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Liyue Harbor (Chinese: 璃月港 Líyuè-gǎng, "Liyue Harbor") is a subarea and a main city located in Sea of Clouds, Liyue.

Before the Archon War, Rex Lapis brought his people south of Mt. Tianheng, to found what is now known as Liyue Harbor. They tried to expand their city to Guili Plains, but after Guizhong died during the Archon War, they moved back to Liyue Harbor.

Points of Interest[]

Name Description
Feiyun Slope
Feiyun Slope
Feiyun Slope is the northeastern area in Liyue Harbor. It is the first area entered upon entering Liyue Harbor via the main road from Mondstadt. A sloped staircase separates the upper and lower levels of the area. From the northern Teleport Waypoint in Liyue Harbor, turn left at the T-section to enter the upper Feiyun Slope area.
Chihu Rock
Chihu Rock
Chihu Rock is the southern end of Liyue Harbor. It is primarily a commercial area where many stores and vendors can be found.
Yujing Terrace
Yujing Terrace
Yujing Terrace is the area on the northwestern side of Liyue Harbor, to the left of the northern Teleport Waypoint on the World Map. After teleporting to that waypoint, head straight and turn right.


Archon Quests

Story Quests

World Quests



Local Specialties[]


  • Advertisement (near the entrance to Liyue Harbor)
Advertisement: "Top-quality ore. Bulk discounts available."
Lost Dog Poster: "Looking for lost dog. Adult, slim build, black-and-white hair. Crescent-shaped white fringe."
Lost Dog Poster: "Mother hasn't stopped crying since the day her beloved dog disappeared. Please come forward with any information you have. 800 Mora reward if found."
Missing Person Poster: Looking for a missing young (‍femalefemale/malemale‍). Has blond [sic] hair, wears exotic clothes. Any information/assistance is greatly welcomed.
Missing Person Poster: If you have any information, please approach your nearest Millelith soldier, or report the matter directly to the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Thank you.
Warning: "Please refrain from kicking the stone orb beneath the stone guardian lion. It is cracked and therefore highly fragile."


Feiyun Slope[]

Entrance to Liyue Harbor
Snezhnayan Merchant Area
  • Andrei — Manager, Northland Bank (Nighttime)
  • Ivanovich — Traveling Merchant
  • Kun — Millelith
  • Nadia — Guard, Northland Bank (Daytime)
  • Vlad — Guard, Northland Bank (Nighttime)
Northern Wharf
Ministry of Civil Affairs
Liuli Pavilion
  • Francis (Inside, Daytime)
  • Hongru — Waiter, Liuli Pavilion (Inside)
  • Licai — Waitress, Liuli Pavilion (Outside)
Xinyue Kiosk
  • Francis (Inside, Nighttime)
  • Heli — Waiter, Xinyue Kiosk (Inside)
  • Yueshu — Waitress, Xinyue Kiosk (Outside)
Wanwen Bookhouse (Middle Level)
Northland Bank (Top Level)
  • Andrei — Manager, Northland Bank (Inside, Daytime)
  • Ekaterina — Receptionist, Northland Bank (Inside)
  • Hao (Outside, Daytime)
  • Huihui (Outside, Daytime)
  • Mister Qi (Inside, Daytime)
  • Nadia (Outside, Nighttime)
  • Vlad (Outside, Daytime)
Heyu Tea House (Top Level)

Chihu Rock[]

Main Plaza
Main Street
Side Alley
Yanshang Teahouse (Between Main Plaza and Feiyun Slope Boulevard)
Third-Round Knockout (Faces Main Plaza, Main St, and Side Alley)

Yujing Terrace[]

Bubu Pharmacy
Yiyan Temple
Yuehai Pavilion


A prosperous port city where a thousand ships drop anchor. Under the aegis of countless contracts and regulations, innumerable goods change hands and grace the seven nations with their presence. Welcome to Liyue, wayfaring Traveler.

The establishment of the harbor kicked off Liyue's seafaring trade. As Teyvat's largest market harbor, the sheer amount of goods that flow to and from it is simply incomparable for other ports.
Every year during the Lantern Rite you can see thousands of lanterns ascend into the night sky — a Liyue event that you can't afford to miss.

Exploration, Genshin Impact Official Site


No.Soundtrack NameAlbumPlayed In
01LiyueJade Moon Upon a Sea of CloudsLiyue Harbor (day)
Quests, Event Gameplay, Serenitea Pot
02Moon in One's CupJade Moon Upon a Sea of CloudsLiyue Harbor (day)
Event Gameplay, Serenitea Pot
03Relaxation in LiyueJade Moon Upon a Sea of CloudsLiyue Harbor (dusk)
Quests, Event Gameplay
05Sun Rises in LiyueJade Moon Upon a Sea of CloudsLiyue Harbor (night)
Event Gameplay, Serenitea Pot
06Good Night, LiyueJade Moon Upon a Sea of CloudsLiyue Harbor (dawn)
Quests, Serenitea Pot
07Call It a Day in LiyueJade Moon Upon a Sea of CloudsLiyue Harbor (night)
Event Gameplay, Serenitea Pot
08Clear Sky Over LiyueJade Moon Upon a Sea of CloudsLiyue Harbor (night), Sea of Clouds (clear sky)
Event Gameplay, Serenitea Pot
09A Transparent Moon (Liuli Pavilion)Jade Moon Upon a Sea of CloudsLiuli Pavilion, Xinyue Kiosk
Serenitea Pot
10Treasury From the NorthlandJade Moon Upon a Sea of CloudsNorthland Bank
27Sanctuary for the SickThe Shimmering Voyage Vol. 3Bubu Pharmacy (back room)


  • At the southeastern wharf of Liyue Harbor, either a large ship with four sails or a smaller ship with two sails appear randomly (regardless of day and time). Sometimes neither appear.
    • Two Common Chests can be found aboard the large ship, one at each end.


Concept Art[]

Lantern Rite In-Game Assets[]

Other Languages[]

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishLiyue Harbor
Liyue Harbor
Liyue Harbor
Liyue Harbor
FrenchPort de LiyueLiyue Harbor
RussianГавань Ли Юэ
Gavan' Li Yue
Liyue Harbor
VietnameseCảngCảng LiyueLiyue Harbor
IndonesianLiyue Harbor
PortuguesePorto de LiyueLiyue Harbor
TurkishLiyue LimanıLiyue Harbor
ItalianPorto di LiyueLiyue Harbor

Change History[]

Version 1.6
  • Increased progress on the ship in the Dockyard in the South Wharf
    • Started working on two masts added a crows nest
    • Partially floored the bow top deck.
    • Supplies have drastically disappeared.

Version 1.5

  • Increased progress on the ship in the Dockyard in the South Wharf
    • Added flooring to stern of top deck of the ship
    • Added more boards to the hull, the hull is now 75% covered.

Version 1.4

  • Increased progress on the ship in the Dockyard in the South Wharf
    • Stern of the ship is started to be floored
    • The shape of the bow is formed.

Version 1.3

  • Increased progress on the ship in the Dockyard in the South Wharf
    • The skeletal hull is half boarded
    • Middle section of the top deck is started
    • Some supplies are missing

Version 1.2

  • A skeleton of a ship is introduced in the Dockyard in the South Wharf
    • Some supplies are missing.

Version 1.1

  • A ton of supplies are introduced in the Dockyard in the South Wharf.

Version 1.0

  • Liyue Harbor was released.
  • A pile of supplies could be found in the Dockyard in the South Wharf.


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