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Let the Wind Lead (Quest) is the fourth part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests, Prologue, Act II: For a Tomorrow Without Tears.


  1. Go to Windrise
  2. Talk to Venti
  3. Defeat the creature
  4. Talk to Venti


(Approach Venti)
Venti: Oh? What are you doing here?
Venti: Thought I was just wondering if you would happen to follow me...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I want to know more about the Anemo God.
Venti: You speak of the God of Anemo, Barbatos? He already disappeared from Mondstadt a long time ago.
Venti: Liyue and Inazuma's respective gods of Geo and Electro are still present, but Mondstadt has seen many a moon since they last saw their own god.
Venti: Why do you wish to know about the God of Anemo? Does it have something to do with Dvalin?
Paimon: Oh... ahhh... it's because gods...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Yes, someone told me about Dvalin's past.
Venti: Just how is it that everyone sees Stormterror? I'm quite curious.
Venti: That said, there's no need to rush...
Venti: I have not been back in a while, it seems there are a few who are unhappy with my arrival.
(An Eye of the Storm appears)
Paimon: The wind... I can't... open my eyes...
Paimon: What is a creature like that doing out here in such a calm place?
Paimon: You think it was going after that green guy?
Paimon: (Traveler)... His relationship with the wind seems even deeper than yours...
(After defeating the opponent)
Venti: Seems the dragon wasn't the only thing affected by this change in the wind...
Venti: Now then, you were saying someone had told you about the dragon?
You tell Venti what Lisa explained to you...
Venti: Is that so? Quite the scholar I must say, that Lisa.
Venti: She's not wrong. The conflict has reached this point, only because both sides have resorted to the use of force.
Venti: His hate, however, did not arise from the people not making tribute to The Four Winds.
Venti: Nor was it born from his own nature, but instead came about as a product of his degradation.
Paimon: Degra... dation?
Venti: The black blood flowing through his heart has been torturing him for years.
Venti: That's what has allowed him to be led astray by the lies of the Abyss Mage.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Abyss Mage? Never heard such a name.
Venti: They are from the Abyss Order, an organization comprised of non-human beings. They despise humankind.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I think I've heard of them before in Mondstadt...
Venti: Correct. They are from the Abyss Order, an organization comprised of non-human beings. They despise humankind.
Venti: I don't know where they come from. All I know is that they hold deep hatred towards the human world.
Venti: Many hilichurls out in the wild take orders from them and act as their weapons.
Venti: Before arriving here, I too was like Dvalin, cursed and left to waste.
Venti: But now, before us stands the Symbol of Mondstadt's Hero, the place from which Mondstadt rose.
Venti: The wind amongst the branches is good, I love the way it smells...
Venti: Being here with you beneath this great tree feels like when the tear was purified earlier. Like the poison is leaving my body...
Venti: Mmmmmmm... Feels much better.
Paimon: So... how exactly did you get poisoned?
Venti: Ahh... that would be because I tried to communicate with Dvalin earlier, but was... interrupted...
Venti: As a result, not only did I not manage to help Dvalin break his curse, but instead, was also infected myself!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Oh, ah... that...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg That was
Venti: Yes, it was you!
Venti: So, to make up for it, (Traveler), you're coming with me to the Cathedral!
Paimon: The Mondstadt Cathedral? To do what exactly?
Venti: To claim a certain "Holy Lyre der Himmel."

Change History

Released in Version 1.0