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She is an intellectual witch who can never get enough naps. As the Librarian of the Knights of Favonius, Lisa is smart in that she always knows exactly what to do with whatever troubles her.
As much as she loves her sleep, she still manages to keep everything under control in a calm, composed manner.

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The languid but knowledgeable Librarian of the Knights of Favonius, deemed by Sumeru Academia to be their most distinguished graduate in the past two centuries.

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Lisa is a proficient witch; as such, she enjoys everything related to the elements and items that would help her understand them. Despite her position as Librarian, Lisa takes it somewhat haphazardly as she appears to be relatively bored dealing with normal books, instead preferring those in the restricted section. She still takes the job seriously nonetheless, and will personally go out to collect books that are long overdue, albeit in a way that she can still enjoy the smaller things in life.

Her haphazard, carefree personality comes from her Vision, as while the gods gave it to her and she was sated with knowledge she wanted to learn, they did not tell her what the price was, and she began fearing the truth behind them.>[2] This in turn caused her to become rather paranoid, and she left Sumeru out of fear that she was paying too high a price for knowledge, relegating herself to categorization and management of the library, usually refusing to take any other duties unless absolutely necessary.

When Lisa is angered, the surrounding air near her becomes electrified in part due to her Electro Vision. Depending on the severity of what has angered her, she can either be simply irritated or become extremely scary, the latter also causing her to dispense "appropriate" punishment.

Lisa seems to be fond of the Traveler, and sometimes acts flirtatious, referring to them as "cutie" or "darling," and admitting that they're special to her.[3]

She loves tea and thinks that afternoon tea is the most important part of her day. She sometimes takes tea with vegetable soup as she once used to enjoy this with Jean at the Good Hunter restaurant. She also suffers from cucurbitophobia, a fear of pumpkins.


Lisa has fair skin, green eyes, and wavy, light honey-brown hair, which is tied in a loose side ponytail.

She wears a purple and white dress with open slits at the sides and gold embroidery, along with black gloves with pale purple trim, a large witch's hat, black lace stockings, and black high heels, and an earring is visible on one ear. She wears a gold necklace with her Vision clasped to the collar of her dress.

Reflecting her favorite flower, a motif of roses is present throughout her outfit. There is a pale purple rose pinned to her hat, and a similar one on the tie of her ponytail. Additionally, a large ornamental golden rose is attached on her belt at the hip. Her outfit, Purple Rose, is described to be a slim-fit dress adorned with roses that displays a young lady's elegance.

Official Introduction

If you put enough flour into Hydro Slimes, would they turn into Dough Slimes?

The first question Lisa asked the Sage on her first day in Sumeru Academia.[4]

The Librarian · Lisa
"There'll be time for this later... Come sit and chat with me."


Lisa, Librarian of the Knights of Favonius, has great wisdom that is unparalleled throughout the city. She always knows what to do with whatever troubles Mondstadt.

But with so many careless readers and overdue books to deal with, Lisa often gets tired and a bit... drowsy. Never disturb her when she's taking her morning, midday, or evening naps. Otherwise you will come to understand why she is an outstanding knight — in an electrifying way...

Character Stories

Character Details

The librarian of the Knights of Favonius. In addition to her elegance and charm, Lisa is also highly educated.

She is said to have been the most talented sorceress to study at the Sumeru Academia in the last two centuries.

It is known that Lisa chose to return to Mondstadt after two years of advanced study in Sumeru, but the reason for her decision is not.

Character Story 1

Item Companionship EXP.png Friendship Lv. 2

Lisa is tasked with managing and maintaining the vast collection of books in the Knights of Favonius library, as well as ensuring that their potions are always fully stocked.

The only time that the citizens of Mondstadt see Lisa is when lending or returning library books.

In both scenarios, they tend to encounter Lisa sitting at the counter like a languid cat, yawning as she signs books in and out.

At times, her behavior causes people to doubt whether she is really up to the task of being librarian for the illustrious Knights of Favonius.

Nevertheless, it appears that she performs every task flawlessly, as her work consistently stands up to scrutiny.

Character Story 2

Item Companionship EXP.png Friendship Lv. 3

The fact that Cyrus of the Sumeru Academia frequently refers to Lisa as their "best student in two hundred years" is all that needs to be said about Lisa's accomplishments in her studies.

From outlandish forbidden knowledge, to the handling of elementally infused flora, to the most efficient methods of distilling wine... where there is a body of knowledge, the chances are that Lisa is acquainted with it.

This, paired with her ability to explain things clearly and concisely, makes Lisa the sensible person to approach for young knights and alchemists with burning questions.

That is, provided they go and see her at an acceptable hour.

To visit during unacceptable hours — such as in the morning while Lisa is sleeping in, or in the afternoon while she's enjoying her tea — can spell disaster for unsuspecting visitors.

Character Story 3

Item Companionship EXP.png Friendship Lv. 4

When people meet Lisa for the first time, they often find themselves overawed by the famous alumnus of Sumeru Academia.

