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Lingju Pass (Chinese: 灵矩关 Língjǔ-guān) is a subarea in Lisha, Liyue.

The area is mostly made of ruins with many puzzles to solve.

Notable Features



Item Specialty Notes
Crystal Chunk Crystal Chunk
Magical Crystal Chunk Magical Crystal Chunk


Activate the 4 Geo Monuments by using a Geo skill on them. The northern Monument is not locked. To unlock the other ones, do the following:

Once the four Monuments are activated, a Wind Current will appear in the middle of the lake. Glide up to the floating platform and activate the fifth Geo Monument. A Precious Chest and 2 Exquisite Chests will appear on the stairs nearby.

Other Interactables

Ruins Investigation Log

Ruins Investigation Log: "...Research suggests that the ruins here have an incredibly long history stretching back to time immemorial."
Ruins Investigation Log: "It seems that this was originally a castle built during wartime. A stronghold where mortals and adepti fought jointly to defend Liyue together. Also, something about... Rex Lapis' "lingju."
Ruins Investigation Log: "So I didn't understand every last detail. But basically, the ruins are pretty ancient. So I'll wager there's some sort of undiscovered treasure still in there somewhere. And if there used to be adepti here, then who knows; maybe some of their good luck will have rubbed off on it."
Ruins Investigation Log: "I'd better go investigate. The monsters occupying this territory have overwhelmed me and driven me out a few times already, but I can't exactly give up when there's treasure to be found and still call myself one of the Treasure Hoarders with a straight face. Speaking of monsters, looks like another bunch of hilichurls is headed this way..."
Paimon: ...Yikes. D'you think the guy who wrote this is okay?

Someone's Poetry

There is a sign in Lingju Pass where someone wrote the following poem:

Someone's Poetry: There is a divine order to the world, for every mortal the end must come. Noble or evil, rich or poor, the creator shows favor to none. The cycle of life and death transcends in a boundless universe beyond. Thus we exalt the divine, and praise this rule with song.


The following soundtracks are played at Lingju Pass.

Soundtrack No. Soundtrack Name Player Played in
61 Linger in the Valley
Lingju Pass
62 Slumbering Lore
Lingju Pass
63 Silent Ruins
Lingju Pass
64 Lone Drifter
Lingju Pass
65 Lost Expectation
Lingju Pass


According to legend, the ruins at Lingju Pass were once a stronghold established by Morax, where mortals and the adepti fought side by side. There are also vague tales about Morax's divine law, or "lingju" (Chinese: 灵矩),[1] which may relate to the poem found on a sign.

According to the puzzle at Qingxu Pool, which grants another one of the three Nameless Treasures, the ruins there date back to the Archon War.[2] It is thus likely that the ruins at Lingju Pass likely date back to that era as well.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Lingju Pass
Divine Law Pass[1]
Japanese 霊矩関
Sino-Japanese reading of Chinese name
Korean 성법 관문
Seongbeop Gwanmun
Holy Law Gate
Spanish Paso LingjuLingju Pass
French Passe de LingjuLingju Pass
Russian Перевал Линцзю
Pereval Lintszyu
Lingju Pass
Thai Lingju Pass
Vietnamese Thần Luật QuanDivine Law Pass
German Lingju-PassLingju Pass
Indonesian Lingju Pass
Portuguese Passe de LingjuLingju Pass

Change History

Released in Version 1.0


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