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A monster created by the sedimentation of Hydro dispersed throughout nature.
A larger and more powerful Hydro Slime that can create bubbles to entrap its enemies. It is said that they can grow to truly staggering sizes if given an energy-rich environment. Eyewitnesses have supposedly seen Hydro Slimes as large as a small mound in Wolvendom.

Large Hydro Slimes are Elemental Lifeforms made from concentrated Hydro energy. A larger version of the Hydro Slime.


Behavior and Attacks

Large Hydro Slimes will attack in two ways:

  • By jumping high up and crashing down on the target, dealing Hydro damage
  • By throwing a bubble in a high arc at the target immobilizing it and dealing Hydro damage. This attack can hit both the player or mobs.


Since they are constantly affected by Hydro, they are vulnerable to Elemental Reactions. Use Cryo to control their movement or Electro to dispatch them quickly. If you prefer a defensive approach, using a Geo character to cause Crystallize reaction will provide a shield against its Hydro attacks. The Anemo Traveler is also able to control both large and small Slimes with the Skill Palm Vortex.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0