However, though her attitude to life may appear at first to be one of ruthless efficiency, it is in fact better understood as a product of her incorrigibly lazy nature, which drives her to avoid troublesome issues at all costs.

By negotiating with Kaeya, she offloaded the job of restocking and dispensing medication to Huffman and Swan, and had Flora start sending Donna over to deliver herbs on a daily basis.

The only tasks that Lisa handles personally are the categorization and management of books and other documents.

This is the one area where Lisa feels more comfortable handling the work herself rather than delegating it.

Character Story 4

Item Companionship EXP.png Friendship Lv. 5

When Lisa first joined the Knights of Favonius, the Grand Master sought to appoint her as Captain of the 8th Company.

This was much to the consternation of the company's Field Officer, Nymph, who resented the idea of an academic coming in at such a high-ranking position.

At Kaeya's suggestion, a practice combat session was arranged in which Lisa and Nymph would both display their magical proficiency.

Two minutes into the session, Lisa graciously declined the captaincy on the grounds that "Nymph manifestly possesses the requisite ability to fulfill the role."

For the whole year following, the Grand Master received a constant stream of referral letters from Nymph in relation to the captaincy, and the only person ever named in them was Lisa Minci.

Eventually, the Grand Master began turning over the referral letters to Lisa directly, but every time, Lisa would come up with an excuse to decline the offer.

Undoubtedly, the 8th Company would have been far stronger under her lead, but she deemed that such a level of power was not only superfluous to requirements, it would also be risky for her in a way that most people could never appreciate.

To be clear, Lisa is quite confident that she could handle any situation she came up against. However, additional danger means an additional workload — and that is something that she would never be able to accept.

Character Story 5

Item Companionship EXP.png Friendship Lv. 6

Having personally witnessed raving-mad scholars in the forests of Sumeru and powerful sages sitting underutilized on advisory councils, Lisa realized what uninhibited erudition can really do to a person.

It seemed such a high price to pay... How much did one have to sacrifice to attain the profoundest knowledge of all?

Put off by this realization, Lisa decided to leave Sumeru.

Since then, Lisa has always stopped short of taking things too seriously.

"Before demanding too many miracles from the gods, first consider if you are willing to pay the price they ask."

These words she has spoken to just three people since arriving in Mondstadt. In each case, it was because she knew it was what they needed to hear.

Special Heating Cauldron

Item Companionship EXP.png Friendship Lv. 4

The Special Heating Cauldron is a purpose-built cauldron made to a design that no one in Mondstadt could understand. It features time-delay heating, semi-automated ingredient insertion, and temperature regulation functions.

Lisa spent an enormous budget and commandeered the alchemy workshop for two full weeks in order to build this extraordinary piece of equipment.

She boasts that the cauldron is capable of completing any precision heating task to perfection with a maximum of just two pulls of a lever.

But her most common application for it is to brew tea and keep it at the optimal temperature while she is managing her books.

After all, a relaxing afternoon tea session is by far the most important part of Lisa's day.


Item Companionship EXP.png Friendship Lv. 6

A Vision is a sign from the gods: a sign that you are one of those whom they have chosen to change the world.

Or, maybe it's just one of the many hoops that one has to jump through on the path to unearthing the secrets of magecraft.

After all, understanding the elements is essential to the study of magic, and practical experience is a far more useful means of acquiring this understanding than trying to assimilate the knowledge contained in dusty old books.

"Hmm... I suppose I shall need a Vision, then."

And just like that, as that thought popped into her mind, her Vision popped into her hand.

With the aid of her Vision, Lisa acquired the knowledge that she sought. But she also sensed the deep secret hidden in the shadows of that knowledge.

For whatever reason, the gods gave humans the key to changing everything, but they did not explain the cost involved. Lisa grew fearful of the truth.

The Vision that hung from her neck became to her a bottomless pit filled with sweet delights, lingering at the back of her mind.

So, from time to time, when somebody whom she finds interesting comes along, Lisa will pass onto them her understanding on all kinds of matters.

Perhaps she is secretly hoping that by doing so, one day someone will come along who has the ability to understand the ultimate truth behind Visions.


Lisa: Tempus Fugit
Item Lisa: Tempus Fugit.png Obtain:
Reward for reaching Friendship Level 10 with Lisa
An hourglass marks the end of the work day for Lisa. Its sand moves fast.


Tempus Fugit
Lisa Lisa Tempus Fugit.png Story Chapter:
Tempus Fugit
Time Flies

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  • Lisa likes using "cutie" as a term of endearment, using it several times while referring to Collei and the Traveler.
  • She taught Razor how to utilize Electro,[5] as well as how to make Mondstadt Hash Browns and speak human language.[6] In her Chinese "About Razor" line, she calls him 小狼狼 Xiǎo-lángláng, which is akin to calling him "Little Wolfie."
  • Lisa and Fischl share the same Korean voice actress, Park Go-woon.
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  • Her constellation, Tempus Fugit, is Latin for "Time Flies."


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