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The flow of experience and gold within the ley lines has been notable of late...
Use the power of Original Resin to make Blossoms of Wealth and Blossoms of Revelation bloom brilliantly, and bring forth shining Mora and forerunners' experiences into the world.

Ley Line Overflow is an Event in Version 4.7.


2024/07/08 04:00 - 2024/07/18 03:59


Revitalize a Blossom of Wealth or a Blossom of Revelation

Event Details[]

During the event, Travelers who successfully complete a Blossom of Wealth or Blossom of Revelation and claim the rewards by using Original Resin will receive double the rewards. A total of 3 such bonuses will be available each day.

Condensed Resin Condensed Resin cannot be used to claim double rewards. However, claiming the double rewards have the same output as one: doubling everything including Companionship EXP Companionship EXP and Adventure EXP Adventure EXP.

After claiming rewards from a Ley Line Outcrop, the following message appears:

"1 multiplied Ley Line Overflow reward consumed. Attempts remaining today: X/3"

If the Reunion Blessing bonus from the Stellar Reunion permanent event is active, then the Reunion Blessing bonus will be consumed first.

Event subtraction rules are as follows: Improved reward instances are first subtracted from the event with the highest Multiplier. If the Multiplier is equal for both events, then double reward instances are first subtracted from the "Stellar Reunion" event.

Other Languages[]

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishLey Line Overflow
Dìmài Yíyǒng
Ley Line Overflow
Dìmài Yíyǒng
Chimyaku no Honryuu
Torrent of the Ley Lines
Korean지맥의 격류
Jimaek-ui Gyeokryu
Torrent of Vein
SpanishCrecida de líneas leyLey Line Growth
FrenchReflux des lignes énergétiquesLey Lines Reflux
RussianРазлив артерий земли
Razliv arteriy zemli
Ley LineLey LineLey LineLey LineTooltip for Ley LineLey Line Overflow
ThaiLey Line Overflow
VietnameseDòng Chảy Địa MạchĐịa MạchFlow of the Ley Lines
GermanHervorquellen des Flusses der ElementeWelling Up of the Flow of Elements
IndonesianLey Line Overflow
PortugueseTransbordamento das Linhas Ley
TurkishLey Hattı TaşkınıLey Line Overflow
ItalianLinee geomantiche traboccantiOverflowing Geomantic Lines

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