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Lightning is an environmental hazard encountered during thunderstorms, in certain challenges such as domains, and in certain areas of high Electro concentration. All lightning strikes deal Electro damage and have glowing indicators of the strike area 1-2 seconds in advance.

Like other sources of Electro damage, lightning that strikes any spot in a body of water will cause that spot to be Electro-Charged for a short period of time and deal Electro damage upon contact. However, in Genshin Impact, lightning technically only strikes the point of impact, such as land, and the Electro-Charged status on water only occurs on the water's surface. As such, lightning that strikes land far enough below the surface of water will not cause the water to become Electro-Charged.

The attack of Lightning has 200 Poise Damage internally.[citation needed]


  • Lightning targets land. Frozen water is considered land.
  • The indicator will be blue and crackling. If the ground is below water, then the indicator may look smaller, depending on how far below water the ground is.
  • A lightning strike may generate one Electro Energy particle if it does not hit the player.
  • After striking, the target will get 2 units of Electro.[citation needed] It will immediately react with the Hydro element from the Wet status of rain and cause an Electro-Charged status.
  • A Nation Closed by Thunder is notable for having lightning strikes that deal exactly 20 damage. Lightning strikes that hit frozen water in this climate will cause a Superconduct reaction that can deal exactly 8 damage.
  • Electrograna cannot protect against lightning strikes during thunderstorms.

Seirai Island

  • Lightning targets the player or land while in a Balethunder-affected area on Seirai Island before completing the Seirai Stormchasers series.
  • The indicator will be blue and crackling.
  • Immediately after each lightning strike, another lightning strike will target the player, which means players must constantly move in order to not get hit.
  • Lightning that targets players can also target them while they are in mid-air and strike the air.

Thunder Sakura

  • Lightning targets the player on land or when no higher than an ordinary jump off the ground when near a Thunder Sakura before completion of Sakura Arborism.
  • The indicator will be purple/pink.
  • After each lightning strike, another lightning strike will target the player, which means players must constantly move or glide in order to not get hit.
  • Electrograna can nullify the damage from the Thunder Sakura's lightning strikes.

Special Lightning

Lightning Bolts

  • Lightning Bolts are encountered as a Ley Line Disorder as well as in certain Time Trial Challenges, such as in the commission Practice Makes Perfect.
  • Lightning Bolts target land.
  • The indicator is a scope-like circle, similar to the circle that appears for Amber's Fiery Rain.
  • When Lightning Bolts hit a character, their Energy is drained.
  • Lightning Bolts may leave behind balls of lightning that deal damage to nearby players.

Sword Hilts

  • Lightning targets the player once upon each interaction with an energized Sword Hilt.
  • The indicator will be purple/pink.
  • Electrograna can nullify the damage from the lightning strike.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0
Version 2.1

Version 2.0

Version 1.2

  • Lightning strikes that can hit players during thunderstorms were added.

Version 1.0