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Let the Wind Lead is the fourth part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Prologue: Act II - For a Tomorrow Without Tears.


  1. Go to Windrise
  2. Talk to Venti
  3. Defeat the creature
  4. Talk to Venti


(Approach Venti)
Venti: Oh? What are you doing here?
Venti: Though I was just wondering if you would happen to follow me...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I want to know more about the Anemo God.
Venti: You speak of the God of Anemo, Barbatos? He already disappeared from Mondstadt a long time ago.
Venti: Liyue and Inazuma's respective gods of Geo and Electro are still present, but Mondstadt has seen many a moon since they last saw their own god.
Venti: Why do you wish to know about the God of Anemo? Does it have something to do with Dvalin?
Paimon: Oh... ahhh... it's because gods...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Yes, someone told me about Dvalin's past.
Venti: Just how is it that everyone sees Stormterror? I'm quite curious.
Venti: That said, there's no need to rush...
Venti: I have not been back in a while, it seems there are a few who are unhappy with my arrival.
(An Eye of the Storm appears)
Paimon: The wind... I can't... open my eyes...
Paimon: What is a creature like that doing out here in such a calm place?
Paimon: You think it was going after that green guy?
Paimon: (Traveler)... His relationship with the wind seems even deeper than yours...
(After defeating the opponent)
Venti: Seems the dragon wasn't the only thing affected by this change in the wind...
Venti: Now then, you were saying someone had told you about the dragon?
You tell Venti what Lisa explained to you...
Venti: Is that so? Quite the scholar I must say, that Lisa.
Venti: She's not wrong. The conflict has reached this point, only because both sides have resorted to the use of force.
Venti: His hate, however, did not arise from the people not making tribute to The Four Winds.
Venti: Nor was it born from his own nature, but instead came about as a product of his degradation.
Paimon: Degra... dation?
Venti: The black blood flowing through his heart has been torturing him for years.
Venti: That's what has allowed him to be led astray by the lies of the Abyss Mage.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Abyss Mage? Never heard such a name.
Venti: They are from the Abyss Order, an organization comprised of non-human beings. They despise mankind.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I think I've heard of them before in Mondstadt...
Venti: Correct. They are from the Abyss Order, an organization comprised of non-human beings. They despise mankind.
Venti: I don't know where they come from. All I know is that they hold deep hatred towards the human world.
Venti: Many hilichurls out in the wild take orders from them and act as their weapons.
Venti: Before arriving here, I too was like Dvalin, cursed and left to waste.
Venti: But now, before us stands the Symbol of Mondstadt's Hero, the place from which Mondstadt rose.
Venti: The wind amongst the branches is good, I love the way it smells...
Venti: Being here with you beneath this great tree feels like when the tear was purified earlier. Like the poison is leaving my body...
Venti: Mmmmmmm... Feels much better.
Paimon: So... how exactly did you get poisoned?
Venti: Ahh... that would be because I tried to communicate with Dvalin earlier, but was... interrupted...
Venti: As a result, not only did I not manage to help Dvalin break his curse, but instead, was also infected myself!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Oh, ah... that...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png That was
Venti: Yes, it was you!
Venti: So, to make up for it, (Traveler), you're coming with me to the Cathedral!
Paimon: The Mondstadt Cathedral? To do what exactly?
Venti: To claim a certain "Holy Lyre der Himmel."

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Let the Wind Lead
Tīngpíng Fēng Yǐn
Follow the Guide of the Wind
Tīngpíng Fēng Yǐn
Japanese 風の導くままに
Kaze no Michibiku Mama ni
As the Wind Guides
Korean 바람의 인도
Baram-ui Indo
Spanish Que el viento te guíeLet the Wind Guide You
French Que le vent vous guideMay the Wind Guide You
Russian Да направит тебя ветер
Da napravit tebya veter
Thai ขอสายลมจงนำพาคุณไป
Kho sailom chong nampha khun pai
Let the Wind Guide You
Vietnamese Nghe Theo Hướng Gió
German Führung des WindesGuide of the Wind
Indonesian Biarkan Angin MemimpinLet the Wind Lead
Portuguese Deixe o vento guiar.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0