the Abyss Corridor and the Abyssal Moon Spire. They say that the former connects to a crumbled palace of an ancient world, while the latter leads to a spiraling tower in the dark unknown, though no one can claim they've seen the end of either.
  • New treasures appear in the Abyssal Moon Spire twice each month. They say this cycle is eerily similar to that of a moon in some distant universe.
  • The one constant in the world is that nothing is constant. The Abyssal Moon Spire may change its shape over time, revealing new challenges and treasure.
  • To conquer Divergence challenges, you must split your party into two groups. Legends say that ancient kings and priests worked together to climb a tower touching the sky. What could they have been seeking...?
  • When you don't have enough Abyssal Stars, the deeper floors of the abyss will not open their doors for you. Some people believe these dim 'stars' are eerily similar to a common symbol seen around Teyvat.
  • While you consecutively challenge three chambers on each floor, you cannot change your party configuration. As you venture deeper, the path gets more narrow and is filled with thorns.


  • Prudent adventurers know to keep an eye on their stamina level.
  • Stamina is crucial during combat, not just while exploring. Dodging and using Charged Attacks (melee/catalyst) both deplete stamina.
  • Swimming and climbing deplete stamina. What happens when stamina runs out at the wrong time? Only one way to find out...

Statues' Lost Oculi

  • Statues of The Seven once watched over the land with elemental oculi. They have since been pecked out and carried to far-flung corners of the world. Only the intrepid adventurer may retrieve them.
  • The statues will bless those who return elemental oculi of the right type to them.

Subzero Climate

  • Certain environments and activities will increase the accumulation of Sheer Cold. When adventuring in frigid environments, it's vital you monitor your body temperature...
  • Having reliable heat sources is the key to surviving the Subzero Climate. Burning braziers and bonfires are essential to keeping yourself warm.
  • In such extreme cold, even the grass on the ground cannot be ignited.
  • Sheer Cold will quickly accumulate in the Subzero Climate, eventually dealing DMG to characters. Perhaps the ruins scattered across Dragonspine are remnants of a civilization destroyed in the bitter cold...
  • Teleport Waypoints and Statues of The Seven seem to somehow keep the cold at bay. They serve as a source of comfort to adventurers in frigid conditions.

Taking Photos

  • Keep mementos of the sights and experiences of your adventure. When taking a photo, you can change your character's pose.

Teapot Traveling Salesman

  • A Teapot Traveling Salesman will sometimes drop by the Serenitea Pot with rare goods in tow. If these wares are to your liking, purchase them decisively — spare no time second-guessing yourself.

Teleport Waypoints

  • Places you can teleport to. The easiest way to get around in Teyvat.

Tenryou Commission

The Fatui

  • A Snezhnayan organization that seeks only power. They are all the more active in regions full of mystery and ruins such as Dragonspine.

"The Rule of Three"

  • "Good omens must occur three times for good fortune to truly descend, and you must forge past obstacles three times to succeed on the fourth."

The Yakshas

  • "Yakshas are illuminated beasts of Liyue, mighty and fierce in battle, killing in defense of order."
  • "Though they possessed great might, they could not escape the karma of their actions, becoming contaminated by lingering grudges."


  • Time flies by when contemplating life, the universe, and everything...
  • Just as the elements of the world count seven, so do the days of the week. Some large creatures of Teyvat will regain their strength every Monday at (Player's Time), including the legendary guardian of Wolvendom...

Treasure Hoarders

  • An infamous transnational organization identifiable by their Ravenwing motif. Their members are a rag-tag bunch of ruffians with precious little in their hands beyond an obsession with treasure.

Tsurumi Island

  • The ancient people of Tsurumi Island would initiate some ceremonies based on their faith in the Thunderbird.
  • The civilization that once dwelt within the fog was ultimately wiped out by the Thunderbird.
  • The enigmatic Ishine Script is passed down through the priestly line of Tsurumi.
  • The people of Tsurumi Island believe that the Thunderbird is their guardian.


  • Rumor has it that when someone's wishes are extremely powerful, the gods will peer down upon him, and a Vision will appear...

Vision Hunt Decree

  • An [sic] major policy being pursued in Inazuma. Its final objective is to collect all the Visions within the nation.
    The Raiden Shogun seems to believe that this method will allow the nation to attain "eternity"...

Wangsheng Funeral Parlor

  • Due to the unique nature of their line of work, they accept commissions via wooden tiles left at their front door. Allegedly, some of these tiles have "Buy one get one free for the holder of this tile" written on them...

Wangshu Inn

Watatsumi Island

  • According to legends told by Inazuman sailors, there was once a race of sea beasts that were fierce but surprisingly akin to humanity known as the Umibouzu.
    Today, these sea beasts are very rare indeed.
  • It is said that the origin of the Watatsumi people is Enkanomiya, deep in the ocean depths beneath Watatsumi Island.


  • The Waverider is a mysterious waterborne vehicle that can continuously travel across the ocean's surface. It is armed with two weapons, the Swiftstrike Cannon and the Heavy Cannon. Use Waverider Waypoints to summon the Waverider to its owner's side.


  • For adventurers and warriors, a weapon is one's most trusted companion. Enhance your weapon with and it, like you, will go from strength to strength.
  • It is said that some weapons will even change shape after reaching certain developmental milestones...
  • Some weapons in this world have turned into prototypes over the course of their long existence. Only a skilled smith can restore them to their former glory.
  • Weapons of the same type can be combined using the Refine function. Refinement increases your weapon's strength.
  • When a weapon reaches a certain level, it must Ascend before it can be enhanced further. Ascension makes your weapon more powerful.


  • Experienced travelers know to prepare for any weather conditions. Weather conditions may impact your travel plans and combat strategy. An outstanding adventurer knows how to exploit or defy the weather conditions at every turn.

Wind-Blessed Harpasta

  • Harpasta carry Mondstadt's traditions and with them, the wishes of the people. It is said that they can bring the Anemo Archon's protection...

Wind Gliders

  • There are all sorts of wind gliders in the world. Try putting on a new pair of wings to take to the skies and soar across mountains, plains, and rivers — you might find the experience quite refreshing.



  • Wood can be obtained from cutting various trees throughout Teyvat.


World Quests

  • On your adventure, you will encounter people who seem to be in dire need of help. Talk to these people, and they'll often have something for you to assist with.
  • The world is full of all sorts of big opportunities and daunting challenges, as well as small errands... Travelers eager to lend a helping hand to others may come across valuable rewards for their troubles.

Yashiro Commission


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