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Ley Line Monoliths are objects that appears in certain Domains, Quests, and floors of the Spiral Abyss. Brimming with energy, these monoliths are known to attract monsters and spectral beings to them. For reasons unknown, monsters generally attack the monoliths.

Normally they are activated as part of a challenge, and the objective is to protect the monolith from enemies. The monolith will have a certain amount of HP, and if it is destroyed by the enemies, the challenge will end in failure. If all the enemies are defeated while the monolith is still intact or has a certain percent of HP remaining, the challenge will be successfully completed.



Archon Quests

Story Quests

World Quests


Spiral Abyss

Challenge Domains


Completion text

  • Upon completing a Ley Line Monolith challenge, text from the Latin-Based Language appears, which reads: Abyssos, SOL dromus, Pronoea, Fortuna. In versions prior to Version 1.2, the text instead said "miHoYo," "switch," "weekly," and "dungeon."

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Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Ley Line Monolith
Dìmài Zhènshí
Ley Line Warding Stone
Dìmài Zhènshí
Japanese 地脈鎮石
Korean 지맥 제압석
Spanish Monolito de líneas ley
French Monolithe des lignes énergétiquesEnergetic Lines Monolith
Russian Монолит артерий земли
Monolit arteriy zemli
Thai Ley Line Monolith
Vietnamese Địa Mạch Trấn Thạch
German ElementarmonolithElemental Monolith
Indonesian Monolit Ley LineLey Line Monolith
Portuguese Monolith de Linhas Ley

Change History

Released in Version 1.0