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A fruit with gorgeous skin. The flesh within transforms into food with a unique mouthfeel when cooked.
In Inazuma, there is a traditional art that involves using the outer skins of these fruits to make dye. They say that Konda Village once planted Lavender Melons and that they were famed for their secret "Konda Dye" art, by which they produced truly lovely fabric.

Lavender Melon (Japanese: スミレウリ Sumire Uri) is a fruit found in Inazuma that is used in Cooking. The flesh has a unique texture when cooked. It can be used in many Inazuma-style dishes.

Shop Availability

1 Shops that sell Lavender Melon:

Item NPC Mora Cost Stock Notes
Lavender Melon Lavender Melon Shimura Kanbei 240 10 Every 3 Days

Craft Usage

There are 5 items that can be crafted using Lavender Melon:

Item Craft Type Recipe
More-and-More More-and-More Cooking Flour Flour ×1
Fish Fish ×3
Bacon Bacon ×2
Lavender Melon Lavender Melon ×1
Rice Cake Soup Rice Cake Soup Cooking Sausage Sausage ×2
Fish Fish ×1
Lavender Melon Lavender Melon ×1
Tofu Tofu ×1
Konda Cuisine Konda Cuisine Cooking Fowl Fowl ×3
Snapdragon Snapdragon ×2
Mushroom Mushroom ×1
Lavender Melon Lavender Melon ×2
Sakura Tempura Sakura Tempura Cooking Sakura Bloom Sakura Bloom ×2
Shrimp Meat Shrimp Meat ×4
Flour Flour ×1
Lavender Melon Lavender Melon ×2
Imported Poultry Imported Poultry Cooking Fowl Fowl ×4
Bird Egg Bird Egg ×2
Flour Flour ×2
Lavender Melon Lavender Melon ×3


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  • Sumire Uri is a Japanese reading of the kanji 菫瓜, which is also the Chinese name of the fruit.
  • "Sumire" (Japanese: スミレ/菫) refers to the flower Viola mandshurica, which is a species of violet.

Change History

Released in Version 2.0