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Lavawalker is an Artifact Set available at 4-star and 5-star rarities which can be obtained from Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula.


Item Lavawalker's Resolution.png Lavawalker's Resolution

A flower that blooms amidst burning flames. It is said that long ago, a sage once wore it as he walked into a sea of fire.

A flower that only blooms in the burning flames.
The searing pain it causes will make the wearer stronger.

The fiery-red flower shines like shimmering agate.
This flaming flower was once a brooch worn by the Lavawalker.

In the Lavawalker's final days, he said to his people:
"This is the flower that blooms in flames. Until the day that the fires turn me into ashes,
You shall see the glowing embers of this flower shining through the dark smoke."

The people followed the flower's flickering light to the edge of the Mare Jivari.
There they found the blooming flowers — but the Lavawalker was nowhere to be seen.

Item Lavawalker's Salvation.png Lavawalker's Salvation

The feather of a proud phoenix. You can almost hear the sound of its wings flapping in the scorching flames.

A feather plucked by the Lavawalker from a bird that sings amid the flames.
The wearer can almost hear the sound of the bird's wings flapping in the blaze.

Legend has it that there exists a kind of solidarity bird that sings in the blazing flames.
People worshipped it as a totem while kings saw it as a sign of nobility.

Donning this feather, the Lavawalker retreated from the outside world.
Alone he came and alone he went, leaving no trace behind.
Since then, people often hear cries coming from the Mare Jivari.
No one knows if they are the song of the bird or the sighs of the Lavawalker.

Item Lavawalker's Torment.png Lavawalker's Torment

Burning sand flows within this hourglass. Despite the intense heat, the sand leave no mark upon the vessel that houses it.

What flows within this hourglass is not regular sand, but burning sand.
Like this burning sand, time flows forward, leaving no trace of its own existence.

The story of the Lavawalker continued even after he had traveled across the Mare Jivari.
It is said the he spent another one hundred years living as a hermit.
But this short retreat bought little relief from his burning torment.

During his time as a secluded sage, the Lavawalker could not bear the eternal scorch. He crafted this hourglass to mark the passing of time.
As the flames blazed, burning sand flowed endlessly through the hourglass day after day.

Sadly, though the Lavawalker did not fear the scorching flames of the Mare Jivari, he could not quench the torturing flames of time.
The anguish of being left alone without the disciples and family he held so dear burned away at his soul more than any flames could ever scorch his flesh.

Item Lavawalker's Epiphany.png Lavawalker's Epiphany

A legendary goblet that can withstand extremely high temperatures. It still retains a degree of warmth even though it is now empty.

A goblet that once contained lava. Now empty, it still has a slight hint of warmth.
This goblet once belonged to a sage known as the Lavawalker.
Wisdom flowed from within.

The Lavawalker would toy with the goblet. Even in the blazing heat, it remained intact.
Legend has it that the Lavawalker would drink lava from this goblet as if it were a glass of fine wine.
But while fine wine evaporates in high heat, the wisdom of the sage could withstand a trial by fire.

To the Lavawalker, fine wine was merely a catalyst in the process of producing ingenuity.
Aided by alcohol, even the slightest spark can combust into a brilliant idea.

The goblet was a silent witness to the forging of wisdom amidst the flames.
The moment before the Lavawalker set off on his final journey was when the goblet was filled with the most pride.

Item Lavawalker's Wisdom.png Lavawalker's Wisdom

The circlet of a sage who traversed a sea of fire. It once shone brightly from their ancient silhouette as they stood strong amidst the flames.

An ancient circlet that once belonged to the Lavawalker — a sage who wandered in the Mare Jivari.
Upon close examination, one can almost see his figure standing strong amidst the fiery flames.

The wandering sage of the Mare Jivari known as the Lavawalker crafted this circlet from crimson agate to resist the intense heat of the flames.
The circlet was built with wisdom and tenacity. It sparked fear and jealousy among peers and seniors alike.

"How dare the Lavawalker challenge the flames of the Mare Jivari!
Such blasphemy has not been seen in hundreds of years!
The flaming sea will surely devour this arrogant young man and the sky will blow his ashes into the void."

In his jealousy, the teacher demanded that his student step into the flaming sea wearing the circlet.
In a state of calmness, the Lavawalker strolled onto the lava and gradually disappeared into the horizon.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0