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A merchant from Liyue who sports a striking appearance, as always. Well, as long as his conditions are as attractive as his appearance...

Liben is an event-exclusive NPC that appears in Marvelous Merchandise, a recurring event.


In the first Marvelous Merchandise event, Liben introduces himself as a former small time curios merchant who made it big after becoming involved with the Liyue Qixing. He learned from Ningguang that tough times were coming to the whole of Teyvat, and that the Qixing planned on abruptly breaking ties with the Fatui. Planning on raking in big money by price gouging everyday materials once hard times hit, he recruited the Traveler in his new venture of stockpiling those materials. However, he discovers at the very end that Ningguang duped him in order to expose his greed and, humbled by the experience and left penniless as a result, decides to take a step back and reassess his situation.

During the second Marvelous Merchandise event, Liben returns, having paid off his debt by working at Liyue Harbor's wharf. He plans on gathering materials to send to Sumeru, a nation of both rainforest and desert.

In the third event, Liben traveled to Sumeru to trade goods that he gathered before. This was a peaceful trip since he had hired the Eremites's mercenaries to protect him.

During the fourth event, using a large sum he earned with Sumeru's trip, Liben traveled to Inazuma after obtaining a business license there. Commissioned by a Sumeru researcher to bring Genius Invokation TCG cards to Inazuma, he saw a greater opportunity by buying Ms. Hina publications and commemorative Taroumaru coins. However, the deposit for the coins was stolen, leaving Liben with almost nothing, and he traveled back to Mondstadt.

In the fifth event, Liben had traveled to Sumeru, but quickly left after some strange folks arrived, having felt an ominous air about them and that the nation had taken a turn for the worse recently. He could not sell his goods outside of Inazuma as it was virtually unknown, so he returned to Mondstadt. He decided to go to Qiaoying Village to stop by there briefly before starting trade in Fontaine.

In the sixth event, after restocking from Inazuma, Liben visited Fontaine to observe the market situation before ending up selling out of all of his Inazuman goods, which were well-received by the locals due to the scarcity of merchandises that are not mechanical in nature. However, Liben left the nation early due to the apparent social instability and unrest among its people.

In the seventh event, Liben revealed that he did not want to go to Natlan. A few days prior to returning to Mondstadt, he fell into a hole and was stuck there for several days, until a passing adventurer saved him. He did not feel hungry during the ordeal, and while he was stuck there, he spent his time stargazing, wondering if there were other worlds in the stars that could be visited.


Liben dons a disco hipster kind of outfit, with purple disco sunglasses, an afro hairstyle, a trimmed mustache, beige khakis, purple sneakers, and a purple shirt exposing his upper chest, tied around with a maroon belt. He wears glitzy rings on his fingers as well as golden arm braces. On his back he carries a small miniature temple with a purple banner and hanging lantern.

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  • Liben's bag carries a pouch-full of crystals from Honkai Impact 3rd, another game by HoYoverse.
  • On the last day of the event, the item submission page text changes from "The items needed for today are as such." to "Though things have come to this point, a merchant doesn't go back on their word..." to reflect the revelations of how he might have been duped.

Other Languages[]

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
Mr. Ben
FrenchLi le fiableLi the Reliable
RussianЛи Бэнь
Li Ben'

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