A prosperous port city where a thousand ships drop anchor. Under the aegis of countless contracts and regulations, innumerable goods change hands and grace the seven nations with their presence. Welcome to Liyue, wayfaring Traveler.

Where Merchants Flock And All Ships Dock

Liyue Harbor (Chinese: 璃月港 Líyuè Gǎng) is the main city of the Liyue nation.

During the Archon War, after Guizhong died, Rex Lapis brought his people south of Mt. Tianheng, to found what is now known as Liyue Harbor.

Points of Interest

Feiyun Slope

Viewpoint Feiyun Slope.png

Here live those merchants who have made it. Here, the residents are prosperous and carefree. Here, the lights are bright and never go out.

Feiyun Slope

Chihu Rock

Viewpoint Chihu Rock.png

The ever-pulsating heart of Liyue Harbor that pumps lifeblood into its veins. The lively city scene here is the source of Liyue Harbor's limitless vitality.

Chihu Rock

Yujing Terrace

Viewpoint Yujing Terrace.png

Far from the bustling harbor, the Yujing Terrace rises along with Mt. Tianheng. Here, the Qixing and the leaders of many enterprises tirelessly drive Liyue's prosperity and stability.

Yujing Terrace


Feiyun Slope

Feiyun Slope is the northeastern area in Liyue Harbor. It is the first area entered upon entering Liyue Harbor via the main road from Mondstadt. From the northern Teleport Waypoint in Liyue Harbor, turn left at the T-section to enter the Feiyun Slope area.

  • Ministry of Civil Affairs
    • Big-Footed Dajiao (daytime)
    • Clerk Zhao - Clerk, Ministry of Civil Affairs (at Day in front of the Ministry of Civil Affairs / at Night sitting at a table)
    • Jiayi - Millelith
    • Xu - Servant, Feiyun Commerce Guild
  • Snezhnayan Merchant area
    • Andrei - Manager, Northland Bank (nighttime)
    • Ivanovich - Traveling Merchant
    • Kun - Millelith
    • Nadia - Guard, Northland Bank (daytime)
    • Nervous An - Administrator, Maritime Authority
    • Vlad - Guard, Northland Bank (nighttime)

Yujing Terrace

Yujing Terrace is the area on the northwestern side of Liyue Harbor, to the left of the northern Teleport Waypoint on the World Map. After teleporting to that waypoint, head straight and turn right.

Chihu Rock

Chihu Rock is the southern end of Liyue Harbor, between Feiyun Slope and the South Wharf. It is primarily a commercial area where many stores and vendors can be found.

  • Yanshang Teahouse

South Wharf

Message Boards

Other Interactable Objects

  • Advertisement (near the entrance to Liyue Harbor)
Advertisement: "Top-quality ore. Bulk discounts available."
  • Lost Dog Poster
Lost Dog Poster: "Looking for lost dog. Adult, slim build, black-and-white hair. Crescent-shaped white fringe."
Lost Dog Poster: "Mother hasn't stopped crying since the day her beloved dog disappeared. Please come forward with any information you have. 800 Mora reward if found."
Missing Person Poster: Looking for a missing young female/male. Has blond hair, wears exotic clothes. Any information/assistance is greatly welcomed.
Missing Person Poster: If you have any information, please approach your nearest Millelith soldier, or report the matter directly to the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Thank you.
Warning: "Please refrain from kicking the stone orb beneath the stone guardian lion. It is cracked and therefore highly fragile."


The following soundtracks are played at Liyue Harbor.

Soundtrack No. Soundtrack Name Player Played in
1 Liyue
Liyue Harbor (Day)
2 Moon in One's Cup
Liyue Harbor (Day)
3 Relaxation in Liyue
Liyue Harbor (Dusk)
4 Maiden's Longing
Liyue Harbor North
5 Sun Rises in Liyue
Liyue Harbor (Night)
6 Good Night, Liyue
Liyue Harbor (Dawn)
7 Call It a Day in Liyue
Liyue Harbor (Night)
8 Clear Sky Over Liyue
Liyue Harbor (Night)
9 A Transparent Moon (Liuli Pavilion)
Liuli Pavilion
10 Treasury From the Northland
Northland Bank
33 Rhythms From the Conch
Liyue Harbor North
56 Flickering Petals
Liyue Harbor North
57 Swinging in the Breeze
Liyue Harbor North
58 Solitude Mountains
Liyue Harbor West
59 Distant Resonance
Liyue Harbor West
60 Foregone Giants
Liyue Harbor West


  • The "Feiyun" (Chinese: 绯云 Fēiyún, "Scarlet Clouds") in Feiyun Slope actually uses different characters than the "Feiyun" (Chinese: 飞云 Fēiyún, "Flying Clouds") in Feiyun Commerce Guild. However, they are pronounced identically in Chinese. This may be intentional and one may be named after another.

Change History

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